Japan Media Arts Festival ddl 09/3/21

Hi all- forgive the posting just now with incorrect date for the Japan Media Arts Festival. Will be posting updates for festivals soon.
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Japan Media Arts Festival 09/3/21 (18:00 Japan Standard Time)
Now accepting entries for the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival. All artists around the world, without distinction as to professional, amateur, independent, or commercial, are invited to submit their works. Eligible works are completed or released within a year before the deadline (September 5, 2020 – September 3, 2021). From each division, the jury committee will select winners of the Grand Prizes, Excellence Awards, Social Impact Award, New Face Awards, and U-18 Award. All awards including Special Achievement Awards and Jury Selections will be announced in March 2022. Each of the winners from the four divisions will receive a trophy and prize money up to 1,000,000 yen, and also win an opportunity to present their works at the Exhibition of Award-winning Works in Tokyo. In addition to the four divisions: Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Manga, there will be an open call for Festival Platform Award, which is an award given to brilliant new exhibition plan that utilize the characteristics of its facilities of organizations in liaison with the Japan Media Arts Festival. [Art, Entertainment, Animation, Manga Divisions, and Festival Platform Award] ■ Entry Period: July 1, 2021 – September 3, 2021 (18:00 Japan Standard Time) ■ Awards: Grand Prize, Excellence Awards, Social Impact Award, New Face Awards, and U-18 Award Entries must be submitted online. Submission of entries is free of charge. Entry site: https://entry.j-mediaarts.jp/en For additional information, visit the website: https://j-mediaarts.jp/en/contest/entry_guideline/

updates to blog

Hi all- hope things are looking up. WordPress changes are, well, really making a simple task difficult. If you are reading this and have figured out how to work around the block editor, or have a new favorite blog authoring tool, please reach out. Yesterday I updated pages and in the editor it can’t display due to an error. They seem to show up on the site.

At any rate- these festivals were submitted to me as no fee, or, in the case of Caminhos- free with waiver code. As always, if you find something amiss in my posts, please reach out.

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Moinho Cine Fest 6/30/21
International film festival for micro and films with prizes and screening fees. The length of the nano film is until to 01:00 (mm:ss) and the micro film is until to 05:00 (mm:ss) It’s organized by ANARTEM – Associação Cultural and directed by André Almeida Rodrigues, a Portuguese filmmaker. The 4th edition of the festival will take place in April 2022 in Custóias, Leça do Balio and Guifões, Matosinhos, Portugal. GOALS • Be a showcase of the panorama of world film production in 2020 and 2021. • Promoting itself as a meeting point for “all world cinema”. Note: Free submission for local filmmakers. Free submission to all others throughout June.

Fredrikstad Animation festival 7/1/21
Fredrikstad Animation Festival is the leading festival for animated film in the Nordic region, dating back to 1994 and the festival Animerte Dager in Oslo, Norway. Submission deadline for short films, student films and commissioned films. the festival only accepts Nordic-Baltic films.

Caminhos Film Festival 9/1/21
The festival Caminhos do Cinema Português was established in 1988. Its first three editions were a thematic exhibition of Portuguese Cinema. In 1997, it presented its fourth edition in a competitive format and, since then, it has been the only Portuguese festival of Portuguese Cinema. The Caminhos festival has established itself as a reference on the Portuguese scene in promoting the diversity of national production, from final film school projects, through animation, documentaries, short films to feature films. Our history leads us to believe that we can trace new paths for Portuguese Cinema, by also including the artistic-technical recognition of the members of each production, as well as by promoting the Centre region as the stage for Portuguese Cinema. On a conceptual level, the festival is characterised by a wide range of records that are a faithful record of the panorama of annual national film production. The innovation of the project lies in the fact that it is hosted in a single space and submits the national film production to the analysis of a jury. Throughout the last five editions, the festival has registered a growing attractiveness and demand, which is reflected both in a high number of professional accreditations, given the dimension and context of its programme, and in a growing number of audiences which was broken by the Covid-19 pandemic. This break did not mean a distancing, but an exponential approach (+ 114%) of the public in complementary activities to the exhibition. In film exhibition, we did not want to meet the digital dimension of streaming because cinema, especially in a festival, has to be a collective experience in which one can see and then debate the aesthetics of the reception of each spectator. In our opinion, this remedial experience of cinema can only be done in addition to the screening room. In recent years, the Caminhos have been progressively marked by an increasingly diverse range of films, origins, genres and discoveries of new authors who are gradually becoming regular presences in the cinematographic community. This is how we look at the world and the spaces of Lusophony as natural representations present in our programme. We arrive in 2021 to the XXVII edition, with the hope that the present moment we live in will be marked by the cultural plurality in the area of Coimbra and the decentralization of the cultural offer, allowing to continue that this is the city marked on the map as the place where there is “Portuguese cinema for all”. Note: There is a submission fee for this festival, but Caminhos has generously shared a waiver code with us: CCPdiscount7

