Fredrikstad Animation Festival (Norway) 07/01/21 (submissions open May 1st)
Fredrikstad Animation Festival is the leading festival for animated film in the Nordic region, dating back to 1994 and the festival Animerte Dager in Oslo, Norway.  Submission deadline for short films, student films and commissioned films.

International Women’s Film Festival “KIN” (Armenia) 08/01/21
***Free submission only for Armenian Films*** «KIN» (kin means “a woman” in Armenian), will be held in Yerevan. The festival’s goal is promote women’s creativity, establish a network between women filmmakers from different parts of the world and give hand to a better understanding of different cultures and each other. The purpose of the festival is to address through films issues of violence, inequality, discrimination and other problems related to women’s rights and gender problems. genres: Documentary, Short, Animation. Duration of the films had to be less than 40 min

Iranian Film Festival (San Francisco, CA) 8/1/21
San Francisco – Iranian Film Festival, a showcase for the independent feature and short films made by or about Iranians from around the world, is inviting the filmmakers from all over the world to submit their films for the next edition taking place in September 2020 in San Francisco.- The films should be related to Iran by any filmmaker from any country, or made by any Iranian filmmaker on any subject.

Cinemagic is looking for imaginative and original films made by young people (age 25 and younger, living in the UK and Ireland). The films can be about anything at all fact or fiction, comedy or drama, news program or documentary. DVD submission or email.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival (Norway) 08/07/21 (submissions open May 1st)
Fredrikstad Animation Festival is the leading festival for animated film in the Nordic region, dating back to 1994 and the festival Animerte Dager in Oslo, Norway.  Feature film deadline.

We Care Film Fest 08/15/21
The WE CARE Film Fest is held annually to raise awareness about disability issues, dispel misconceptions and prejudices about persons with disabilities and drive attitudinal and behavioural change.

updated deadlines

hi all-
A flurry of updates. Some festivals are postponed, some have moved online and some I worry have ended.
As I am going through lists,  occasionally I have a stray festival that was free at some point and it slipped through one of the lists or a festival was submitted to the site at some point and I didn’t catch that it wasn’t a free entry. If you notice anything amiss and can let me know in the comments, it is much appreciated.

New Horizons International Film Festival (Poland) 3/7/21
T-Mobile New Horizons is a festival of film visionaries, of uncompromising artists who have the courage to follow a path of their choice against the current trend and to tell about the most important things using their own unique language. Competitions: New Horizons International Competition, Films On Art International Competition, Polish Short Films Competition, European Shorts Competition.

Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (Korea) 4/30/21
Short Film. Types of films Animation , Documentary, Narrative fiction. Genre: Fantastic, Horror, Mystery, Phantasy, Science fiction, Thriller

Concorto Film Festival (Italy) 05/15/21
Concorto Film Festival is an exhibition intended for lovers of cinema, both audience and professionals. The purpose is to promote and circulate short films and to and to generate contacts among audience, young directors and professionals.

The Ecologico International Film Festival

Ecologico International Film Festival 6/7/21
(EIFF) promotes, through cinema, a reflection on contemporary society. It does this through film screenings that tell, explore and question stories about the world we live in, encounters with influential figures from the culture and debates with the public. The term Ecologico, which characterizes the Festival, must be understood in its broadest meaning of man’s relationship with natural, cultural, social, political and economic environments and the dynamic relationships between them. This includes everything from the bodies we live in, to the physical structures, institutions and industries that human beings build, to the politics, languages ​​and cultural practices we use to communicate and, of course, the Earth-environment and its complex multitude. of life and processes.

more updates

All American High School Film Festival 3/1/21* free submission deadline
The All American High School Film Festival is the largest student film festival in the world. Our festival offers an unparalleled experience designed specifically to promote and empower the future of film. Each October, thousands of student filmmakers join us in New York City for an action-packed weekend of resources and entertainment, including our Teen Indie Awards Show, where we hand out over $400,000 in prizes and scholarships. In 2019, we screened over 1000 short films made by middle and high school students from around the world at the AMC Theaters in Times Square, the busiest movie theater in America! In 2020, we transitioned to a virtual event, screening over 1000 films made by middle school and high school students from all over the world, handing out over $500,000 in prizes and scholarships! Submit your film TODAY!

