Caminhos do Cinema Português Festival ddl 5/10/23

Hi all-
Just added this to the May deadlines. There is a limited time waiver code “CCPnoEntryFeeFestivals” for readers to use until May 10, 2023. Note the festival accepts international (world) and Portuguese.films in a range of categories (night shift!) that includes features and shorts.
best of luck,

Caminhos do Cinema Português Festival 5/10/23
The Caminhos do Cinema Português Festival has been, since 1988, one of the main references in the Portuguese cinematographic panorama. Presenting itself as the only festival dedicated to Portuguese cinema in all its aspects (final projects of schools of cinema, animation, documentary, short film and feature film), it shows itself as the ultimate showcase of cinematographic works that are annually produced in Portugal. This event is the opportunity to bring together creators and viewers in a single space for artistic interaction, a place where you can follow in the first person the evolution of the national film industry. Film Freeway Submission. Deadline for “no entry fee festival” readers using this waiver: CCPnoEntryFeeFestivals

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