august/september updates…

Festival Dei Popoli (Italy) 8/01/14
International Documentary Film Festival. Online submission form. * for every film produced after april 30th, 2014.

Leamington Underground Cinema Festival (UK) 8/15/14
LUC Short film prize. £1000 prize. This prize is open to anyone from anywhere at all. We want to show original short films that will entertain, move, perplex, surprise and even maybe outrage our audience. We will always favour something interesting and entertaining but a bit rough over something technically amazing but dull – but if you can manage both you could well be onto a winner. Any genre or style as long as it fits with the general LUC feel as described above. Submit link to online film through submission form or email. May submit DVD by mail.

Northwest Filmmakers Film Festival (Portland, OR) 09/01/14
Permanent residents of Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington may submit two works of any length or genre. Student entries (college and university only) must be from a school located in the Northwest.

Schlingel International Film Festival for children and young audience 09/19/14
SCHLINGEL is an independent film festival with international competitions and various additional events. It takes place annually. We conceive ourselves as a platform for international children´s and youth films in Germany.


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