Hi all- Hope you are staying safe, doing well. A few updates in this post, sifting though festivals, some of which are getting back on schedule/in person, and some haven’t yet.
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Slim Cinema Film Festival TBA
[DUE TO CONCERNS OVER NCOV19, OUR FESTIVAL IS POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. WE WILL STILL BE ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS AND WILL PROVIDE NOTICE ONCE WE GATHER MORE INFORMATION ON WHEN WE PLAN TO HOST SCVFF V – THANK YOU!] We are excited to announce another installment of Slim Cinema, NYC’s first and only vertical film festival. Our past events have showcased some of the most creative filmmakers and storytellers across the world to a packed house of over 600 attendees.  CREATOR CHALLENGE: Create a visual piece shot in Vertical Composition that tells a narrative. Content can be shot using your equipment of choice (i.e. SLR, red, smartphone, etc.), but aspect ratio must be 9:16 for any submissions to be considered. We want to challenge your creativity to tell an original narrative through vertical visual storytelling. Have fun with it – be creative with the new aspect ratio. Keep in mind the constraints the narrower vertical format may bring to your content – and discover how you can disrupt visual narratives through powerful storytelling.

Animofest 6/17/21
International animated film festival of secondary schools ( Age of competing student is 15 – 20 years )

CMIAR 7/11/21* Must have Ohio address
The purpose of the CMIAR is to provide a screening event for Ohio moving image artists. To be accepted for the submission process you must have an Ohio Address. If you have questions about this please feel free to email us.

HECare Festival 07/31/21
The Human Environment Care Film Festival (HECFF) is Canada’s premier cultural event devoted exclusively to the exploration of Human-Environment care, Human rights issues, Environment protection through films.

Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People 8/20/21
We accept feature films, short live action films, short animation films and documentaries with the children and youth audience in mind. You can read the terms and conditions and submit your film via Eventival

Muestra de Cine de Lanzarote 9/1/21
Muestra de Cine de Lanzarote is a project organized by Asociación de Cine Tenique, a non-profit organization whose main goals are to promote, diffuse and debate independent films, analyze the local context and connect it to global level. The 11th edition of the project is scheduled to be held in late November 2020 and early December 2021. The current health situation generated by COVID-19 requires us to think deeply about the role and importance that cultural events have for local communities and their inhabitants.

Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 9/01/21
The Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (kimff) will take place from 9-13 December in Kathmandu, the cultural and cosmopolitan capital of the Himalayan region. By screening some of the most recent and exciting films about mountain people, cultures, societies, environment, sports and adventure from around the world. kimff will celebrate the complexity and diversity of mountain life with a special focus on films and narratives that reflect the realities and experiences of mountain communities in sustaining and protecting their natural environment, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

FICIprox 9/30/20
The International Film Festival is a festival of teasers. We understand TEASER as an audiovisual piece up to two minutes long that works in advance of a film that has not yet been completed or is in the process of realization, offering fragmentary frame information and a technical demonstration and aesthetics of what later will be the movie.

Camera Zizanio 10/4/21
Camera Zizanio shows films created by children and young people under 20 years of age. However, Camera Zizanio is not a Festival. As our name states, it is a “Meeting”which we believe is more important for us to come together, see creations by young people, chat, have fun, make friends and plan for the future.

DOCUDAYS UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 12/1/21
The 19th Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival will be held on 25 March – 3 April 2022. We are looking for creative documentaries which open a fresh perspective on the contemporary world, films which analyze it, making an important contribution to the discussion of human dignity, freedom and equality. Note: only Ukraine films have free submission.

screenings and… submit your animation loop

Hi all-
Hope everyone is staying healthy, happy and safe. Over the last few weeks I have been attending virtual festivals, online artist talks and a few workshops. I would love to hear about any that you want to share- with me and/or- with the noentryfeefests blog. The upcoming week is pretty busy with online screenings, list below if you want to check them out.

