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Athens International Film Festival (Greece) 7/13/14
Attracting young audiences, exceeding 50.000 people, AIFF is a great way to get your film noticed. To submit your film, fill in the application for and send it off along with a screener. AIFF is seeking features, documentaries, short films.

3D Wire Animation Market (Segovia, Spain) 07/15/14
The international animation market is open to all the directors, producers and distributors of animation short films from any country (maximum length: 30 minutes). You can submit your short film through Shortfilmdepot, filling in own entry form, or sending the short film through a download site

Cinema Vérité (Tehran, Iran) 7/15/14* according to fb, is extended to end of july
The festival tries to express the relationship between reality and truth though documentary films. DVD entry.

Tokyo International Film Festival 7/15/14
TIFF continues to aim to extend our love for the limitless and profound magic of cinema to the viewers, with no career or genre restrictions. Must be feature films (including animation) running over 60 minutes. Entry form asks for a link to the website for the film. Submission appears to be DVD.



More updates

International Women’s Film Festival “KIN” (Armenia) 07/28/14
«KIN» (kin means “a woman” in Armenian), will be held in Yerevan. The festival’s goal is promote women’s creativity, establish a network between women filmmakers from different parts of the world and give hand to a better understanding of different cultures and each other. The purpose of the festival is to address through films issues of violence, inequality, discrimination and other problems related to women’s rights and gender problems. genres: Documentary, Short, Animation. Duration of the films had to be less than 40 min

Mar Del Plata International Film Festival 7/30/14 short films
Admission to the Festival is open for national and international films, feature, medium-length and short films; fictional, documentaries and experimental films. DVD by mail.

PISAF (Korea) 7/31/14
Puchon International Student Animation Festival, PISAF, is a student-oriented animation festival. It is a joint exhibition of graduation works of animation majors. Entry by mail or online.

FIA, International Animation Festival 8/10/14
This is a space for dissemination and display of animations made by students and graduates of animation schools, independent animators and producers by national and international. Web submission.

Filminute  8/20/14
Filminute is the international one minute film festival that showcases, awards and promotes the best one minute films from around the world. Filminute is built to generate the largest amount of exposure possible for the one minute filmmakers and the collection of one minute films showcased, shortlisted, and awarded by an international jury and the public. Submit by email.

Tirana Film Festival (Albania) 08/23/2014
click on submit button. The TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (TIFF) is the first and only international cinema festival of its kind in Albania. Created in 2003, this extraordinary cultural event takes place under the auspices of the Albanian National Center for Cinematography (QKK).
This year’s competition features distinct sections. 1. Feature Film Competition, 2. Short Film Competition, 3. DIGIART, Television Short Film Competition, 4. Albanian Short Film Competition

forumdoc 8/26/14
Documentary and Ethnographic Film Festival aims to disseminate and discuss classic and contemporary documentary films. The idea is to form an audience interested in this genre, and to map, inform and encourage recent film production through the Competitive Exhibitions, which are divided into two areas, National and International.The applicant should complete the online submission form and send a copy of the film by: upload through our wetransfer channel or by mail.

Living Arts Animation Festival 8/29/14
The festival will include entries from local animators, as well as short animated films from around the world. The Screening date is set for Friday September 27, 2013 at the Guthrie Green.

Primanima  (Hungary) 08/31/14
submit by post or upload. World festival of first animations- graduate films, workshop films made by students and first films made by young professionals

Dubai International Film Festival, DIFF 08/31/14
The Dubai International Film Festival (hereafter referred to as “DIFF”) is a nonprofit cultural event that takes place annually in December in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. DIFF is an event fully owned and organized by the Dubai Entertainment and Media Organisation (“DEMO”) and aims at establishing itself as a major international festival, while continuing to act as a platform for showcasing excellence in Arab, Emirati,  Asia and Africa cinema and simultaneously contributing to the development and growth of the regional industry and talent. DVD or private link.

