December / January updates

The following updates are from my master list. Part of the process is finding festivals that have added fees, so if I missed any, it was unintentional. (please let me know)

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Holland Animation Film Festival (Netherlands), 1/1/2017
The Holland Animation Film Festival organizes the following competitions. The competitions for features, shorts, European student films and Dutch films Digital file and DVD.

Chester Animation Showcase 1/08/17
Chester International Film Festival is delighted to offer animators the chance to submit work for our Animation Showcase to accompany the 2015 festival.  Films will be shown prior to the main film each night.  This is the second time we have held this event, and are repeating due to its great reception given during the 2014 festival. All submissions are welcome, whether you are a professional or an amateur. Submit Online.

Visions du Réel 1/8/17 
*free for some films only
The festival is committed to presenting works which, through their formal and aesthetic choices, give personal and original portrayals and descriptions of past and present realities of the world. The festival seeks to promote the widest possible spectrum: experimental films, essays, personal diaries, family films, films on current affairs and social issues, historical investigations, and films with classic or fragmented narrative approaches. Cinéma du Réel is open to different genres, integrates stylistic variations and montages, and is inspired by “cinéma direct” as well as fictional-style narratives. DVD or password protected vimeo link.

Crossing Europe (Linz, Austria) 1/09/17* European or Austrian only
Two categories: Feature-length films (fiction or documentary) from Europe. A film is considered European, if either director, producer or the story are based in an European state/region, and films and videos by local artists in Austria.

MediaWave International Film Festival 01/10/17
Films and videos, feature, short fiction, documentary, experimental, animation, dance, music, image/sound experimental works, musical works presented in any form or system may be entered. Any production (film and video) or performances (archaic folk music and rituals or their modern creative interpretations) may be entered that reflect ethnic, religious, musical, sexual and other aspects of small communities, ethnic groups, spiritual or other communities. “Dusty Reels” Films that were once swept away by history’s storms and were not presented due to isolation, political or economic reasons, or only a limited number of people could have seen them but not the general public, or were put back into their boxes after a few showings. We are searching for imprints of disappeared worlds, for films preserving their artistic value despite the passing of time.“REFORMation” We expect films that present reforming and renewing endeavours of any groups or religions or stories of restarting people and reformed walks of lives. We still look forward to the reformers of film expression. We also gladly welcome the anti-globalisation and environmental conscious reformers as well as the cultural propagators with new approaches. „On the Road” Online Film Festival. The films submitted in „On the Road” Online Film Festival category will be selected by a preview jury by the end of January 2017. The films in the program then will be available on the website of the festival between 1 March and 28 April.

Farhang Foundation Short Film Festival 7/17/17 * submissions open april 17/17
A festival dedicated to celebrating Iranian heritage through short film, video and animation. Whether Iranian or non-Iranian, a veteran or aspiring filmmaker, the Farhang Foundation Short Film Festival is open to individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life. The festival has one hope in mind: to provide a forum for individuals to use their creativity and talent to spark and inspire interest in Iranian culture. Link to video.


December updates

The end of the year is coming up fast. :)

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Reel Shorts Film Festival (Alberta, Canada) 12/12/2016
The Reel Shorts Film Festival celebrates short films and the filmmakers who make them by screening gems of storytelling brilliance from around the world, across Canada, and here in the Peace Region. Submit online through short film central, send link to password protected Vimeo file.

Melbourne International Animation Festival 12/12/16 (International)
The Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) is one of the largest animation festivals of its kind in the world. It usually screens around 350-400 films each year in competitive, student, curated & retrospective programs.

Academia Film Olomouc 12/23/16
AFO is currently one of the most important European festivals in the area of popular science film. It aims to present science as an attractive, dynamic and diverse sector through films charting natural, humanities and social science disciplines. Each year, hundreds of documentary films and television programs enroll in the competition sections of the festival. Online form/DVD submission.

Go Short – International Short Film Festival (Nijmegen) 12/23/16
The European Competition will consist of shorts that have been made in (geographical) Europe from all genres. The films are eligible for the Go Short Award for Best European Short in the four different categories. The Dutch Competition is a selection of films made in the Netherlands, from which the best film will be awarded with the Go Short Award for Best Dutch Short. From these two competitions a selection of films will be made which will form the Youth Competition, and which are eligible for the Go Short Youth Award.Online form/DVD submission. *films completed in nov. or dec.  or works in progress.

International Film Festival of Panama 12/23/16
The International Film Festival of Panama (IFF Panama Foundation) is a non-profit organization created to support the realization of IFF Panama and promote the cultural & educational activities that are an integral part of the event’s structure.Online

Orbit Live (India) 12/31/16
Categories: Animated Short, Professional, Student. An annual VFX & animation industry event organized by Arena Animation. Specially conceived for students of VFX, animation, design & graphics, Orbit Live offers amazing opportunities to meet & work with the gurus of animation from around the world. Delegates get a chance to network & learn from the best of talent from Hollywood & Bollywood, while working on live projects for top companies. Submit entry form and link to film by email. (deadline on entry form has been extended on website to 12/31).

Portsmouth Short Film Night ongoing
Submissions are rolling throughout the year, We’re looking for shorts of any type from independent filmmakers interested in screening their film to the public. It’s a great opportunity to connect with and build your audience, and submissions are completely free. PSFN is all about getting filmmakers together to show off their work, have fun, meet like-minded people, and maybe even be inspired. online submission.

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