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Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival (Lausanne, Switzerland) 5/30/14
LUFF opens the call for entries to anybody who desires submitting his/her creation. The festival is dedicated to promoting and discovering innovative films and musicians who  don’t benefit from traditional distribution channels. Offering a program of exceptional films and music, the LUFF is a cultural event without comparison in the Swiss cultural landscape. The international competition is composed of the following sections: Short fiction, Short experimental, Short animation, Feature Films. For its 12th edition, the LUFF wishes to organize a Swiss film competition. This competition aims to give a (new) visibility to bold Swiss creations, existing outside the preoccupations for profitability, public impact or artistic conventions: The film you have never dared or were never able to show. Submit your darkest or most radiant film, the most daring or the most personal film, the film you have never shown to anyone or that has provoked such radical reactions that you have never again dared showing it to anyone.

Duhok International Film Festival (Duhok, Kurdistan) 6/10/14
categories: Feature films: narrative fiction features from around the world and Kurdistan (Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria) with a minimum length of 60min. Documentaries: documentary films from around the world with a minimum length of 60min and from Kurdistan with a minimum length of 30min. Short Films: the short film with a maximum length og 30min can be narrative fiction or documentary and has to be produced in Kurdistan, be an Kurdish co-production or at least have a Kurdish director. DVD submission.

CineEco (Portugal) 6/15/14
The Festival is open to the registration of fiction movies, long or short film documentaries for the various sections – competitive and non-competitive, according to the environment theme. Cine’Eco intends to continue to be a space to show the best films and videos from around the world, focusing on environmental issues, with the intention to create awareness, provide discussion, enhancing knowledge and deepen the need for urgent changes in the behavior of people, governments and companies, in order to preserve the planet. Online Submission Form and DVD by mail.

Molodist: Kyiv International Short Film Festival (Kyiv, Ukraine) 07/01/14
“Molodist” is one of the greatest specialized cinema events in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, according to the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF). It is a priority platform in the region for presenting the latest and the most up cine products and covers the most high-profile events of modern cinema ­– both mainstream and experimental. The main objective of the festival is to promote young professional cinema. As forty years ago competitive program represents professional and amateur movies of debutants. The main sections – student, the first short film (fiction, animation, documentary) and the first feature film. Geography of contest entries includes countries from almost all continents. So we seek and find – and thus provide an opportunity for young talents to take their place in modern cinema.

Indiana Short Film Festival 7/1/14
We accept submissions in all genres from all over the world. We do have a separate category for films produced by students (Grade 12 and under) that is limited to Indiana residents only. Items can be sent on DVD, Blu Ray, USB Thumbdrives, SD Cards, Compact Flash, or Memory Sticks. All items must be sent as a file in Windows (PC) Formatted Media.

Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival (Flagstaff, AZ) 7/7/2014
100% online submission. The Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival’s mission is to provide a cultural alternative to the mainstream commercial film experience and to celebrate, promote, nurture and teach non-fiction filmmaking. The festival seeks to provide a window to the world and screen movies that inspire change.

depicT! film festival (UK): 07/07/14
90 second challenge. DepicT! is Watershed’s international short film competition that, since its creation by Brief Encounters in 1998, has been challenging filmmakers to create 90 second ultra-short masterpieces.

21 Film Project (Decataur, IL) 7/14/14
The 21 Film Project will be held in downtown Decatur during the 28th annual Decatur Celebration! With total attendance of almost 300,000, the Celebration is a great way to get the exposure your film deserves. Film Project events will be held throughout the weekend, including screenings of the top films and award-winning films from other festivals around the country. DVD submission. Projects under 4 minutes long

International Short Film Festival Winterthur 7/14/14
Short films of all genres are accepted for submission to the Competition of the International Short Film Festival Winterthur, as long as they have been made within 2012 or 2013 and their length does not exceed 30 minutes. Films submitted for the Swiss Competition (CHurzfilm) can be films made by either Swiss filmmakers or non-Swiss nationals residing in Switzerland. DVD, ftp server upload or reelport submissions..

Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival 7/15/14
Combining the laidback beach style of the island of Martha’s Vineyard with the buzz and excitement of a festival celebrating films from across the globe – The Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival is an amazing experience not to be missed. We would love for you to send us your short film for consideration. Films of any genre are accepted Send your fiction or non-fiction shorts of less than 20 minutes. DVD (NTSC format).

Filmfest Hamburg 7/28/14
Filmfest Hamburg is a festival for the audience. In ten permanent and several anually changing sections Filmfest Hamburg shows about 140 national and international feature and documentary films as world, European or German premiere. The many facets of the program range from sophisticated arthouse films to innovative mainstream cinema. Submit film print or DVD by post.

London Iranian Film Festival 7/31/14
The only annual festival to present Iranian cinema in the UK. The festival aims to produce the best, and most diverse, Iranian film programme in the country, and to attract as many people as possible to view Iranian cinema.

Busan International Film Festival (Korea) 07/31/14
World Features. Busan International Film Festival endeavors to encourage the appreciation and promotion of the art of cinema. The Festival aims to present a quality showcase of films produced around the world, especially with focus on introducing new films and discovering new talents from Asia.

Viennale festival 7/31/14 *Submission by invitation only
If you would like to submit a film or video we kindly ask you to send us a ONE PAGE SYNOPSIS so we might get a first impression of what the film/video is about. If you have not received a request for a preview screener within two weeks after sending in the synopsis, the film/video has not been chosen for preselection. The Viennale predominately shows feature and documentary films, as well as selected short films.

Krivoy Rog Film Festival 7/31/14
“Cinema under the Stars”. * festival as a creative laboratory, a platform for new projects; Support youth initiatives and youth movement at PJSC “SevGOK”; support for creative young people, developing the creative potential of the factory workers; exchange of experiences and increase the overall professionalism of the participants.

Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival 11/30/14
An independent film festival which aims to inspire, enlighten and entertain outdoor enthusiasts, whether they are climbers, skiers or snowboarders, kayakers, BASE jumpers or explorers.The EMFF is now seeking film submissions for the next festival. Prizes are awarded. Films can focus on any aspect of mountain life and culture, wilderness and adventure, and can be documentary or fiction. We are especially interested in films focusing on all forms of climbing, snowboarding, skiing, snowblading, mountain biking, BASE jumping, kayaking, surfing, BMX-ing, sea kayaking, canoeing … the list goes on. Contact by email for entry form. DVD Submission.

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