Viral Video Award (Berlin) 08/31/14
Video must have been conceived for the internet, not more than two years old and not more than 10 minutes long. Submit URL. As well, you can pass along any that you think should be considered. A jury will select the best virals from all entries submitted, to participate in the online audience election. Films will then be seen and voted-for at our website. Parallel to and independent of that selection process, virals will also be under the scrutiny of an expert jury consisting of industry professionals. All films which make it to the online-voting stage will also be presented on the big screen during the interfilm Short Film Festival.

Mar Del Plata International Film Festival 8/31/14 feature films
Admission to the Festival is open for national and international films, feature, medium-length and short films; fictional, documentaries and experimental films. DVD by mail.

Machinima Expo 09/01/14
If you have a machinima film you’d like to submit to the Expo, here is how to submit your film: Your film must be at least 50% machinima, that is, footage from a real-time engine like Moviestorm, Second Life or Half Life 2. Upload film to (or other video sites like and provide the link to download the film.



festival updates

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Hawaii International Film Festival 6/16/14
short films, Hawaii-themed films, and student films. note: no entry fee status is only for student filmmakers under 18, and it seems to be hawaii residents only.

Festival Dei Popoli (Italy) 6/27/14* check for later deadline in august, depends on film completion
International Documentary Film Festival. Online submission form.

Visible Verse Festival- Video Poems  (Vancouver, Canada): 07/01/14
VVF seeks videopoems with a 12 minutes maximum duration. Submit work by emailing URL of uploaded video.

Schlingel International Film Festival for children and young audience 07/01/14
SCHLINGEL is an independent film festival with international competitions and various additional events. It takes place annually. We conceive ourselves as a platform for international children´s and youth films in Germany.


CPH:DOX 8/1/14
Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival – is a part of The Foundation of the Copenhagen Film Festivals. Submission to the Festival is open to short and feature length documentaries, experimental documentaries and innovative visual documentary productions for digital media. Submission fee is 10.00 EUR. The fee may be waived for: Danish productions and co-productions, Films from developing countries, Experimental and artists’ films. This deadline is for films completed after May 2014.

AHOI film festival (Hamburg) ? August 1st last year
A project that for now three years has been showing new tendencies in student’s film art. Short films, max 10.5 minutes that have been created while studying at a university. Genres: music video, animation, experimental and shortfilm. A preselection of all entries will be done by the ahoi! festival team in order to create a versatile and exciting programme. Submit by email or post.

FilmFestival Cottbus 8/01/14
East European films- if the producer or one of the co-producers is based in one of the successor states of the former «socialist» European countries (including the former Soviet Union as well as ex-Yugoslavia) and if it is made in one of the languages of this region. DVD Submission.

South African HORRORFEST (Cape Town, Africa) 8/01/14
All submitted Feature Films and Short Films will be viewed by the selection panel, and if chosen will be screened at the S.A. HORRORFEST. Max. 30 min. long. Note: DVD Submission by mail has no fee.

Northwest Filmmakers Film Festival (Portland, OR) 09/01/14
Permanent residents of Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington may submit two works of any length or genre. Student entries (college and university only) must be from a school located in the Northwest.


New additions

Internazionale Short Film Festival 6/19/14
Short Festival Description: Online film festival that accepts any length ( duration ) of film , it accepts short films , feature films , and home made films . Online submission.

Short Independent festival Film Front Serbia 8/15/14
Film Front is an international festival of short films, and the goal is to promote young filmmakers and independent productions. The Festival fosters and promotes the author’s artistic expression, experimentation, professionalism and enthusiasm, as well as the traditional film form.  Online

My Love Michelle Short Film Festival in Texas 9/1/14
Student/Filmmakers. We want to extend this invitation to everyone out there, an OPPORTUNITY  to strut your stuff, show your talent and also helping children and adults with Special Needs.  Everybody wins by being a part of the “My Love Michelle Short Film Festival”. All films MUST include an individual with Special Needs in their film project in any sort of way, or other………. The individual may be in front or behind the camera, in the cast or the crew. There are positions of all sorts and fun. Online submission.

