Canaltown Short Spooky Movie Festival (aka Spookyfest)

Canaltown Short Spooky Movie Festival (aka Spookyfest) 09/19/2019
A diverse selection of short, spooky, moving picture shorts (seven (7) minutes or less) presented live, in downtown Honesdale, Pennsylvania, USA. A popular, audience vote determines which shorts take home the custom crafted Spooky Awards (aka Spookies) at the end of the night. The popcorn is amazing, so you should not only submit but attend. Cheers!

Quick deadlines

Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF) 7/29/19
Themed, ‘Owning Our Story’, the Festival seeks to highlight the importance of telling stories with an African perspective and dealing with the African on the continent and in the Diaspora as Africa begins to play a larger role on the global stage. We want to acknowledge the complexity and depth of Africans and African descendants’ heritage, which is deeply rooted in mythology, tradition, and history, while becoming the true custodians and guardians’ of our narratives.

OGA Video Art (S) EXHIBITIONS 7/31/19
Born in 2013, the space of the OGA (Ospizio Giovani Artisti / Young Artists Hospice) organizes  exhibitions with contemporary and modern art works that come exclusively from the Collection of the OGA. These works are usually donated to the OGA by the artists themselves in order to create thematic exhibitions that are a continuous reflection on the role of art involvement in today’s society. It’s very important to say that the OGA was born with the ironic intent to exhibit only works made by artists over 35 years of age, in provocative opposition to festivals and institutions that seek only young artists. In any case sometime this limit will not be fully respected. For the next season of exhibitions, the OGA is looking only for works about sexuality, eroticism, queer, bdsm thematics, even explicit. Exceptionally, for this season of exhibitions, in addiction to videoart, will be accepted also fiction works and documentaries.





ANIMAC 10/31/19
International Animation Film Festival of Catalonia is a not-for-profit cultural event organised by Lleida City Council and supported by the Department of Culture of the Government of Catalonia and other public and private bodies.

New deadlines

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Some upcoming deadlines.
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Hsin-Yi Children’s Animation Awards7/31/19
All it takes is a good story to enrich a child’s spirit and create beautiful memories. Join the Hsin-Yi Foundation as we make that story come to life in animation. We aim to improve both the quality of video entertainment targeted at children and their ability to appreciate it. At the same time, we want to award talented people who contribute to animations and videos around the world for providing a more diverse selection of good material for children.

Early bird international Student film festival 8/15/19
Be part of one of the most prestigious student short film festivals. We will be happy to support your talent and show it to the audience.

Metro Film & TV Awards 11/1/2019
Two free categories: 1. Influencer videos: Submit a (1 minute or less) sample of your media-influencer videos. Metro prefers Social Media Influencer Videos that represent your online presence and/or videoblog. You may upload your video or use a link to a Youtube, Vimeo (or other) service like Facebook HOWEVER YOU MUST OWN the account you are linking from. Any genre or type of video (except Adult content.) All other Festival regulations apply. This is an exclusive part of the Festival and is NOT JUDGED the same as Trailers or Paid Categories. 2. Trailers, Teasers or Publicity videos: 1 minute or less Trailers, Teasers, and Film/TV Show Promotional-Videos. ENGLISH speaking only. Includes FREE, your OPTION to include your entry into our free Android App. NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE ROKU & AMAZON FIRE TV BROADCAST AND STREAMING OFFER. EMAIL to submit your content to over 500,000 of our Subscribers on our Connected TV Channels. Email them for a free waiver for submission services.


Spice Cinema

SPICE Cinema 11/24/19
SPICE Cinema is an international event that promotes the culture of Good Policy which places man and the citizen at the center of his action through the screening of social and political films from all over the world. At the same time, “SPICE Cinema” aims to promote a fruitful exchange of ideas and experiences among the general public, as well as direct confrontation with authors, scientists, researchers and scholars, journalists, public administrators, politicians and intellectuals in general, with the triple function of informing, inspire renewed passion for activism and generating actions of empowerment of skills, particularly those of young people.

Upcoming deadlines

This human world 7/20/19
A competition for feature, documentary, experimental films and animation on sociopolitical topics and human rights.

The 8th edition of the festival is held between October 30th and November 2nd in Budaörs, Hungary. The call is open for short (not longer than 25 minutes) animated films in one of the following categories: 1. workshop film = your animated short film produced at high school, workshops, university education or any other trainings as a student (older than 15 years old). 2. graduation film = your B.A. or M.A. school-leaving short film
3. début film = your first animated short film production apart from an educational background. 4. children’s film = any animated short film made for children if it falls in any of the above categories, or it is made by an up-and-coming director under the age of 40. Beside the Grand Prix and category prizes at the festival to to support young Hungarian creators there are special Hungarian awards, which take their names after renowned Hungarian artists of animation history (George Pal Award for the most promising Hungarian talent in animation; Gyula Macskássy Award for the most popular Hungarian animation; Tibor Csermák Award for the most popular Hungarian animation).

YOUKI 8/1/19
International Film Competition. Short films are the pralines of the film world and are perfect to nuance your own personal creative style. At YOUKI, young people up to the age of 27 can present their works to an international audience and a jury consisting of experienced people of the film industry. Both in the cosy atmosphere of the Programmkino Wels and during the festival, you can get to know new things and try yourself out, exchange ideas and have fun. max. 20 minutes

Video und Filmtage 8/23/19
THE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL FOR YOUNG FILMMAKERS UP TO 22 YEARS..Your movie is no longer than 30 minutes and no older than 1 year. You were not older than 22 years at the time of production. We can only show your film if you can attend screening during the festival. Unfortunately, we can not accept travel expenses. 

WALLTIME NYC- immediate :)

Hi all-
This is a short turnaround, as I just received it yesterday, but if you haven’t checked out Walltime, it is a cool iphone app that allows you to schedule videos to play on a wall in the Bowery in NYC- urban projection in the evening. You can view it in person or through the downloadable app. If you are onsite, you can use the app to hear the sound. If you are anywhere else, you can use the app to view the wall and see the projections through a live view camera (it is pretty cool).
For tonight and tomorrow, if you download the app, you can schedule works to play during a free timeslot from 10-11pm, but it may fill up quickly.
If it fills up, it is worth checking out the other time slots, as the app allows you to schedule your work by picking a time slot and the price is fairly low.
Download walltime App.
In app, choose Bowery location, tab to schedule video (allows access to PUBLIC vimeo, etc) -only one video, less than 5 minutes, per night for this event
Receive confirmation
Friends can view in person, using the app for sound, or they can watch remotely
Screen your videos on Bowery@Houston in NYC July 3rd + 4th between 10:00 – 11:00pm for free!  
Instructions and content specs for this promotion:
• IOS / iPhones only – Android coming this Sept.
• 1 video up to 5 min. long per user / evening
• Must be suitable for general audiences – no pornography, violence, hate speech, etc..
• No commercials / ads e.g. containing prominent branding shown throughout the clip
• “First-come-first-served”
• “Curated”, meaning, that we reserve the right to not accept content for any or no specific reasons (nothing personal!).