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Princeton Student Film and Video Festival: 06/01/18
The festival accepts films from near and far, national and international, made by youth ages 14-25.. Films should have a running time of 20 minutes or shorter. Music used in the films should be original or be obtained from a royalty-free service. If not, please ensure you have paid or received permission for use.

Klik Animation Festival (Amsterdam) 6/01/18
Looking for an opportunity to show your work to animation professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world? Submit your animation to our action-packed, edgy, international festival! On this page, you find all the information about the submissions procedure for our Call for Entries 2018, including a step-by-step guide. Don’t wait too long and fill out the entry form before 1 June 2018 (1July for students).

Josiah Media Festival 6/01/18
The Josiah Media Festival is open to any filmmaker 21 years old or younger from anywhere in the world. However, filmmakers over 21 can also enter their film(s): any film(s) made while the filmmaker was 21 or younger is still eligible for competition and prizes!



New posts on site

Hi all- this post is comprised of the most recent postings sent to me from festival organizers. Le Petit Cannes, has graciously offered a waiver code (making the entry free) for Iran based filmmakers– so only use the code if you are based in Iran, allowing them to apply- due to problems with US banking sanctions. If you are outside of Iran, there is a small fee, but you will be supporting them. I started the blog for filmmakers who could not afford 40-60 fees and could easily spend a few hundred dollars they didn’t really have for just a chance to show their film. Toni Pennacchia, of Womanimation Film Festival, has developed two festivals, Short Short Story Film Festival and Womanimation (featured in this post). Since I often hear, “all the festivals in the US charge a fee”, I want to point out such festivals in the US that do not charge a fee to artists. There are a lot of reasons for fee/no fee, but due to the difficulties involved, I commend the festivals that do not have a barrier to entry.
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Le Petit Cannes 4/20/18* No fee for Iran based filmmakers
Le Petit Cannes is a celebration of small films with big talent. Running parallel to the 71st Festival de Cannes, it is hosted at legendary movie industry hangout and Cannes institution Le Petit Majestic. We present the best in short cinema chosen by and presented to an audience of film and culture sector professionals. The standard submission fee is $4.75 (equivalent to the price of a beer at P’tit Maj). However, we discovered that Iranian filmmakers are unable to participate because of US banking sanctions. We think this is tantamount to collective punishment of artists simply because of where they were born and live. Therefore we’ve waived the submission fee for Iran-based filmmakers. Please visit our FilmFreeway page and use this code: bademjan

Arts Metting in contryside, Theatre, Music, Dance, Video (short cuts), Literature,Fine Arts,
Exebition, concert, talks and workshops.

Womanimation! 2018 Film Festival 6/6/18
What is Womanimation? As the name implies, it’s a festival showcasing acclaimed animated films created by women from around the world. From satire to drama, from the everyday to the surreal – in styles from traditional 2-d to stop-motion to computer animation – the festival features something for every taste. The 2018 festival, the tenth edition, takes place on Saturday, June 30th, at the Amazing Things Arts Center in Framingham, Massachusetts.




New Festivals added to blog

Hi all-
These were submitted to my blog using the submission page. Feel free to submit a festival if you organize one, and also, any venue or event that you feel is suitable for accepting time based work.

Suggestions from filmmakers for festivals I may not know about are appreciated as well. :)

If you are submitting, please be aware that it is time consuming to go through entries. Spend a moment making sure that you meet the requirements so that you are not spending unnecessary time submitting to a festival that does not accept your type of work, or in the case of the Viennale, below- only accepts a description initially and work must be invited to apply. Please respect the restrictions. I can only imagine what it would be like to receive heaps of live action for an animation festival, etc. In order to keep entry free let’s make sure there isn’t an unnecessary burden on the festival.

With that, as always- best of luck,

FRONTALE 4/24/18
The annual International FRONTALE Film Festival (#IFFF) takes place in the beautiful city of Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria, Austria, Europe. Our goal is to bring people and filmmakers together in an event that spans multiple days of film screenings, discussions and special events. You’re welcome to join us!

Interfilm 6/24/18
nterfilm: Oscar® Qualifying Festival! 2018 kicks-off with a bang! The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles has declared interfilm an Academy Award® Qualifying Festival. As of now, winning films in the categories “Best Fiction” and “Best Animation” in the International Competition of the interfilm festival will automatically be considered to compete for an OSCAR® in the categories “Live Action Short” and “Animated Short Film”.The interfilm Festival thereby joins the ranks of OSCAR® relevant festivals such as the Berlinale, Sundance, Clermont-Ferrand, Annecy, BAFTA, Montreal, Seattle and Tampere just to name a few. Naturally, all further ACADEMY AWARD® criteria must be met. “This is tremendous news,” exclaims Festival Director Heinz Hermanns, “especially considering our immense passion for extraordinary animation and sharp fiction”. Our colleagues at Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg are equally enthusiastic: “We have been delighted by interfilm’s growing success for many years and are proud that they have now too, been acknowledged by Hollywood”, asserts Kirsten Niehuus from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. “Through this qualification, interfilm has been conferred with an OSCAR® of its own”. Even Björn Böhning, Head of the Senate Chancellery of the Federal State of Berlin is thrilled: “My many visits to the festival have led me to become an interfilm fan. It’s great that the ACADEMY is of the same opinion. I’m already looking forward to November!” And speaking of Oscar®-Shorts: interfilm distribution will show the 2018 nominated shorts in the sections LIVE ACTION and ANIMATION in 2 programs exclusively in German, Austrian and Swiss cinemas. The release date is the 1st of March 2018. The interfilmers are already gearing up for another round of selection viewing for the 34th International Short Film Festival Berlin, which will be held from November 19 to 25, 2018. The call for entries opens on February 1! – Enter films now!

