Film Festivals added- July and August

Visioni Corte 7/15/14
International Festival of the Independent Short Film. Categories : CortoFiction, CortoMusic;, CortoDoc,  CortoSchool, CortoZero, CortoAnimation: aimed to any story of animation of any genre and realized in any technical way, also stop-motion. DVD submission. (postmark)

TISFF (Greece) 7/15/14
THESS International Film Festtival aims to provide a showcase for high cinematic quality short films by creative film-makers, thus promoting the art of cinema and young directors. DVD submission.

”UP TO 21” (Warsaw) 7/18/14
International Youth Film Festival. Our festival is a great opportunity for young filmmakers to make their debut on the big screen! UP TO 21 is the perfect place to share creative ideas with people from all over the world! DVD submission.

Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival 08/01/14
Full features, animations and short subjects as long as they are somehow related to the fantastic genre! Except for the fact that we are only looking for genre films (Fantasy, SciFi, Horror, Thrillers, Wacky comedies). DVD Submission.

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