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Athens Animfest 12/31/13
Special emphasis is given to European animation films, regardless of techniques, style and aesthetic trends thus demonstrating the common cultural heritage of the peoples of Europe. Attention has also been paid to supporting the professional creativity of young people, through special audiovisual programs, thus enriching the limited production of animation films in Greece.

Istanbul Film Festival 12/31/13
The Festival features a thematically specialized international competition, provides a showcase for recent Turkish film productions, and thus represents a rewarding medium where Turkish and foreign filmmakers get together. The Festival draws a special interest to classics, presenting retrospective sections within its programs particularly attended by young audiences.
The festival programme comprises sections featuring contemporary fiction and documentary works as well as special focus on animation films.
The industry sidebar Meetings on the Bridge aims at bringing together professionals from Turkey and abroad for coproductions.

goEast film festival 12/31/13
goEast aims to initiate authentic cultural dialogue and exchange – with the festival promoting communication between filmmakers and filmgoers in general, with a Students’ Film Competition targeted specifically at communicative exchange between young directors from East and West, with a Symposium advancing the dialogue between historians and film scholars.

Berlin/Potsdam Jewish Film Festival 1/01/14
All the diversity of Jewish life, captured on celluloid! Join us on our journey around the world of Jewish and Israeli filmmaking at this year’s 14-day festival in Berlin & Potsdam featuring 33 of the best and newest films from 8 countries.

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