Without Words Film Festival 9/30/14
Words are everywhere. In each sphere of society, they reflect our thoughts, reflexions and ideas. Spoken or written, they convey stories, information and messages. The only exception to this hegemony of words is arts. Painting, sculpture, music, photography, installation and video art are the only mediums that are trying to convey a message without the use of words. “Without Words Film Festival” will celebrate once a year from December 2014, video art that uses words only to announce its title and author. The theme of “Without Words Film Festival” 2014 is: “Digital superimpositions”. Online submissions.

Some more updates

Uppsala International Short Film Festival (Sweden) 05/31/2014
click button for english. Founded in 1982, Uppsala International Short Film Festival has since become Sweden’s premier arena for short film, having attained both national recognition of the Swedish Film Institute and genuine international renown. In addition, the festival is the most important international cultural event in Uppsala. Every year the festival shows more than 300 short films in five different sections exploring the diversity and richness of the short film – from new film to retrospective programmes, from fiction film, documentaries and experimental film to animations. Upload at short film depot site.

Ars Independent International Film Festival (Poland) 6/30/14
Ars Independent is the space devoted to dialogue between filmmakers and the audience, created with belief that cinema as a medium can influence reality. We are crossing geographical, social and political borders in order to disclose unknown cinema and discover both The Other and ourselves. Independent Feature Films and Short Animations. Submit DVD and entry from by mail.

Croq Anime (Paris) 7/12/14
Festival of Animated film. Croq’Anime is an open space for new and experienced animators (all techniques). min. duration: 1 minute, max. 15 minutes. A short film can be achieved by one or more persons. One to three (maximum) short films can be presented. Self-taught, students, freelance, profesionals and amateurs. Submit by post or online.

Choreoscope Barcelona

Choreoscope Barcelona · Bucarest Dance Film Festival 7/15/14
The 2014/2015 edition  of the Choreoscope International Dance Film Festival will be held in october in Barcelona, followed by the Bucharest screening. Do you have a short film that combines dance with cinematographic language? We want to screen your film! We want people to see your work! We are especially looking for movies, that not only record dance/movement, but combine film narrative with dance. Submit online or by post.

Vida de Perro

Vida de Perro (Barcelona) 12/5/14
Vida dePerro is a monthly short film event that takes place in Barcelona in TallerMilans. TallerMilans, a platform for production and distribution of visual artslocated in Barcelona’s old town in the district ofGótico, will open its doors to screena selection of extraordinary short films, allowing the audiences to vote for their favourites. The most voted short filmswill be shown the following year at the Vida dePerro short film festival where the winnerswill be announced. Submit downloadable file or DVD.

Recent additions

The Vintage Short Film Fest 6/1/14* postmark, but must arrive by June 7th
The Vintage is taking submissions for a short film festival. Video and animation works of any genre are acceptable. Three submissions maximum. Each submission should have a maximum run time of TWENTY MINUTES. We prefer recently produced films, but will accept older works. The Vintage, 326 Spruce Street, Scranton, PA 18503. Submit by mail or drop off in person.

Vintage Short film challenge 6/7/14
In conjunction with the Vintage Short Film Fest. submit by post.

Forest Hill Film Festival 6/16/14
A festival of short films and artists moving image works in forest hill south east london. Email: fhffest(at) Online submission.



Two new additions

International 1001 Documentary Film Festival (Turkey) 4/30/14
The program of 17th 1001 Documentary Film Festival will consist of 7 sections. Black section with its stories about true life war, violence, social depression and the people who experienced or resisted these; red section with films on the conditions of work and labor, workers and laborers in the world; orange section with modern day stories of nearby and far geographies; yellow section in which the subject of immigration, being away from home is presented; blue section that is about ordinary stories of extraordinary people, extraordinary stories of ordinary people; purple section with films about women in society, women in family, women at work, women against violence and violence against women; and finally the green section, films that struggle for a sustainable world. Submit by mail or file transfer.

Alternative Process Stop Motion and Short Films 05/01/14
The Colorado Photographic Arts Center seeks stop motion and short films made with alternative photographic processes. Submissions will be considered for an exhibition of Alt. process works at CPAC July 10th – August 16th, 2014. Works chosen will be included and shown on a compilation disk with other artists. Submit by mail or send file by email.