Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground

Hi all-
There is a special offer The kind folks at Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground have made a FREE WAIVER code for no entry fee festivals readers: “noentryfeefestival”

Cineunderground 9/20/16* note free code
Films from the undergound, self-managed, decentralized and free distribution. Environmental and audiovisual tools used for pure joy, happiness, disinformation, emotional connection, television detoxification, collective cooperation, social creation of art, the multiplication of free cinema and more …  The festival is a social tool viewable and controlled. It is an annual event, managed in a friendly network in cities across the continent, which displays unpublished, experimental or out of the system, linking non-conventional spaces, creating a common grid and a shared mission, fruit of a collective intelligence and the freedom of speech. Film Freeway *small fee, but- there is a FREE WAIVER code for no entry fee festivals readers: “noentryfeefestival” (input during checkout)

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