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Hi all-
Hope everyone is staying healthy, happy and safe. Over the last few weeks I have been attending virtual festivals, online artist talks and a few workshops. I would love to hear about any that you want to share- with me and/or- with the noentryfeefests blog. The upcoming week is pretty busy with online screenings, list below if you want to check them out.

Also, a former student of mine, Sarah Schmidt (an awesome animator), organizes an eclectic screening of animated films created by artists, Malt Adult. As part of each screening, there is a call for loops- call- and screenings- listed below.


Malt Adult- Intermission Loop 4/27/21
Malt Adult is an animation screening based in Columbus ohio, current shows have been streaming on Vimeo. Every animation show, we have a 15-minute intermission. Our goal is to get our intermisison loop to loop 3 times in 15 min. Unfortunately, not all entries will be accepted. The more your entry has to do with the theme (“Place”), the more likely it will be accepted! Silent, 1920x1080p 24mps .gifs/.mp4s work best – though we can make most anything work. Loops longer than 15 seconds will not be accepted.

upcoming livestream & virtual screenings

Anny Nights NY, Sunday, April 25th, livestream 11am-11pm EST, available with (free) ticket

The Zome, Tuesday, April 27th 9pm EST, curated by Amy Logheart (info)

Malt Adult, Friday April 30th, 9pm EST, curated by Sarah Schmidt

Hellavision on Twitch TV, Saturday May 1st 8pm EST

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