North America Teaser Future Film Festival 

North America Teaser Future Film Festival 7/15/17
* free submission with waiver (special code)- tracymillerrobbins
The festival invites Teasers of long feature films in documentary, animation and experimental genres from North America. We understand as “teaser” an audiovisual piece of a maximum duration of two minutes, that works as an anticipation of a long feature film that has not yet been completed or is in a “work in progress” stage, which provides only fragmentary information of the plot and aesthetic and technical characteristics of what later will be the film

Please support MIAF

I am asking for help for MIAF  (Melbourne International Animation Festival) a festival that makes a tremendous impact in the animation community. Malcolm Turner, the director of the Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF), feels strongly about not charging fees to artists. This year, based on a clerical glitch, funding was delayed. The decision was made to cut the marketing, such as posters and the catalog.

Most festivals that do not charge an entry fee, rely on ticket sales. Sadly, if it does not cover the costs to rent the venue, this might be the last MIAF.

If you are not familiar with the festival, it is an 8 day festival that receives around 4,000 submissions a year, which are narrowed down to around 450, and screens a very wide range of approaches. The MIAF Website is here, check out the day by day program to see what an amazing festival it is.

So- if you are in Australia, please attend MIAF.

However, if you are not in the area, you could still purchase even just one ticket (online) to help save this festival. Tickets can be purchased on line here: tickets




Chinese American Film Festival

Chinese American Film Festival 7/31/17
CAFF aims to promote dialogues between Chinese and American filmmakers, increase cooperation between China and the US film market, and promote friendship and cultural exchanges between the two countries. CAFF is the only film festival recognized by SARFT and MPA; the only film festival recorded in the annual report of the US Congress; the only film festival listed as part of US-China cultural activities announced by John Kerry, Secretary of State. The event has always had great success in the past 12 years but we are always trying to grow and get new and great people involved with this exceptional festival.  Films must be produced between 1/1/16 and 9/30/17 for consideration.


I have recently added two animation festivals that were sent to me by the festivals. More updates will follow shortly.

I also wanted to share a recent article by Chris Robinson, director the the Ottawa International Animation Festival about entry fees…- click here.

And, lastly, if you do get into a festival, I encourage you to spread the word about the festival, not (only) for your own self promotion, but for the festival, marketing, etc. In that vein, I would like to share the upcoming Melbourne International Animation Festival, June 18th-25th- please check it out and attend if you can! (I have an animation in the installation category..)


Indie-Anifest 6/19/17
Indie-AniFest presents spectacular independent animated films from Korea and Asia. The festival offers a diverse range of works and opportunities for filmmakers as well as a chance to interact with audiences. We strive for the values of independence, experimentation, passion and vision by working together with independent animation directors.

Animac 10/31/17
Animac is the International Film Festival of Animation in Catalonia. Over the years, Animac has consolidated its independent and artistic character. Created in 1996 and throughout his 21 years history has become one of the most popular audiovisual events held in Spain, with an important international presence and prestige. Nowadays Animac is a rigorous, dynamic and welcoming festival continually making efforts to improve, generating new audiences and attracting those who love animation. Animac is a non-competitive film festival aimed at artists who use animation as a tool for personal expression. We go beyond the limits of traditional narrative and we seek visionaries who make independent and daring works full of energy and who take their expressive potential to the limit. Animac is also a meeting place for artists, a laboratory in which ideas are generated and relations between the different artistic disciplines are established. It is a place to dream and screen stories of the future.

More Updates

Columbus Moving Image Art Review (CMIAR) 6/16/17
Ohio Artists Only. The purpose of the CMIAR is to provide a screening event for Ohio moving image artists. To be accepted for the submission process you must have an Ohio Address. If you have questions about this please feel free to email us.

Reanimania (Yerevan, Armenia) 8/15/17
ReAnimania festival aims to facilitate the development of animation art, educate a new generation of world class animators and provide a forum for presenting works of Armenian animators in the international arena as well as introduce examples of the world’s finest animated films to the Armenian audience. All the categories, except the feature films.

Reanimania (Yerevan, Armenia) 8/31/17
ReAnimania festival aims to facilitate the development of animation art, educate a new generation of world class animators and provide a forum for presenting works of Armenian animators in the international arena as well as introduce examples of the world’s finest animated films to the Armenian audience. Deadline (Feature films)

Fredrikstad Animation Festival (Norway) 09/01/2017
Fredrikstad Animation Festival (FAF) is organized by Norsk Animasjonsforum. The object of the festival is to promote screening of animation and increase the awareness of animated expressions in the Nordic-Baltic countries. Fredrikstad Animation Festival is a Cartoon d´Or partner festival, and is obliged to nominate a film to the Cartoon d´Or Award. Submission opens June 1st.

Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media (Germany) 09/01/2017
The Stuttgarter Filmwinter – Festival for Expanded Media seeks for current positions in the fields of short and experimental films, installations, network culture, audiovisual performances and vj-sets. The festival offers a platform for film and media art as well as media discourse. We are looking forward to inspiring meetings, intensive exchange and a decent schnaps at our anniversary. *not yet open…

Cinemagic is looking for imaginative and original films made by young people (age 25 and younger, living in the UK and Ireland). The films can be about anything at all fact or fiction, comedy or drama, news program or documentary. DVD submission or online screener/email application.

ARTfest DIGITAL9/23/17
Attention moviemakers everywhere! ARTfest Digital 2017 wants to see your One Minute Movie masterpiece! Start shooting your short film, animation, mobile film, documentary or experimental movie now.  We will accept all genres, so let your imagination run wild.
There will be two categories; ‘Open’ and ‘Under 18’s’. The ‘Open’ category is open to anyone from anywhere in the world, the ‘Under 18’s will be open to Australian residents only.

South West London International Film Festival (UK) 9/30/17
The SWIFF International Film Festival offers independent filmmakers and photographers from around the globe the opportunity to have their work seen by award-winning judges, fellow filmmakers and a broad public audience. We screen films in five categories: Fiction, documentary, animation, experimental/photographic/still moving-image and Under 18. The films must have been made during the last four years. *Free if under 18