Shortynale Klosterneuburg 7/1/18
Shortynale is a shortfilm festivals for movies up to 30min running time. It takes place in Klosterneuburg Austria, very close to Vienna. There is a national and a international competition.

Viennale 7/12/18
The Viennale International Film Festival Vienna – is a NON-COMPETITIVE FILM FESTIVAL.It is acknowledged by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF). The Viennale’s main program presents films of all genres and formats (presented in original version with English and/or German subtitles). The Viennale’s festival program mainly consists of films participating BY INVITATION. Therefore, please do not send in unsolicited preview screeners. FILM ENTRY FOR THE VIENNALE 2018 – DEADLINE FOR ENTRY: JULY 12, 2018 If you would like to submit a film or video to the Viennale festival edition 2018 we kindly ask you to send us a ONE PAGE SYNOPSIS (unaccompanied by any forms, but including technical details such as original format, running time, screening format, etc.) so we might get a first impression of what the film/video is about (deadline: July 12, 2018).
Please send the synopsis to: film@viennale.at If you have not received a request for a preview screener within two weeks after sending in the synopsis, the film/video has not been chosen for preselection. We ask for your understanding that you will only be contacted in case of a positive selection. If the film/video has been chosen for consideration in our main program you will be sent a note of invitation to participate in our preselection (deadline for requested preview tapes: July 31, 2018; DVD PAL or DVD NTSC region free possible). The Viennale predominately shows feature and documentary films, as well as selected short films. The following formats can be screened at the Viennale: – 70mm, – 35mm, – 16mm, – S-8, – HDCAM, – DCP. IMPORTANT NOTES: Please note that the films/videos selected for the Viennale ‘s main program may have been screened at other festivals, yet must not have been shown in Austria. Please also note that in case of entries of short narratives (fiction films up to 40 minutes) the Viennale can only accept Austrian productions. We further would like to point out that due to the great number of curated films the possibility for the submission of further films into the Viennale program is limited. The completion of a submitted work may not date back longer than twelve months.






Hi all-
I have added these to the monthly lists of deadlines.

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Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (Korea) 4/16/18
Feature Films and Shorts. Types of films Animation , Documentary, Narrative fiction. Genre: Fantastic, Horror, Mystery, Phantasy, Science fiction, Thriller.

LIFE AFTER OIL International Film Festival 5/1/18
This festival starts with the intention of overshooting the simple exposure. Although it is important to raise public awareness on the risks connected to the exploitation and to the use of natural resource in the production of fossil fuels, still remains, the enormous and dramatic problem of the disasters caused by the lack of energy, with particular reference to the water supply, highly relevant to the world population. The main objective of the festival will be, therefore, not only emphasizing problems related to the use of fossil fuels, but especially identifying the alternatives which take into account, according to the present scientific knowledge, the several well-known methods of production.

Cartoon Forum (European only) 5/9/18
Only one TV project can be submitted per company. The submitted project must be: An animation project of a minimum running time of 26 minutes, In state of development, European.

La Jolla Fashion Film Festival (La Jolla, CA) 5/29/2018
Must have fashion element or film sponsorship. The world’s largest gathering of fashion film professionals has announced it has expanded its award categories to include all aspects of fashion film production.“From now on the brilliant work done by makeup artists, hairstylists, art directors, editors, musicians, wardrobe stylists, writers, and others will be nominated and have the opportunity to win awards. These awards are for the best in the world and cut across national boundaries and cultures. Thanks to the global reach of LJFFF everyone is included no matter where on earth they live or work.” stated Festival Producer Fred Sweet. All creators in the fashion film industry are welcome to submit. The easiest way to submit is to send the URL of your film to: submissions@LJIFFF.com

River Aire Ten Minute Amateur Film Festival- RATMA (UK) 8/31/18
The Ratma International Film Festival from here known as “The Festival” or “the event” and refers to the main festival at Keighley College and Keighley town centre. The “Red Carpet event” refers to the finale gala evening and prize giving at the Keighley Picture House Cinema.

