Mass Hysteria

Creed Noir Presents Mass Hysteria 5/12/14
Mass Hysteria is a different sort of film festival. The sort of projects we are looking for is anything that has themes of madness, paranormal & occult, or the macabre. Mass Hysteria is a live stream event hosted by Creed Noir via YouTube. Submit link to film on online form.

3 thoughts on “Mass Hysteria

    1. It’s kind of strange, but I think entries are supposed to be entered through the contact form at the bottom of the page. “Press inquiries, general questions, and **entries** may be sent using the contact form below.” Hmmm… I’m gonna look into it some more!

    2. In the text on the page it says to enter using the below form. It then says to remember to send the link to your film in the form. So yes, that is my understanding. Let me know if you try it and it works.

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