update 2/19/18

Catania Film Fest-Bold Elephant World Awards 2/19/18
Catania Film Fest – Gold Elephant World Awards is a film festival that aims to enhance the European cinema in its original language; proposes first and second works, independent Italian films and short films in order to promote the knowledge and dissemination of works by young directors and promote their knowledge among the public.

Faultline Film Awards 2/19/18
The Wasatch Mountain Range holds a special place in the hearts of Utah outdoors folk. Mount Timpanogos, Lone Peak, Ben Lomond; each peak presents its own story, its own challenge. Learning the language these mountains speak is something worth striving for and is possible for any Wasatch adventurer, so long as they know how to listen right. We at Wasatch Mag highly value the language of the Wasatch mountains, which is why we created Faultline Film Awards – to give filmmakers and adventurers the opportunity to tell their stories through film.

Animakom 2/20/18
Animakom is an international animation festival with live screenings, and with awards that will take place in Bilbao from 11 to 15 April 2018 for the second edition.

IOU Video Fest  2/20/18
The purpose of the “IOU Video Festival” is to present emerging Manitoban filmmakers’ cinematic content in the form of  group screening as well as an evening of networking and refreshments. Short films, music videos, documentary films, experimental films, animation, digital media etc.

Procida Film Festival  4/15/18
The sea is an element without space nor time which gives rise to dreams and adventures, tales and legends. A means for moving people, goods, ideas. We endeavour to promote this natural element considering all its facets from a social, ecological, historical, artistical and aesthetical point of view.

Super International Teenager Festival 4/20/18
Super began in 2013 due to the desire of teenagers to have a space of their own where to project their films and meet other people that they like and their films. What is specific to Super compared to other festivals, is the only high school students can design their films here, so it’s natural talent, passion, and not sophisticated film schools or any artificial technique. We do not have big budgets or equipment of the highest quality, but our shorts, adolescents are immediate reactions to our world, are experimenting life, where other young people can be found. Festival encourages young people who have already made film, but also those who want to start now, through many workshops and courses.


Cinema International Science Film Festival    2/26/18
SCINEMA is the largest science film festival in the southern hemisphere showcasing the best in science cinema from around the world. SCINEMA is a celebration of the power of the moving image to inspire the young, satisfy the curious, explain the baffling and ask the impossible.

Fast forward Film Festival   2/26/18
The Fast Forward Film Festival encourages films from Rochester, NY residents that tap into the local experience and compel audiences to engage with the community and raise environmental awareness. Embracing the short film format, Fast Forward challenges filmmakers to utilize the power of visual storytelling to convey the urgency of our environmental problems. Shorts are a liberating form that allow for greater experimentation and give voice to both aspiring and veteran filmmakers. By focusing creativity into films under five minutes in length, Fast Forward films become an important communication tool to inspire change, connect people and build an environmentally concerned community.


Dead by Dawn 3/1/18
Dead by Dawn is the UK’s longest running genre film festival, established in 1993. It is a unique festival, celebrating the finest independent film-making with a focus on emerging talent. Our approach to horror is broad; story is paramount, as are humour, suspense and atmosphere. We welcome lifelong fans and the genre-curious to discover the breadth of unusual stories lurking under the ‘horror’ banner!

Anamaphix 3/20/18
Animaphix is a project organised by Qb Cultural Association with the purpose of supporting the animated cinema art and culture, promoting young talents and high quality films, strongly oriented towards the authorial and experimental world.

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First Nations Film and Video Festival 2/17/18
Any film or video of any genre or length may be submitted as long as the Director is enrolled in a Native American tribe or of proven Native American descent. (Producers or Distributors may submit on the Director’s behalf.) Please read APPLICATION for what defines “Native American” for FNFVF, Inc.

Carballo interplay 2/18/18
There takes place Carballo Interplay, a digital contents festival that became the first webseries festival in Spain. Its contents go beyond serialised fiction and aim to explore the possibilities of the Internet as a medium for storytelling, the most transgressive humour, non-fiction, digital culture, video heritage and interactive audiovisual performance, always with the video as a foundation.