New Zealand International Film Festival 03/26/21
NZIFF presents a non-competitive, invited season of new films in a wide variety of styles and genres. To demonstrate the development of the art and contribute to a knowledge of new styles and trends in filmmaking. International competition deadline.

Turku Animated Film Festival 3/31/21
We are looking for original, bold, uncompromising & inventive animated shorts under 30 minutes to compete for Grand Prix, Best Professional Film, Best Student Film, Tough Eye award and Audience award. In addition, the festival programme consists of a seductive selection of carefully selected special programme screenings, workshops, discussions, exhibitions and escpecially parties. TAFF takes place in the hometown of the renowned Turku Arts Academy. Our venue is a beautifully restored old factory milieu by the River Aura in Turku, Finland.

Annecy International Animated Film Festival (France) 04/06/21
VR Works

Avanca Film Festival  4/15/21
The objective is to trace a global perspective of the contemporary features in cinema, television, video and multimedia. Note: Free entry fee for – Trailers and videoclips.

NAFF: Neum Animated Film Festival 4/15/21
Festival has two parts: Working part of festival where children can learn animation techniques and make their own cartoons and Competition part of festival where cartoons from all over the world are presented. Cartoon selection is done by children who attend the Working part of festival. They also make decisions about all awards except for Jury award.

International Short Film Festival of Bueu (Spain) 4/15/21
All kind of short films can participate in the festival, irrespective of genres (except documentaries). Works will not be more than 30 minutes long. Those short films whose language is different of Spanish or Galicien must be subtitled in one of them or in English.Participants can present the number of works that they want. (shortfilmdepot)

FAITO doc FESTIVAL(Italy) 4/15/21
The theme of the 13th edition of Faito Doc Festival is metamorphosis. Throughout the centuries, writers like Ovid, Apuleius and Kafka chose metamorphosis as one of the themes of their works. But how do the filmmakers of today see metamorphosis? What does it represent for them? Is it a concept related to mythology, literature, arts, magic or science? Is it a philosophical, political or therapeutic notion? Is it a mutation, a modification, a transformation of nature, of genre, of geography, of culture? A shift from one physical state or felling to another? A switch from pacifist to violent and vice versa? Is it metamorphosis somehow connected to the idea of revolution? How can you elude the image of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly

Xsection Film Festival 4/17/21
Xsection: A Dance and Science Film Festival sparking interdisciplinary collaboration between dance – science – film. The methodologies of scientific research and dance creation are abstract. Films can document visual forms and create a tangible record of these concepts. The vision of XSFF is to archive the expression of current scientific findings and instigate with dancemakers on topical scientific issues – space exploration – medical advancements- fundamental principles. The platform is open to interpretation as long as artists are collaborating across disciplines of science and dance. A night of interdisciplinary mingling.

New Zealand International Film Festival 04/23/21
NZIFF presents a non-competitive, invited season of new films in a wide variety of styles and genres. To demonstrate the development of the art and contribute to a knowledge of new styles and trends in filmmaking. NZ/AUSTRALIA/PACIFIC ISLANDS DEADLINE

Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (Korea) 4/30/21
The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN) is presented by the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival Organizing Committee and hosted by the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival Executive Committee. Feature Films and Shorts. Types of films Animation , Documentary, Narrative fiction. Genre: Fantastic, Horror, Mystery, Phantasy, Science fiction, Thriller.

Curtas International Film festival(Portugal)  04/30/21
Note: only one free category- Take One (school films, until 30 minutes, by Portuguese film students, national or in film schools abroad).