15 Second Horror Film Challenge 10/15/18
15 Second Horror Film Challenge is a nonprofit international filmmaking contest in which celebrity judges decide the top films and conventions screen our greatest hits! NOW ACCEPTING ENTRIES for our fourth annual 2018 competition. Submission deadline is OCT 15th 11:59pm EST. Submit either through EMAIL via GoogleDrive, Dropbox, WeTransfer or FilmFreeway. Stay tuned to Facebook for the coverage!

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The past year has been a whirlwind for me, with a lot of changes, including going freelance. I am currently open to projects, collaborations, workshops, presentations and other opportunities, so if you have any ideas, feel free to contact me at noentryfeefestivals(at)yahoo.com with Attention in the subject line. You can view my website at http://www.tracymillerrobbins.com.

After a bit of delay, I am back to updates for the blog postings. Send info about no entry fee festivals that you organize my way, but remember, they need to be free to enter.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome, of course.

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Autumn Shorts Film Festival 4/30/18
Somerset Community College Theatre & Film welcomes submissions of films of no longer than fifteen minutes in length. Selected films will be showcased at the Festival and awards will be presented for outstanding achievements by the official selections. There are no cash awards. Submission of film does not guarantee entry. There is no submission fee. For complete guidelines go to official online form here

Michael Miller and Eric Souther, in conjunction with Charlotte Street, are seeking proposals for new audio-visual collaborative works to be performed by Mnemosyne Quartet during the Kansas City Performing Media Festival (KC PMF). The winning five composers and five video artists will be granted a commission of $100 to collaborate, and create a five to eight minute audio-visual work. The event will take place during Open Spaces, Kansas City’s bi-annual outdoor-indoor contemporary art exhibition. All applicants must consider the material and discursive practices of Object-Oriented Ontology, specifically it’s subsets: Alien phenomenology, Agential Realism, and Posthumanism. Object-Oriented Ontology is a philosophy that maintains objects exist independently of human perception and are not ontologically exhausted by their relations with humans or other objects. Upon consideration of these three philosophical subsets (described below), each composer or visual artist must choose one, on which to focus their work. Miller and Souther will pair composers and visual artists based on their responses to these philosophies and based on their ideal working method.

update 2/19/18

Catania Film Fest-Bold Elephant World Awards 2/19/18
Catania Film Fest – Gold Elephant World Awards is a film festival that aims to enhance the European cinema in its original language; proposes first and second works, independent Italian films and short films in order to promote the knowledge and dissemination of works by young directors and promote their knowledge among the public.

Faultline Film Awards 2/19/18
The Wasatch Mountain Range holds a special place in the hearts of Utah outdoors folk. Mount Timpanogos, Lone Peak, Ben Lomond; each peak presents its own story, its own challenge. Learning the language these mountains speak is something worth striving for and is possible for any Wasatch adventurer, so long as they know how to listen right. We at Wasatch Mag highly value the language of the Wasatch mountains, which is why we created Faultline Film Awards – to give filmmakers and adventurers the opportunity to tell their stories through film.

Animakom 2/20/18
Animakom is an international animation festival with live screenings, and with awards that will take place in Bilbao from 11 to 15 April 2018 for the second edition.

IOU Video Fest  2/20/18
The purpose of the “IOU Video Festival” is to present emerging Manitoban filmmakers’ cinematic content in the form of  group screening as well as an evening of networking and refreshments. Short films, music videos, documentary films, experimental films, animation, digital media etc.

Procida Film Festival  4/15/18
The sea is an element without space nor time which gives rise to dreams and adventures, tales and legends. A means for moving people, goods, ideas. We endeavour to promote this natural element considering all its facets from a social, ecological, historical, artistical and aesthetical point of view.

Super International Teenager Festival 4/20/18
Super began in 2013 due to the desire of teenagers to have a space of their own where to project their films and meet other people that they like and their films. What is specific to Super compared to other festivals, is the only high school students can design their films here, so it’s natural talent, passion, and not sophisticated film schools or any artificial technique. We do not have big budgets or equipment of the highest quality, but our shorts, adolescents are immediate reactions to our world, are experimenting life, where other young people can be found. Festival encourages young people who have already made film, but also those who want to start now, through many workshops and courses.


Cinema International Science Film Festival    2/26/18
SCINEMA is the largest science film festival in the southern hemisphere showcasing the best in science cinema from around the world. SCINEMA is a celebration of the power of the moving image to inspire the young, satisfy the curious, explain the baffling and ask the impossible.

Fast forward Film Festival   2/26/18
The Fast Forward Film Festival encourages films from Rochester, NY residents that tap into the local experience and compel audiences to engage with the community and raise environmental awareness. Embracing the short film format, Fast Forward challenges filmmakers to utilize the power of visual storytelling to convey the urgency of our environmental problems. Shorts are a liberating form that allow for greater experimentation and give voice to both aspiring and veteran filmmakers. By focusing creativity into films under five minutes in length, Fast Forward films become an important communication tool to inspire change, connect people and build an environmentally concerned community.