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International Women’s Film Festival “KIN” (Armenia) 07/28/14
«KIN» (kin means “a woman” in Armenian), will be held in Yerevan. The festival’s goal is promote women’s creativity, establish a network between women filmmakers from different parts of the world and give hand to a better understanding of different cultures and each other. The purpose of the festival is to address through films issues of violence, inequality, discrimination and other problems related to women’s rights and gender problems. genres: Documentary, Short, Animation. Duration of the films had to be less than 40 min

Mar Del Plata International Film Festival 7/30/14 short films
Admission to the Festival is open for national and international films, feature, medium-length and short films; fictional, documentaries and experimental films. DVD by mail.

PISAF (Korea) 7/31/14
Puchon International Student Animation Festival, PISAF, is a student-oriented animation festival. It is a joint exhibition of graduation works of animation majors. Entry by mail or online.

FIA, International Animation Festival 8/10/14
This is a space for dissemination and display of animations made by students and graduates of animation schools, independent animators and producers by national and international. Web submission.

Filminute  8/20/14
Filminute is the international one minute film festival that showcases, awards and promotes the best one minute films from around the world. Filminute is built to generate the largest amount of exposure possible for the one minute filmmakers and the collection of one minute films showcased, shortlisted, and awarded by an international jury and the public. Submit by email.

Tirana Film Festival (Albania) 08/23/2014
click on submit button. The TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (TIFF) is the first and only international cinema festival of its kind in Albania. Created in 2003, this extraordinary cultural event takes place under the auspices of the Albanian National Center for Cinematography (QKK).
This year’s competition features distinct sections. 1. Feature Film Competition, 2. Short Film Competition, 3. DIGIART, Television Short Film Competition, 4. Albanian Short Film Competition

forumdoc 8/26/14
Documentary and Ethnographic Film Festival aims to disseminate and discuss classic and contemporary documentary films. The idea is to form an audience interested in this genre, and to map, inform and encourage recent film production through the Competitive Exhibitions, which are divided into two areas, National and International.The applicant should complete the online submission form and send a copy of the film by: upload through our wetransfer channel or by mail.

Living Arts Animation Festival 8/29/14
The festival will include entries from local animators, as well as short animated films from around the world. The Screening date is set for Friday September 27, 2013 at the Guthrie Green.

Primanima  (Hungary) 08/31/14
submit by post or upload. World festival of first animations- graduate films, workshop films made by students and first films made by young professionals

Dubai International Film Festival, DIFF 08/31/14
The Dubai International Film Festival (hereafter referred to as “DIFF”) is a nonprofit cultural event that takes place annually in December in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. DIFF is an event fully owned and organized by the Dubai Entertainment and Media Organisation (“DEMO”) and aims at establishing itself as a major international festival, while continuing to act as a platform for showcasing excellence in Arab, Emirati,  Asia and Africa cinema and simultaneously contributing to the development and growth of the regional industry and talent. DVD or private link.

Viral Video Award (Berlin) 08/31/14
Video must have been conceived for the internet, not more than two years old and not more than 10 minutes long. Submit URL. As well, you can pass along any that you think should be considered. A jury will select the best virals from all entries submitted, to participate in the online audience election. Films will then be seen and voted-for at our website. Parallel to and independent of that selection process, virals will also be under the scrutiny of an expert jury consisting of industry professionals. All films which make it to the online-voting stage will also be presented on the big screen during the interfilm Short Film Festival.

Mar Del Plata International Film Festival 8/31/14 feature films
Admission to the Festival is open for national and international films, feature, medium-length and short films; fictional, documentaries and experimental films. DVD by mail.

Machinima Expo 09/01/14
If you have a machinima film you’d like to submit to the Expo, here is how to submit your film: Your film must be at least 50% machinima, that is, footage from a real-time engine like Moviestorm, Second Life or Half Life 2. Upload film to (or other video sites like and provide the link to download the film.



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