Film Festival della Lessinia (Verona) 4/30/21
The theme of the Film Festival della Lessinia is: mountains and faraway lands. Eligible for the Festival are both films and videos (features, shorts, documentaries, animated films) that represent, emphasize, and encourage the understanding of social, linguistic, human, economic, environmental, natural, historical, and artistic realities pertaining to the mountains or to other lands far from urban centres, as well as of the traditions, customs, and habits of the people who live in the mountains and in other distant lands.

Shortynale Klosterneuburg 4/30/21
Shortynale is a shortfilm festivals for movies up to 30min running time. It takes place in Klosterneuburg Austria, very close to Vienna. There is a national and a international competition.

Matsalu Nature Film Festival 5/1/21
The Matsalu Nature Film Festival (MAFF) is an annual nature film event held in Estonia. It has been named after the nearby Matsalu National Park, which is one of largest bird sanctuaries in Europe.

more deadlines- some today

Super International Teenager Festival 3/1/21
Super began in 2013 due to the desire of teenagers to have a space of their own where to project their films and meet other people that they like and their films. What is specific to Super compared to other festivals, is the only high school students can design their films here, so it’s natural talent, passion, and not sophisticated film schools or any artificial technique. We do not have big budgets or equipment of the highest quality, but our shorts, adolescents are immediate reactions to our world, are experimenting life, where other young people can be found. Festival encourages young people who have already made film, but also those who want to start now, through many workshops and courses.

Supertoon International Animation Festival 3/1/21
SUPERTOON is an International Animation Festival taking place in Šibenik, Croatia. The purpose of the Festival is to systematically monitor and provide an insight into recent Croatian and world short-meter animation film and video production through a range of competition and side programmes. Additional aim is to create a platform for a direct communication and exchange of ideas and experiences for all festival participants and guests.

Madfest 3/7/2021
West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania High School students in grades 10, 11, or 12, are invited to enter their work in the 2021 Media, Art, and Design (MAD) Competition.

Ohio Shorts (Columbus, OH) 3/8/21 Ohio filmmakers only
The Wexner Center’s annual Ohio Shorts competition showcases the best in Ohio-produced short films—from documentary, animation, or dramatic narrative to anything in-between. Youth and Adult.

Annecy International Animated Film Festival (France) 03/15/21
Feature film category.

Prix Ars Electronica 03/15/21
The Prix Ars Electronica has constantly grown and developed over the years, and made quite a name for itself in the process. It’s the world’s oldest and most renowned competition in media art.

Animafest Zagreb 3/15/21
Feature Film and VR Projects. The World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb, established in 1972, is the second oldest film festival in the world completely dedicated to animation. Launched thanks to the global reputation of the filmmakers sprung from the Zagreb School of Animation, founded based on the decision of ASIFA, International Animated Film Association, Zagreb Film production company and City of Zagreb, Animafest Zagreb takes place every year early in June.

Short of the Year 03/21/21
PROMOFEST opens the call for entries of SHORT OF THE YEAR – WINTER Every season 50 works will be selected. The winner of each season will be awarded with 250 submissions to film festivals (for free) and will directly become one of the films selected for The Short of the Year. The grand prize consists in 1000 submissions to festivals (for free).

Zlin Film Festival: International film festival for Children and Youth 4/1/21
ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL is the oldest and largest film festival of its kind in the world.  This is a significant international event which has an excellent reputation and holds lots of respect.  The festival screenings are conducted not only in Zlin, but also in many other towns in the Czech Republic.  Each year the festival presents around 300 films from more than 50 countries around the world.  Since 2010 festival attendance has exceeded 95,000 children and adults.