Also, a former student of mine, Sarah Schmidt (an awesome animator), organizes an eclectic screening of animated films created by artists, Malt Adult. As part of each screening, there is a call for loops- call- and screenings- listed below.


Malt Adult- Intermission Loop 4/27/21
Malt Adult is an animation screening based in Columbus ohio, current shows have been streaming on Vimeo. Every animation show, we have a 15-minute intermission. Our goal is to get our intermisison loop to loop 3 times in 15 min. Unfortunately, not all entries will be accepted. The more your entry has to do with the theme (“Place”), the more likely it will be accepted! Silent, 1920x1080p 24mps .gifs/.mp4s work best – though we can make most anything work. Loops longer than 15 seconds will not be accepted.

upcoming livestream & virtual screenings

Anny Nights NY, Sunday, April 25th, livestream 11am-11pm EST, available with (free) ticket

The Zome, Tuesday, April 27th 9pm EST, curated by Amy Logheart
https://www.instagram.com/p/CN3KJPagHxk (info)

Malt Adult, Friday April 30th, 9pm EST, curated by Sarah Schmidt

Hellavision on Twitch TV, Saturday May 1st 8pm EST

more updates

Hi all, I am in the process of adding/updating. I am sending some deadlines that are today, in case you have something ready to send. Note, some festivals have restrictions, please note if they only accept for a certain region or demographic, or if they only offer free submission to a certain group such as students, or local filmmakers. Also, just a note about film freeway, since many of the festivals now use it- there is no charge to filmmakers to make an account and upload films, etc. to create a film festival package. If a festival does not charge a fee, there will be no cost.

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UCLAxFilmFest 4/18/21
UCLAxFilmFest 2021 will take place virtually the weekend of August 27th, 28th and 28th! This year marks our sixth annual UCLAxFilmFest. Organized by the UCLA Extension Entertainment Studies team, the festival is designed to showcase the best short films by our current and former Entertainment Studies students.

CMIAR 4/18/21
To enter into this festival please your films production origin must be Ohio. The Columbus Moving Image Art Review (CMIAR) is a screening event for local Ohio artists, filmmakers, animators and anyone who uses moving images as a creative art form. CMIAR was developed by two local moving image artists Nicolette and Matt Swift to bring together moving image works of all modes of production in a single black box theatrical screening four times a year as well as uplift moving images in all its forms in Columbus through one off screenings around town at local Central Ohio festivals. CMIAR has also had the honor to partner with other arts organizations in Columbus to screen local films at the Independents Day Festival, Columbus Arts Festival, The Columbus, Museum of Art and more.

Descending Night Film Festival 4/18/21
A horror and sci-fi themed film event! Selected films will be shown at a screening in Sweden. The festival will also live stream so everyone can participate. This is a non-profit festival for independent filmmakers 

Comedy Europe Film Festival 5/21/21
(CEFF) aims to promote the importance of film comedy as an art form and an essential part of the European culture. The goal of the Festival is to recognize the highest achievements in European film comedy on a yearly basis.

some updates

Cinanima (Portugal): 05/31/21
The Call for Entries for the 45th edition of CINANIMA – – is now open. CINANIMA is the only Portuguese Film Festival whose Main Award may apply for the Oscar of the Academy for the Best Animation Short Film.

CINE HORROR Film Festival 5/31/21
The CINE HORROR Cinema Festival is an exhibition dedicated exclusively to fantatisc films (horror, thriller, trash, gore, b-movies, fantasy, sci-fi) happenning in the city of Salvador de Bahia. It’s sixth edition will go on in october 2021, presenting contemporary audiovisual works and also an historic rescue of the fantastic cinema. All submissions must be done by email cinehorrorfestival@gmail.com

Women Over 50 Film Festival 6/8/21
Everyone is eligible to submit a film to Women Over 50 Film Festival. There’s no upper or lower age limit and it’s not only open to women. As long as your film centres on a woman over 50 or part of your core creative team is female and over 50, your film is eligible. Free submissions in student category.

