Deadlines approaching quickly

Tuzla Film Festival 7/15/14
Call is open for film produced during year 2013-2014 in following four categories: feature, documentary, short or animated. Also, call is open for films in category: SHOOT WITH ANYTHING. Films produced outside the mentioned deadline are invited exclusively for programs outside competition.

Puerto Rico Horror Film Festival 7/1/13
Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest is the first and only international film festival in the caribbean devoted to Sci-Fi, Thriller, Fantasy, Dark Humor, Bizarre and the very best of Horror in Short and Feature Films. DVD submission.

XII St.Petersburg International Festival of Debut and Student Films BEGINNING 7/1/14
This year our festival focuses on debuts and film school productions, which means that our traditional student film program will be accompanied by two competitions – feature debut films and short fiction, documentary and animation debut films.  DVD subtitled in English/ alternatively dubbed in English or an internet link to, etc. including a password

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