Astra Film Festival (Romania) 04/15/21
documentary film festival. AFF is the place to see great documentaries, to feel the pulse of Romanian and Eastern European documentary film production,  meet fellow-filmmakers from around the world, debate upon major issues faced by documentarists while exposing real life and real people on the big screen, and interact with professionals and with an enthusiastic audience.


updates to blog- two deadlines today

River Aire Ten Minute Amateur Film Festival- RATMA (UK) currently taking entries
It only takes 10 minutes to tell a story and often a lot less, RATMA International Film Festival helps up and coming film makers get those stories in front of film fans who would otherwise never get the opportunity to see them.

Women’s Voices Now ongoing
If you have a film you would like to submit to Voices for Change: A Film Collection Advocating Women’s Rights, please click here to fill out the application. (google form- need to log in to google) The Women’s Voices Now Film Archive is a curated selection of unfiltered voices in social-change film. WVN curates this unique archive of 200+ films from around the world with the intention of providing alternative films produced by citizen journalists, activists, and professional filmmakers. The archive educates and activates audiences on global women’s rights issues not found in mainstream media outlets, as well as stories that often face censorship.  Through the power of social-change film, Women’s Voices Now aims to inspire audiences from empathy into action and help to create lasting social change in the realm of women’s rights. Our films are available for streaming anytime, anywhere, for free. If you would like to submit your women’s and girls’ issues film for inclusion in our archive, please fill out this form. The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form.

The Nordic Youth Film Festival – NUFF 2021 submission will be announced soon
Nordic Young Film Festival – NUFF is an annual short film festival for young filmmakers up to 26 years old from the Nordic countries & the world. NUFF has been an important international platform for youth film and a meeting place for many young filmmakers since 2003. 

Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival (Estonia) 3/1/21
Pärnu Film Festival welcomes submissions from all over the world. When selecting films for the festival, organizers will focus on the artistic achievement, also on the high value and quality of the film. We accept documentary films of all lengths. Films may be submitted by filmmakers, producers, distributors or legal entities. To submit your film to the Pärnu Film Festival, please fill the entry form below. Before entering your film, please read through festival regulations. By submitting your film you accept festival regulations.

Dokfilm (Norway) 3/1/21
The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival. We accept all kinds of documentary from student films to professional films. In this form you can registrate your documentary to the Norwegian Documentary Film Festival 2021 (DOKFILM 2021). We accept all kinds of documentary for the registration, from student films to professional films. We ask you kindly to apply as much information as possible to this form, seeing it is necessary for us to have this information to show your movie at the festival.

Siggraph Computer Animation Festival (Vancouver) 03/23/21
Be a part of the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival Electronic Theater experience by sharing your groundbreaking project and demonstrating your unique approach to storytelling in this well-respected animation showcase. Since 1999, the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival has been recognized as a qualifying festival by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It began as an annual showcase of advances in computer graphics, and it now celebrates the rise of computer graphics as a medium for storytelling in animation, visual effects, games, technical visualization, and more. Submit your best work that educates, entertains, or informs for your chance to be featured in this prestigious showcase. An internationally recognized jury will review your work and award Best in Show, Jury’s Choice, and Best Student Project prizes. Notably, several works originally presented in the Electronic Theater have been nominated for or have received a Best Animated Short Academy Award …Will you be next?

Vancouver Queer Festival 3/31/21
We seek work that confronts stereotypes, pushes boundaries, arouses and tantalizes, and above all, highlights the tremendous diversity of queer artists, locally, nationally and internationally. Online or dvd submission.

Lublin Film Festival (Poland) 3/31/21
The Festival is intended for filmmakers from all over the world. The aim of the Festival is to promote a film repertoire which is original, daring, appealing to viewers, and at the same time novel in its approach to form and content. The Festival is also engaged in a large-scale educational activity, aimed at local community development. Short films and Features. Film Freeway submission. Note: 3/31 deadline has no entry fee. Later deadlines have a fee.

