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Here are some updates for festival deadlines this summer. Note, I also add these to the sidebar lists under the month as I post them. If you find a festival on this site and apply, make sure you let them know that you found it through noentryfeefestivals.com.

As always, best of luck,



Virginia Film Festival 7/25/14
Free for Virginia Residents and Students. DVD or online screener.

Etiuda and Anima Festival (Poland) 07/31/2014
Anima: Animated films (professional students etudes or independent films). max 30 minutes, made on 35mm, 16 mm (with optical sound), Betacam SP (magnetic tape), Digital Betacam, Blu-ray this includes other up to date technology.Etiuda: Student films (excluding animated films) max 30 minutes, made on 35mm, 16 mm (with optical sound), Betacam SP (magnetic tape), Digital Betacam, Blu-ray this includes other up to date technology.  DVD by post.

World Film Festival Bangkok 8/15/14
The objective of the World Film Festival of Bangkok is to introduce quality, non-mainstream films from all over the world. It aims to become a showcase for independent films and new work from rising talents to cinema masters to show the continuity from generation to generation as a vital component in the development of the film industry. Online entry form with DVD submission.

Virginia Film Festival 8/22/14* extended deadline
Free for Virginia Residents and Students. DVD or online screener.

Gijon International Film Festival 8/25/14 * Enfants Terribles Section
The best children’s and teens’ cinema of the moment. From animation comedies to social conflicts played by teens, these section’s films always contain a moral. They are divided into two categories accordingto age (6-12 and from 13 years old on). About a dozen titles willcompete at the 46th Annual Gijón Film Festival.*Note, free for dvd submission, fee for online submisson.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival (Norway) 09/01/2014
Fred­rik­stad Ani­ma­tion Fes­ti­val is the oldest and lar­gest ani­ma­tion fes­ti­val in the Nor­dic region, with roots back to 1994 and Ani­merte Dager in Oslo. One of the pil­lars is our Nordic– ​​Baltic com­pe­tition for ani­mated shorts with the awar­ding of our own price, the Gol­den Gun­nar. The fes­ti­val is also one of the nine ani­ma­tion film fes­ti­vals which nomi­nate films for the pre­sti­gious Euro­pean ani­ma­tion award Cartoon d’Or. Each year the fes­ti­val invi­tes famous actors in the inter­na­tio­nal ani­ma­tion industry and guests from famous stu­dios such as Pixar, Dis­ney and Aard­man has pre­viously visited the fes­ti­val. The fes­ti­val is a pro­fes­sio­nal arena for the ani­ma­tion industry, and is also impor­tant for stu­dents and edu­ca­tio­nal insti­tu­tions in ani­ma­tion, grap­hic design and digi­tal media production. dvd: pal, link to downloadable quicktime h.264 format

Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media (Germany) 09/01/2014
international short film category

HumanDOC International Documentary Film Festival (Warsaw) 09/01/14
The main goal of the Festival is to showcase documentary films, reports and public service announcements concerning the subject of the global development. DVD submission/deadline not postmark dated.

Japan Media Arts Festival 09/02/2014
The Japan Media Arts Festival is a comprehensive festival of MediaArts (=Media Geijutsu) that honors outstanding works in the four divisions of Art, Entertainment,Animation, and Manga, as well as providing a platform for appreciation of the works that have won awards.

Queen City Film Festival 9/3/14
The second (annual) Queen City Film Festival will be held September 26-29, 2013. You must submit by mail on NTSC DVD or Blu-ray disc. No other formats will be accepted. Submissions will not be returned.

Tapiales Film Festival 9/5/14
Festival is only open for fiction, animation and documental short films. Films submitted must be Spanish spoken or subtitled. Films under 20 minutes. Submission requirements (mandatory): 2 copies of the short film must be submitted on DVD format presented in a plastic box.

Purbeck Film Festival 9/12/14
After a successful launch four years ago we are again inviting entries of short films for our special PURBECK SHORTS evening to be held during the 18th annual Film Festival on Friday 17th October in the Rex Cinema Wareham.  If your film is selected we welcome directors to attend on the evening. There will be two awards: The Judges’ Choice Award and The Audience Choice Award Length: up to 10 minutes. DVD.

Torino Film Festival 9/12/14
The Festival pays particular attention to emerging cinemas and young filmmakers. In its competitive sections, it promotes awareness of films by new directors whose works are characterized by strong formal and stylistic research. Online entry form. DVD or film upload.

Animateka Film Festival (Slovenia) 09/15/2014

SkenaUp International Student Film and Theatre Festival (Kosovo) 09/15/2014
SKENA UP is announcing an open competition for film and theatre students from all over the world.  If you want to join one of the biggest students film and theatre festival and wanna explore Prishtina and the art scene please submit your film or theatre piece.

Nihilist Film Festival (Los Angeles) 9/15/14
“If you’ve made a video that has appalled and offended other film festivals,” says Nihilist Film Festival organizer Elisha Shapiro, “we’re looking for you.” Send DVD (ntsc) and SASE if you want it returned. scroll down for info.

International Film Festival STEPS (Ukraine) 9/15/14
5th International Film Festival “Steps” and Steps awards raising awareness for humanity, animals and environment. Send DVD by mail.

Motion + 9/15/14
Motion Graphic Design: short film that combines the language of film and graphics by incorporating a number of different elements such as 2D or 3D animation , video, typography, illustration, photography and music. stop-motion, the video (official) and videos combining these techniques are also accepted. Submit through link or wetransfer.

The Riverside Saginaw Film Festival (Saginaw, Michigan) 9/15/14
DVD Submission. No film. There is currently no entry fee. The festival is a community event designed to celebrate, explore and screen great movies, thus adding to the cultural life of the Saginaw Valley and beyond.

View Conference: View Awards (Italy) 09/15/14 DVD Submission
VIEW Conference, the premiere international event in Italy on Computer Graphics, Interactive Techniques, Digital Cinema, 2D/3D Animation, Gaming and VFX.

Malta Horror Film Fest 9/15/14
International Film fest and submissions are open to all film makers from all over the world! We accept short horror films of all horror genres such as Gore, Paranormal Terror, Psychological Terror, Horror Animation, Docu-horror, experimental horror, and shocking fiction. This year we will accept SHORT FILMS ONLY, and we are looking forward to include different films from different countries from different filmmakers. There will be three categories. LONG SHORTS ( 15 minutes to 20 minutes duration), MEDIUM SHORTS (10 minutes to 14 minutes duration), MICRO SHORTS (1 minute to 9 minutes duration). Online screener link. note: does ask for donation.

Gijon International Film Festival 9/20/14
Various sections and categories, including feature films and shorts.. *Note, free for dvd submission, fee for online submisson.

Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival 12/20/2014
The Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival is the only festival of its kind in the United States. It is our vision and our hope to not only screen important films, but also create an environment of cultural, enrichment through conversation, presentation, and cinematic celebration. Going into our fourth year, it is our ultimate aspiration to not only help shape and define the genre of but in doing so preserve a collection of films which will someday serve as a dynamic and textured survey of the great philosophical questions of our time as explored through the visual arts.


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