Women’s Voices Now ongoing
If you have a film you would like to submit to Voices for Change: A Film Collection Advocating Women’s Rights, please click here to fill out the application. (google form- need to log in to google) The Women’s Voices Now Film Archive is a curated selection of unfiltered voices in social-change film. WVN curates this unique archive of 200+ films from around the world with the intention of providing alternative films produced by citizen journalists, activists, and professional filmmakers. The archive educates and activates audiences on global women’s rights issues not found in mainstream media outlets, as well as stories that often face censorship.  Through the power of social-change film, Women’s Voices Now aims to inspire audiences from empathy into action and help to create lasting social change in the realm of women’s rights. Our films are available for streaming anytime, anywhere, for free. If you would like to submit your women’s and girls’ issues film for inclusion in our archive, please fill out this form. The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form.

Omeleto (appears to be ongoing)
Omeleto is the home of the next generation of great filmmakers. Showcase with us and join spectacular company: Sundance winners, Oscar noms and critically-acclaimed filmmakers from every genre. With over 5 million subscribers across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and tens of millions of viewers each month, we reach the most film enthusiasts around the world. Our viewers are broad and diverse — and so are their tastes — but they’ve come to rely on us for the best, emotionally-engaging storytelling, no matter what the genre. YOU MUST OWN THE COPYRIGHT TO THE FILM. To be considered, your film MUST have played at an Oscar-qualifying, BAFTA-qualifying or similar top-tier festival. We limit releases to ONE film per day. Scheduling is based on availability.