Festival and competitions

Colourfest 5/14/13
In 2013, we offer two categories of entries: Australian Stories: Colourfest invites you to submit films made in Australia featuring stories and characters from culturally diverse backgrounds. I am Diaspora: Colourfest invites you to submit films reflecting the migrant experience from around the world. We are particularly interested in the post colonial movements of people of colour. Colourfest prioritises films that involve processes of authentic storytelling, i.e. where the writer, director or producer is a member of the community of which the story is about. All films must be produced in the last TWO YEARS and be under 20 MINUTES in length. Send DVD or USB by post.

Giffoni Film Festival (Italy) 6/7/13
The main objective of the Festival is promoting the most interesting international film production for children and youth. The GFF aims at actively forming a more aware and conscious audience. At the same time thanks to its various initiatives the GFF is constantly in touch with the same audience. This makes Giffoni a very important and priviliged observatory of all the trends expectations cultural and social developments of the new generations. Submit by DVDs, files or links.

elmur.net 6/14/13
Invites you to submit your creative videos under the theme: 360º Around the Human Factor, creative perspectives on human values. In a globalised digital world where human beings are closer than ever, we would like to visually reflect about those things which unite us all. What makes you feel close to others? What is valuable to you or to humankind? After all, what makes us humans? A feeling, a moment, an idea? Are you able to capture it with your camera, visualize it with images, graphics or with an animation? Show us your talent and perspectives, share your creativity, inspire us and win amazing awards! Upload.

Tapiales Film Festival 9/6/13
Festival is only open for fiction, animation and documental short films. Films submitted must be Spanish spoken or subtitled. Films under 20 minutes. Submission requirements (mandatory): 2 copies of the short film must be submitted on DVD format presented in a plastic box.

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