La brigade des images festival 03/31/21
CALL FOR APPLICATIONS Brigade of Images 2021: Home detention.
Brigade of images is looking for short films that focus on confinement and lock down.
Send your short films to labrigadedesimages@gmail.com (about 10 minutes maximum) before March 31, 2021.
Projections in September 2021.

Festival de Cannes 4/2/21
note: there is no fee for short films. Films that have been produced during the twelve months preceding the Festival. Films whose distribution is limited to their country of origin. Films that have not been presented at any international motion picture event. If the film has been selected for an international section (competitive or not) of a festival, it becomes ineligible for the Festival de Cannes. A selection is international if it presents films from different countries. Films that have not been shown on the Internet. Short films that do not exceed 15 minutes in length, including credits

Mister Vorky (Serbia) 4/12/21
An international one-minute film festival, which shows, awards and promotes the best one-minute films from around the world, is held every year on March 17. 60 seconds (1 minute) , the initial and end credits. The aim of the festival is movies of all types (fiction, documentary, animation, cartoon, music, experimental, advertising … all art forms that worked Slavko Vorkapich – Mister Vorky ) from around the world. film freeway submission. note: 60 second competition is free

Dokufest (Kosovo) 4/15/21
DokuFest aims to promote film production in Kosovo and to support film making in general. In co-operation with film institutions and other film festivals in the region DokuFest aims to enhance quality of film production in Kosovo and the region. Two free categories (all others have fees) National (Albania and Kosovo filmmakers/films) Dokukids films.

Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival 1/31/22
Invites professional and amateur filmmakers to submit for consideration films ranging from 3 to 60 minutes. Films should center on bicycle travel of any type, whether an organized tour or a solo exploration. The destination can be domestic or international. Film Freeway submission. Open for 2022. Watch 2021 festival online 3/18/21.

Ann Arbor Film Festival Challenge

Ann Arbor Film Festival Challenge registration currently open
It’s the first-ever AAFF Film Challenge! At various locations throughout downtown Ann Arbor, we want you to create a mini-film, all while following social distancing guidelines outside. Participants will be entered to win some fantastic prizes that range from AAFF tickets to gift cards donated by some of our favorite local businesses. We didn’t forget about our international friends. For film lovers who aren’t local, the provided film challenges will be similar and they’ll encourage participants to explore their hometown.​Join us Thursday, March 4, and-Sunday, March 7!Learn more: http://bit.ly/2ZHQbfB

UNCG Sustainability Film and Discussion Series (UNCG)

UNCG Sustainability Film and Discussion Series 3/1/21
(note: email submission- instructions in description here)
The University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) requests submissions of short films that address sustainability, which UNCG defines as “the enduring interconnectedness of social equity, the environment, the economy, and aesthetics.” Entries will be screened as part of the online UNCG Sustainability Film and Discussion Series. Winners will be announced and celebrated online. Judging is based on relation to sustainability as well as concept, cinematography, acting, production quality, costuming, writing, etc. PRIZES: 1st place: $200 2nd place: $150 3rd place: $100 Audience award: $50 REQUIREMENTS • Films must be 10 mins or less in length • Submit films via screenable online format (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) • Include your name, phone number, email address, length and title of film o Include one paragraph director’s bio (150 words) o Include one paragraph description of film and relation to sustainability (150 words) o Include promotional images for marketing purposes (high resolution .png or .jpg images in 16:9 ratio preferred, but poster images are also acceptable) DEADLINE Submissions are due no later than 5 p.m. on March 1, 2021. Send to Sarah Dorsey: sbdorsey@uncg.edu. For questions, email or call: 336.370.0040. *By entering the competition, entrants agree to the following: 1) Films must be original work, must not infringe on any rights of others, and must have all necessary permissions. UNCG will not be held liable for any copyright infringements. 2) Entrants will retain all ownership rights to their films. 3) UNCG reserves the right to not screen any film(s) for any reason. 4) Prizes are not negotiable or transferable and are subject to taxes and fees for non-US winners. 5) The decisions of the judges are final.