Pine River Student Film Festival 2/18/18
Now in it’s second annual cycle, the Pine River Student Film Festival is back! The 2018 edition, planned and directed by Alma College student Zachary Baker. Just like last year, Audience Awards will be presented to the films that receive the most votes at each category’s screening. Grand Jury Awards will be granted to the films that PRSFF’s panel of judges, world-class scholars and critics, decide are the best of each category. Open to High School and College Students.

First Take Shorts Series 2/18/18
The Ambler Theater presents a short film series dedicated to showcasing the best local filmmakers in the Greater Philadelphia Area. The First Take Shorts Series aims to screen films by filmmakers from all different types of skill levels & backgrounds. Whether you’re a first time filmmaker, a student, or a seasoned professional, we want to show your film on the big screen. Our series is always on the lookout for narratives, documentaries, animations, or music videos that display a fresh artistic vision. The screening for the First Take Shorts Series will take place at The Ambler Theater on Wednesday, March 28th 2018 at 7:30pm.

Service Through Film Student Film Festival 3/30/18
The Service Through Film Student Film Festival was created to encourage and inspire young filmmakers from across the US by providing them a venue to show off their artistic filmmaking talent while helping serve the community. It provides an outlet to shine a light on social issues, in addition to helping service organizations, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), as well as other non-profit agencies magnify their messages. The Service Through Film Student Film Festival celebrates the power of cinema as a creative tool to shine a light on important social issues, people, and groups who are making a positive difference in the community. The festival emphasizes artistic vision in telling these stories through short narrative film (6 min. and under), Public Service Announcements (PSAs), Promotional videos for non-profits, documentary, and animation. It exclusively showcases student work for high school or college students.



2/4/18 updates

Hi all-
In going through my master lists, I find festivals that now charge a fee to submit. Unfortunately, I also find festivals that are no longer running. One festival that I was particularly fond of was the Minute Festival in Brazil . According to the site, they do not have the support to continue. A description of the festival:. The “One Minute Festival was created in 1991 and has inspired the breeding of over 50 “one minute festivals” all around the world. Since 2007, the Festival has become permanent and online. The Festival launches themes and monthly rewards the best works. One Minute Festival also could be called Ideas’s Festival, once idea is the most relevant criterion used in the vídeo’s evaluation.”   :(
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UPIKE Film & Media Arts Festival 2/11/18 *note: Films from Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia can be submitted for free. The goal of the UPIKE Film & Media Arts Festival is to promote the art of filmmaking on both the UPIKE campus in Pikeville, KY and in the surrounding tri-state region.  We accept paid submissions from the other 47 United States (sorry, no international submitters).


Prix Ars Electronica 03/02/18
The Prix Ars Electronica has constantly grown and developed over the years, and made quite a name for itself in the process. It’s the world’s oldest and most renowned competition in media art. (opens jan. 16th)

Neuro Film Festival 03/02/18
The American Brain Foundation, the foundation for the American Academy of Neurology, is calling on all neurology patients, caregivers, and others to submit a short video to its 2013 Neuro Film Festival telling their story about why more money for research is needed in finding cures for brain diseases.

Ohio Shorts (Columbus, OH) 3/5/18
The Wexner Center’s annual Ohio Shorts competition showcases the best in Ohio-produced short films—from documentary, animation, or dramatic narrative to anything in-between.

Jewish Film Festival Berlin 3/15/18
The Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Brandenburg has been the largest forum for Jewish and Israeli cinema in Germany for more than two decades, making it the oldest and most important cultural event of its kind and a vital part of the diverse Jewish life of Berlin and Brandenburg.

Alpinale Short Film Festival (Austria) 03/15/18 The ALPINALE represents a venue for both professional and amateur filmmakers from home and abroad, who are given the opportunity to conduct multi-cultural and open dialogue with creative people, and to present their work to an interested audience.

New Zealand International Film Festival 03/29/18
NZIFF presents a non-competitive, invited season of new films in a wide variety of styles and genres. To demonstrate the development of the art and contribute to a knowledge of new styles and trends in filmmaking. International competition deadline.

Anima Multi 3/30/18
The 26th edition of the International Animation Festival of Brazil is now calling for entries!

Vancouver Queer Film Festival 3/31/18 *free deadline
The Vancouver Queer Film Festival is now accepting film submissions. We want films that confront stereotypes, push boundaries, arouse and tantalize, and above all, highlight the tremendous diversity of queer + trans* stories.

