The Auburn Indie Student Film Festival 4/14/17
Auburn Indie Student Film Festival.welcomes diverse films from students around the world. