New additions

Internazionale Short Film Festival 6/19/14
Short Festival Description: Online film festival that accepts any length ( duration ) of film , it accepts short films , feature films , and home made films . Online submission.

Short Independent festival Film Front Serbia 8/15/14
Film Front is an international festival of short films, and the goal is to promote young filmmakers and independent productions. The Festival fosters and promotes the author’s artistic expression, experimentation, professionalism and enthusiasm, as well as the traditional film form.  Online

My Love Michelle Short Film Festival in Texas 9/1/14
Student/Filmmakers. We want to extend this invitation to everyone out there, an OPPORTUNITY  to strut your stuff, show your talent and also helping children and adults with Special Needs.  Everybody wins by being a part of the “My Love Michelle Short Film Festival”. All films MUST include an individual with Special Needs in their film project in any sort of way, or other………. The individual may be in front or behind the camera, in the cast or the crew. There are positions of all sorts and fun. Online submission.

Without Words Film Festival 9/30/14
Words are everywhere. In each sphere of society, they reflect our thoughts, reflexions and ideas. Spoken or written, they convey stories, information and messages. The only exception to this hegemony of words is arts. Painting, sculpture, music, photography, installation and video art are the only mediums that are trying to convey a message without the use of words. “Without Words Film Festival” will celebrate once a year from December 2014, video art that uses words only to announce its title and author. The theme of “Without Words Film Festival” 2014 is: “Digital superimpositions”. Online submissions.

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