Videomedeja International Video Festival (Serbia) 06/15/21
The 25th International Video Festival Videomedeja is planning to present the regular edition of the Festival, live in front of the audience in the screening room in Novi Sad, Serbia, but… Due to the new epidemiological situation caused by the COVID-19 virus or any emergency situation that may endanger human lives or prohibit gatherings and cultural events, for security reasons, there is a possibility that this year the Videomedeja festival will be realized via the Internet – online LIVE stream in real time. There will be no replays, nor will there be the possibility of delayed viewing. Access will be free, and registration will not be necessary, nor will there be geolocation restrictions. Your work will receive maximum protection against abuse (from downloading or similar) and immediately after the Festival program is over will no longer be available to the public. By registering for Festival 2021, you give permission for your work to be shown online via the LIVE video stream if necessary.

Busan International Film Festival (Korea) 06/23/21
The Festival accepts features, short films, documentaries and animation. The film must not be broadcasted on TV or available on the Internet prior to the Festival. Non-Asian short films are not open to submission. Deadline is for short films

Holebikort short film contest 6/30/21
Queer themed Short Film Contest. ‘Holebikort’, Belgium’s biggest queer shorts competition is back.

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival  6/30/21
on screen and online. Welcome to the hub airport of animation. This autumn, the New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival will screen animated films from all around the world at the terminal building of New Chitose Airport, which connects Hokkaido with the rest of the world. The festival was launched in 2014 as the first festival ever held inside an airport’s terminal building. Short Films.

BIAF (Korea) 6/30/21
International Animation Festival, which includes general competition section. Animation Film Festival with general competition section, which includes feature films, short films, graduation films, Korean short films, TV&Commissioned films and VR works. The festival is to spread the true charm of animation genre and to grow as an expert animation film festival in Asia. Deadline is for Short, Graduation, TV & Commissioned

Schlingel International Film Festival 7/1/21
SCHLINGEL is an independent film festival with international competitions and various additional events. It takes place annually. We conceive ourselves as a platform for international children’s and youth films in Germany. The festival gives an overview of current international productions and aims at motivating distributors and TV stations in Germany to integrate these films into their programmes. Only Feature Film category free to enter.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival (Norway) 07/1/21
Fredrikstad Animation Festival (FAF) is organized by Norsk Animasjonsforum. The object of the festival is to promote screening of animation and increase the awareness of animated expressions in the Nordic-Baltic countries. Fredrikstad Animation Festival is a Cartoon d´Or partner festival, and is obliged to nominate a film to the Cartoon d´Or Award. Competition for Nordic-Baltic Animated short, student and commissioned film

Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival 7/1/21
We now invite all filmmakers, artists, distributors, producers, gallerists, universities and institutions to submit their most current works and projects to the 37th Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival. The entire film program as well as the works for the exhibition Monitoring will be selected from all submissions. All installations of the exhibition Monitoring compete for the Golden Cube. A jury nominates films from the program for the other festival awards. We do not charge an entry fee and pay – as far as possible – a screening fee for the films of the regular film program.

Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (France) 7/5/21
Today, the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival is the world’s largest film festival dedicated to short films. In term of audience and professional presence, it is the second largest film festival in France after Cannes. – July 5th 2020 for films completed in 2019 (after October 1)

Virginia Film Festival 7/5/21* free to VA filmmakers
Every Fall, the VAFF showcases celebrated new narrative and documentary features, independent and international projects, fresh perspectives on timeless classics, and local filmmakers from throughout Virginia.. Virginia residents (including students at VA schools) are eligible to have their entry fee waived.

Local Sightings 7/12/21
Presented by Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum, the 24th Annual Local Sightings Film Festival [Online] is a virtual showcase of creative communities from throughout the Pacific Northwest. The 2021 program, which runs from September 17-26, features a competitive selection of curated short film programs and feature films, inviting regional artists to experiment, break, and remake popular conceptions around filmmaking and film exhibition.Local Sightings 2021 champions emerging and established talent, supports the regional film industry, and promotes diverse media as a critical tool for public engagement.

Every year POOL presents a selection of fascinating dance film productions from all over the world, making the event a meeting place for creatives in the fields of dance, film, fashion and advertisement. The focus of the festival is on films that not only record dance but create independent filmchoreographies through the intense interplay between dance and cinematic tools like camera and editing.