Golden Beggar Award 4/15/18
International Festival of Local Televisions. We encourage you to enter your films/programmes into competition for the Golden Beggar Award in one of the three competition sections – Local Televisions, Production Companies, Young Authors.  We expect entries that reflect the lives and fates of people living where you live. We also welcome works that uncover serious problems of present-day society, such as refugees, terrorism, corruption, blackmail, minority and cross-border problems and the fate of children.

Kino Short Film Festival 4/20/18
The Kino Short Film Festival is an annual spring event in Moscow, Idaho at the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre with support from the School of Journalism and Mass Media at the University of Idaho and from local sponsors. We celebrate the art of short film making in the Pacific Northwest and accept short films (10 minutes or less) in any genre; narrative fiction or nonfiction, experimental films, music videos, etc. We only accept work created by filmmakers from Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Washington. The Kino Short Film Festival supplies a venue for independent and student filmmakers to share their work with an audience. The audience votes for their favorite student film and favorite independent film and the winners are give plaques as prizes

New Zealand International Film Festival 04/20/18
NZIFF presents a non-competitive, invited season of new films in a wide variety of styles and genres. To demonstrate the development of the art and contribute to a knowledge of new styles and trends in filmmaking. New Zealand, Australian and Pacific Islands competition deadline.

Countryside Animafest Cyprus 5/31/18
Countryside Animafest Cyprus is the official Cyprus animation Festival. Its aim is to cultivate the art of animation, by raising audience awareness and promoting cultural, financial and social development in the field of independent animation filmmaking. nternational short film Competition. National Competition, workshop films and student projects (Cypriots only)






New updates

Hi all- hope all is well. Hope you are finding success in festival submissions. As always, if you have any comments, suggestions, etc, feel free to contact me at: noentryfeefestivals(at)yahoo.com.
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Pop up Anthology ongoing
PopUp Anthology is a monthly screening series that highlights the work of local filmmakers and encourages audiences to support local storytelling. All screenings include a Q&A and reception after the event. PopUp Anthology’s home base is located at Artworks Trenton in Trenton, New Jersey.

Emerge Microcinema (Cleveland) ongoing screenings
We are seeking independent films of any length and any genre, with a focus on locally (Northeast Ohio) produced films.

Lovett School High School Film Fest 2/11/18
Festival was created to encourage and inspire young filmmakers from around the world by providing them both a venue to publicly screen their short films and a place to connect with one another. Films must have a max running time of 15 minutes and have been written, directed and edited by teens ages 13-18.

Montreal Underground Film festival 2/14/18
MUFF celebrates low-budget, experimental, underground filmmaking and promotes those who challenge the constraints and conventions of mainstream Hollywood. MUFF is a collective of independent filmmakers, writers, teachers and cinephiles committed to seeking out edgy films bristling with a sense of creative freedom, energy and experimentation. Films in any way affiliated with a major motion picture studio, and “calling-card” films (aka, slick, thinly disguised shout-outs to the commercial industry), are ineligible.

TV One Screenplay Competition 2/20/2018
The TV ONE SCREENPLAY COMPETITION 2017 is meant to encourage and promote the production of creative, contemporary, engaging and relatable screenplays that can be turned into original movies for television. The competition is meant to: Encourage filmmakers to offer a fresh perspective and submit contemporary stories with a focus on the American black cultural experience with wide audience appeal. Encourage filmmakers to creatively center around entertaining, heart-felt and relatable topics that resonate and appeal to African American audiences. Expand upon the genres/formats that tell these entertaining stories. Genres include, but are not limited to comedies, romantic comedies, dramas, and family adventures (submissions should be non-period stories).

London Lesbian Film Festival 2/28/18
The London Lesbian Film Festival is a celebratory gathering at which we project our images, challenge our politics, and reflect upon our lives. The festival aims to portray the richness and diversity of lesbian experiences and to strengthen our communities. The Festival is held every year in London, Ontario, Canada. Online submission form. Submissions accepted ongoing.

