Festival updates

One more day for the Media that Matters Festival, plus 6 days for the Ecologico Film Festival.

Best of luck,



Media That Matters Film Festival 5/15/13
Following New York City Premiere, Awards Ceremony, Educator’s Forum and industry networking events in early October 2013 (date TBD), your film will take part in the Media That Matters international, multi-platform campaign with DVD distribution, broadcasts, streaming and hundreds of screenings across the globe! Hundreds of thousands of people, including educators, activists and nonprofits, will watch and use your film. All submission must be under 12 minutes. Documentary, animation, PSA, experimental, narrative, music videos – be creative!

 All submissions must clearly address a social-justice issue.  This year we are looking for films on Environment and Sustainability, Healthy Living for Young People, Sexual Identity – but all social issues are accepted. Youth-produced projects are encouraged. Email application with hyperlink to your film, include password information.

Ecologico International Film Festival 5/20/13
Our goal is the discovery and development of independent film social, national and international, committed on topical issues typical of contemporary society. The EIFF is the place where you can meet authors and get to know those films that by their nature are difficult to use and approved through traditional distribution channels. Upload film.

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