GIRAF 7/15/21
First things first: While GIRAF is normally an in-person festival, we went online only last year due to COVID and found there were a lot of advantages to going that route, too. For this year, we aren’t sure if we’ll be online, in person, or some mix of the two. We’ve added a couple questions where you can let us know what kinds of screenings you’d be comfortable with. With that out of the way: We’re looking for independent and artful animated films to share with our audience in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. That’s intentionally pretty general: it can mean abstract or narrative, hand-drawn or computer-generated, student films or well-established professionals, or anywhere in between. We want films we can be excited about, films that are expanding what animation can do, and films that make us feel things.

Kuandu International Animation Festival (KDIAF) 7/15/21
Any audiovisual animated films, created frame by frame, with a running time less than 30 minutes, including titles and credits may be entered. It can be made of any techniques or genre. Films must be completed after January 1st, 2020 and never previously submitted to KDIAF.

International Kurzfilmtage Winterthur 7/18/21
The International and Swiss Competitions are the heart of Kurzfilmtage. Year after year, they provide insight into current short filmmaking and enable encounters with filmmakers from around the world.

Busan International Film Festival (Korea) 07/21/21
The Festival accepts features, short films, documentaries and animation. The film must not be broadcasted on TV or available on the Internet prior to the Festival. Non-Asian short films are not open to submission. Deadline is for feature films.

BIAF (Korea) 7/31/21
International Animation Festival, which includes general competition section. Animation Film Festival with general competition section, which includes feature films, short films, graduation films, Korean short films, TV&Commissioned films and VR works. The festival is to spread the true charm of animation genre and to grow as an expert animation film festival in Asia. Deadline is for Feature, VR.

Viennale 7/31/21
The Viennale International Film Festival Vienna – is a NON-COMPETITIVE FILM FESTIVAL. It is acknowledged by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF). The Viennale’s main program presents films of all genres and formats (presented in original version with English and/or German subtitles).The Viennale’s festival program mainly consists of films participating BY INVITATION. With its wide variety of films, the Viennale is yet decisively aiming for films conceived for the big screen. Films of all genres and running times can be submitted. IMPORTANT NOTES Please note that the films selected for the Viennale ‘s main program may have been screened at other international film festivals, yet must not have been shown in Austria before.

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival  7/31/21
on screen and online. Welcome to the hub airport of animation. This autumn, the New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival will screen animated films from all around the world at the terminal building of New Chitose Airport, which connects Hokkaido with the rest of the world. The festival was launched in 2014 as the first festival ever held inside an airport’s terminal building. Animated Feature.

Mequinensa International Film Festival 8/1/21
Mequinensa International Film Festival is an international festival of short films that will be held in Mequinenza (Spain). It will take place on September 2021. The festival is organized by FilmFactory and is sponsored by Mequinenza City Council. The festival is totally free to attend.

Taipei Golden Horse International Film Festival  8/2/21
Submission to the Festival is open for feature, documentary, experimental, animation. Please notice that the Festival only accepts feature-length films over 60 minutes. All films submitted for 2020 TGHFF must be completed after January 1st, 2020. Taiwan Premiere is required.


Cairo Video Festival 4/30/21
Medrar for Contemporary Art is launching its open call for the 10th edition of Cairo Video Festival, which will be held in October 2021. The festival continues its focus on providing a platform for sharing and discussing newly produced video art and experimental film. Based on our experience in the previous edition, the 10th edition will continue to focus on expanding its non-conventional venues. Programs will be screened among venues scattered around the city, in addition to theatre screenings and exhibitions to promote, expand and harvest attention to the practice. The 10th edition of the Cairo Video Festival comes to culminate the many steps and stages that represent our experiences with video art and experimental film, and also summarizes our recurrent inquiries about the relationship between the arts and the reality we live in, the current events and our eagerness to experiment and to add new and different values ​​with each edition. It is an opportunity that we yearn for with every edition to enjoy witnessing all these innovations, experiences and new concepts from around the world, and to share them with the public. We are now launching an open call for submission to all video artists and experimental filmmakers from various technical fields. We also encourage designers and developers who work in the fields of virtual reality, animation, interactive softwares, and artistic games via the Internet, computers or smartphones to respond to the call. Likewise, those who emphasize the use of the moving image in their installations or live performances. Curators and institutions involved in the production and distribution of video art and experimental film are also encouraged to submit their programs. The festival program takes the format of a series of showcases, accompanied by talks and discussions with active video-makers and curators to tackle some of the key themes and issues addressed in the works. Check out the previous edition https://www.cvf.medrar.org/9th-cairo-video-festival/

