Some new additions

Goldensun Short Film Festival  12/28/15
This festival is to help promote the short film makers in promoting as much as possible their short film production world wide. Each film will be shown on an online channel and judged by a panel of 4 judges. Online form.

Istanbul Film Festival 1/29/16
The aim of the National Documentary Competition is to endorse and encourage documentary filmmaking and documentarists in Turkey. The aim of the National Short Film Competition is to encourage the realisation of highly qualified short films of art in Turkey.

goEast film festival 2/19/16
Oppose Othering. From 2016 on, goEast will be taking an even stronger stand than it has previously for a filmmaking ethos that is committed to the struggle for human rights. The festival has been hard at work developing corresponding projects with its supporters:
Together with the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ) goEast is pleased to announce the launch of their new pilot project Oppose Othering! Please find further information here.

Young Filmmakers for Peace 2/19/16
A project of goeast film festival. This thematic programme for further education is made possible with the kind support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung: Young Filmmakers for Peace is focused both on the making of films under the conditions of violent conflicts and on the making of films about such conflicts. For the duration of the festival, the project brings together young filmmakers from Germany and Eastern European and Arab regions affected by armed conflicts. Participants are invited to attend workshops and master classes specifically designed for them. The call for applications can be found here.

Film the House 3/31/16
Film the House, Parliament’s two largest competitions that celebrate the best of new creative talent in the United Kingdom whilst promoting awareness of the importance of protecting intellectual property rights amongst legislators and the general public. Upload link to Youtube.

2 thoughts on “Some new additions

  1. For years I licensed my animated shorts to television, until I signed with a distributor who imprisoned them unseen for two years. When the tv market dried up, I started making art animations. I’m now required to pay someone $30 to look at my short submission. If my payment goes through and I never hear from them again, it means I’ve been rejected. Yes, they found a way to get money from starving artists. THANK YOU sincerely for and for contributing to the greater good.

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