DocuTIFF invites all documentaries from established and debut filmmakers alike to apply their films in International Competition and In Albanian Competition. DocuTIFF aims to encouraging documentary film production in Albania and to give more chances to our filmmakers finding cooperation and enabling mutual contacts with their colleagues in our region, to build up a favorable climate creation in Albania and wider in region for development and cooperation of such productions. DocuTIFF last year screened 180 films in three venues as well as in open air making it the largest film festival of its kind in Albania and one of the most important in the region. There are no entry fees for films in Albanian language.


Cineclube Animassa (Ongoing)
Cineclube Animassa is a film club focused on screening animated films from all over the world. It takes place at RV Cultura & Arte, an art gallery/comic shop located at Salvador, Brazil. In 2018, the film club is returning for its third season, with monthly screenings – always free of charge -, from March to December. For this season, besides animated short films, we’ll also accept animated feature films.

Moss Icon (Ongoing)
Moss Index is a bi-annual screening series that shows films/videos about looking at nature (“nature”), interacting with the environment (“the environment”), and investigating the border regions where the human and the not-human intersect. An invitation to look at the environment might usually imply a certain political goal, but we are interested in starting further back: decolonizing our ways of seeing and imagining alternative socio-ecologies. Plant-vision, inter-species encounters, unmapping, wet thresholds. This is not a green film fest. Moss Index is curated by a group of filmmakers and artists, based in San Francisco. Programs are selected from newly submitted and/or previously submitted work. Screenings take place at Artists’ Television Access in San Francisco.

Sunday Shorts 2/7/18 *see note  below
SUNDAY SHORTS is a monthly short film festival and script competition in London. A great place for filmmakers and people interested in film to meet and discuss ideas. Each month, we select the 8 of the short films from around the world, and curate a program to be screened on the last Sunday of that month. *FEBRUARY SPECIAL – we’re offering FREE and discounted submissions to London filmmakers until 7th February!

Animafest Scanner 3/1/18
TOPICS FOR ANIMAFEST SCANNER V.Animating Horror. Characters in Animation. Animation and Sports. Animation at Large. Entries for the international symposium Animafest Scanner are open until 1 March, and all the film and media researchers are invited to present the latest findings from the field of animation. Terms and conditions of the public call can be found HERE, and you can submit your application HERE.

You are eligible for one of 3 prizes ($500, $300, $200) if you: 1. Create a short film about sustainability (under 10 minutes) 2. Submit it by March 16, 2018. All entries will be screened as part of the UNCG Sustainability Film and Discussion Series at the Greensboro Project Space on Thursday, April 19, at 6:30pm, where winners will be announced and celebrated. Entries must address sustainability, which UNCG defines as the “enduring interconnectedness of social equity, the environment, the economy, and aesthetics.” Judging is based on relation to sustainability as well as concept, cinematography, acting, production quality, costuming, writing, etc. Submit films on DVD or in screenable online format (YouTube, Vimeo) together with your name, phone number and email address, and the title and length of the film by 5pm on March 16, 2018 to Sarah Dorsey sbdorsey@uncg.edu (if you have questions, contact Sarah via email or at 336.334.5610). By entering the competition, entrants agree to the following: 1) Films must be original work, must not infringe on any rights of others, and must have all necessary permissions. UNCG will not be held liable for any copyright infringements. 2) To claim prizes, winners must be present (in person or via audio/video connection) at the screening. 3) Entrants will retain all ownership rights to their films. 4) UNCG reserves the right to not screen any film(s) for any reason. 5) Prizes are not negotiable or transferable. 6) The decisions of the judges are final.

Canaltown Moving Movie Festival 4/28/18
No entry fee submissions are currently being accepted for the Canaltown Moving Movie Festival in Honesdale, PA. Films must be 15 minutes or less. All genres accepted. Entries are due by April 28th for consideration in the 2018 festival. Audience vote determines award winners.

Underappreciated Moviemakers Festival 7/1/18
A festival intended to pressent works by moviemakers who’ve been making movies for at least 30 years without receiving much attention; have a large body of work that you don’t get credit for; have seen younger, richer friends imitate them & go on to well-paying gigs at places where the original is more likely to be confronted by security forces wondering why you’re there; who’re still controversial after decades of dedicated work; who find it almost impossible for you to get a screening anywhere; & whose work almost never written about.