FILMETS Badalona Film Festival (47 th edition) 5/30/2021
An international short film festival that showcases fiction, animation and documentary films. The programme is selected on the basis of rigorous artistic, technical and screenwriting criteria. Festhome or Movibeta platform.


Fredrikstad Animation Festival (Norway) 07/01/21 (submissions open May 1st)
Fredrikstad Animation Festival is the leading festival for animated film in the Nordic region, dating back to 1994 and the festival Animerte Dager in Oslo, Norway.  Submission deadline for short films, student films and commissioned films.

International Women’s Film Festival “KIN” (Armenia) 08/01/21
***Free submission only for Armenian Films*** «KIN» (kin means “a woman” in Armenian), will be held in Yerevan. The festival’s goal is promote women’s creativity, establish a network between women filmmakers from different parts of the world and give hand to a better understanding of different cultures and each other. The purpose of the festival is to address through films issues of violence, inequality, discrimination and other problems related to women’s rights and gender problems. genres: Documentary, Short, Animation. Duration of the films had to be less than 40 min

Iranian Film Festival (San Francisco, CA) 8/1/21
San Francisco – Iranian Film Festival, a showcase for the independent feature and short films made by or about Iranians from around the world, is inviting the filmmakers from all over the world to submit their films for the next edition taking place in September 2020 in San Francisco.- The films should be related to Iran by any filmmaker from any country, or made by any Iranian filmmaker on any subject.

Cinemagic is looking for imaginative and original films made by young people (age 25 and younger, living in the UK and Ireland). The films can be about anything at all fact or fiction, comedy or drama, news program or documentary. DVD submission or email.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival (Norway) 08/07/21 (submissions open May 1st)
Fredrikstad Animation Festival is the leading festival for animated film in the Nordic region, dating back to 1994 and the festival Animerte Dager in Oslo, Norway.  Feature film deadline.

We Care Film Fest 08/15/21
The WE CARE Film Fest is held annually to raise awareness about disability issues, dispel misconceptions and prejudices about persons with disabilities and drive attitudinal and behavioural change.

updated deadlines

hi all-
A flurry of updates. Some festivals are postponed, some have moved online and some I worry have ended.
As I am going through lists,  occasionally I have a stray festival that was free at some point and it slipped through one of the lists or a festival was submitted to the site at some point and I didn’t catch that it wasn’t a free entry. If you notice anything amiss and can let me know in the comments, it is much appreciated.

New Horizons International Film Festival (Poland) 3/7/21
T-Mobile New Horizons is a festival of film visionaries, of uncompromising artists who have the courage to follow a path of their choice against the current trend and to tell about the most important things using their own unique language. Competitions: New Horizons International Competition, Films On Art International Competition, Polish Short Films Competition, European Shorts Competition.

Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (Korea) 4/30/21
Short Film. Types of films Animation , Documentary, Narrative fiction. Genre: Fantastic, Horror, Mystery, Phantasy, Science fiction, Thriller

Concorto Film Festival (Italy) 05/15/21
Concorto Film Festival is an exhibition intended for lovers of cinema, both audience and professionals. The purpose is to promote and circulate short films and to and to generate contacts among audience, young directors and professionals.

The Ecologico International Film Festival

Ecologico International Film Festival 6/7/21
(EIFF) promotes, through cinema, a reflection on contemporary society. It does this through film screenings that tell, explore and question stories about the world we live in, encounters with influential figures from the culture and debates with the public. The term Ecologico, which characterizes the Festival, must be understood in its broadest meaning of man’s relationship with natural, cultural, social, political and economic environments and the dynamic relationships between them. This includes everything from the bodies we live in, to the physical structures, institutions and industries that human beings build, to the politics, languages ​​and cultural practices we use to communicate and, of course, the Earth-environment and its complex multitude. of life and processes.