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Some of you have periodically checked in on me, and thank you for that. I have been updating pages when I get a chance and also have been looking at new ways to approach the blog. I have found that the block format of WordPress causes huge headaches, and by that I mean I have literally lost pages of work at a time. I also have figured out that I am on WordPress, but, not that WordPress, shaking my head. I guess I am the last to know. At any rate, I am doing a large update and also will be sending out some email blasts along with that. As always, some festivals may start to charge a fee. I generally catch this, but if I don’t- please let me know in the comments. Sending me an email about how accidentally posting festivals with fees will cause people not to trust me or the blog will likely just put me on pause while I consider this. :) 
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Matsalu Nature Film Festival 5/1/23
The Matsalu Nature Film Festival (MAFF) is an annual nature film event held in Estonia. It has been named after the nearby Matsalu National Park, which is one of largest bird sanctuaries in Europe. Two categories: Nature and Man and Nature. 20 years ago a humble and tentative endeavour, Matsalu Nature Film Festival has now become one of the renowned and respected festivals in the film world, winning more and more attention with every subsequent year. Once started under the parallel name „Green Gate“ with this identifiable and obvious flavour of local event, it has now absolutely different dimensionality, covering the whole world. While in the very first year only 23 competing films from 7 different countries were shown to the audience during three days, in 2019 filmmakers from over 80 countries submitted over 1000 wonderful nature films from all over the world. FilmFreeway entry.

Supertoon International Animation Festival 5/1/23
You are kindly invited to submit films and comics to one of the following competition categories: Short Animated Films / Short-format, non-commissioned animated films or videos. Student Short Animated Films / Short-format, non-commissioned animated films or videos. Animated Films for Children / Animated works produced and distributed specifically for children. In case of a series, only one episode is eligible. Animated Music Videos / Official music videos, commissioned animated videos made specifically to promote music pieces. Comic book edition (album) / A printed comic book edition by a single author / co-authors Comic magazine / A printed comic edition that contains works by two or more authors Fanzine edition / Non-professional printed comic book edition (without ISBN / ISSN) by a single author / co-authors or more authors.

FluXus Animation Film Festival 5/1/23
International animated short films, student, professional and amateur films, of any technique, made within the last 2 years, are accepted. Films should not be longer than 12 minutes and contain at least 50% animation. Non animated puppet films are also welcome. Film Freeway

Punto y Raya JUNIOR 5/1/23

JUNIOR is the extension of PUNTO Y RAYA devoted to the sensitisation and education of general audiences, children and various groups at risk of social exclusion. It organizes workshops for the creation of abstract works in the most diverse contexts. The platform provides educational resources, workshops with renowned artists, screenings and presentations, and remote access to hundreds of abstract films recommended especially for this target, consolidating a collaborative network of many institutions around the globe.

Bordeaux Shorts 5/10/24
One category that is free: the Iranian Section. From the festival site, “After receiving reports on the tough economic sanctions the Festival Bordeaux Shorts has decided to open a free Iranian section for directors residing in Iran to register. We take charge of this section because we believe that political sanctions should not prevent the right of filmmakers to show and submit their work to the rest of the world. French or English subtitles. Find password on our website. FilmFreeway link.

Fantoche International Animation Film Festival 5/14/23
Fantoche searches for the best animated short films from all over the world every year. You can submit either via FilmFreeway or by sending the excel template (see downloads) to

LINOLEUM International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival 5/14/23
LINOLEUM Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival is the biggest showcase of short independent animation in Ukraine. Launched in 2014 in Kyiv each year the festival screens around 250 films from all over the world, offers workshops and lectures held by the field’s best players and a special program for children. LINOLEUM aims to support animation artists and promote Ukrainian animation worldwide as well as encourage and celebrate creativity among animators and media artists. Filmfreeway submission.

Imaginaria – International Animated Film Festival 5/15/23
IMAGINARIA is the first and only international animated film festival of Apulia region.

Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games 5/21/23
Showcasing amazing work by talented student animators from around the world in 2D, stop motion, computer animation and VFX. We also have a special category for young hobbyists under 18, exploring animation.

Animofest 5/29/23
International animated film festival of secondary schools !!! ( Age of competing student is 15 – 20years ) – ANIMOFEST was meant as an award of the Head teacher of the Academy of animation for the best animated film of the year. The establishment of holding a regular film festival was the logical result of efforts to present and confront students’ work from all over the world. Film Freeway submission

GIRAF 5/31/23
GIRAF is a celebration of independent animation, a showcase of the best of what’s being made here in Canada and around the world. Each year, we scour the globe for the most astounding, inventive, beautiful, mind-altering and unexpected animated films out there.

Ottawa International Animation Festival 5/31/23
The Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) is one of the world’s leading animation events providing screenings, exhibits, workshops and entertainment since 1976. OIAF is an annual five-day event bringing art and industry together in a vibrant hub.

POOL 23 5/31/2023
POOL 23 will present a selection of fascinating international dance film productions, making the event a meeting place for creative minds involved in the fields of dance, film, fashion and art. The festival is focused on films that not only record dance but create independent film-choreographies through the intense interplay between dance and cinematic tools like the use of camera and editing. Artists are invited to apply with dance films and dance animations. 

Arché 5/31/23
Arché is a space for thinking and creative development, intending to provide tools and moments of reflection and training to new film projects, as well as a platform of contact with international agents of the film industry in an atmosphere of an in-depth work. Arché welcomes 12 film projects from Ibero-american countries and Italy. It consists of a 10-days programme that includes project development workshops, a pitching session, one-to-one meetings among other activities.

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  1. Hello dear To register for this Bordeaux Shorts 5/10/24 festival in the Iranian section, I could not find the password on your site, please help.

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