Winnipeg Underground Film Festival

The Winnipeg Underground Film Festival 3/31/14
An annual showcase for contemporary experimental film + video, presented by Open City Cinema in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. WUFF is seeking new and engaging moving-image works that deviate from traditional cinematic forms, whatever that means. Stronger consideration will be given to works under 25 minutes, and to those completed in 2012 or later, but exceptions may be made in both cases. In addition to this general call for entry, WUFF is also looking for films and videos shorter than 90 seconds in length for a special program focusing on ultra-short shorts. If you have a piece that fits this criteria, we want to see it. Link to online preview.

2 thoughts on “Winnipeg Underground Film Festival

  1. Hi Tracy,

    My name is Patrick Devaney and I’ve been using your site constantly since the release of my new sci-fi/fantasy film “Aemorraghe”, a live-action version of a comic strip from the December 1982 issue of Heavy Metal magazine. I just really wanted to thank you for organizing this whole thing, it’s an invaluable resource for so many filmmakers that I know. We share info from it all the time (none of us are in competition, we got rid of those boundaries a while back).

    If you’d ever like to see my film, I’d be happy to send you a link to the screener. Again, thank you!

    Best, Patrick

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