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Hawaii International Film Festival 6/16/14
short films, Hawaii-themed films, and student films. note: no entry fee status is only for student filmmakers under 18, and it seems to be hawaii residents only.

Festival Dei Popoli (Italy) 6/27/14* check for later deadline in august, depends on film completion
International Documentary Film Festival. Online submission form.

Visible Verse Festival- Video Poems  (Vancouver, Canada): 07/01/14
VVF seeks videopoems with a 12 minutes maximum duration. Submit work by emailing URL of uploaded video.

Schlingel International Film Festival for children and young audience 07/01/14
SCHLINGEL is an independent film festival with international competitions and various additional events. It takes place annually. We conceive ourselves as a platform for international children´s and youth films in Germany.


CPH:DOX 8/1/14
Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival – is a part of The Foundation of the Copenhagen Film Festivals. Submission to the Festival is open to short and feature length documentaries, experimental documentaries and innovative visual documentary productions for digital media. Submission fee is 10.00 EUR. The fee may be waived for: Danish productions and co-productions, Films from developing countries, Experimental and artists’ films. This deadline is for films completed after May 2014.

AHOI film festival (Hamburg) ? August 1st last year
A project that for now three years has been showing new tendencies in student’s film art. Short films, max 10.5 minutes that have been created while studying at a university. Genres: music video, animation, experimental and shortfilm. A preselection of all entries will be done by the ahoi! festival team in order to create a versatile and exciting programme. Submit by email or post.

FilmFestival Cottbus 8/01/14
East European films- if the producer or one of the co-producers is based in one of the successor states of the former «socialist» European countries (including the former Soviet Union as well as ex-Yugoslavia) and if it is made in one of the languages of this region. DVD Submission.

South African HORRORFEST (Cape Town, Africa) 8/01/14
All submitted Feature Films and Short Films will be viewed by the selection panel, and if chosen will be screened at the S.A. HORRORFEST. Max. 30 min. long. Note: DVD Submission by mail has no fee.

Northwest Filmmakers Film Festival (Portland, OR) 09/01/14
Permanent residents of Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington may submit two works of any length or genre. Student entries (college and university only) must be from a school located in the Northwest.


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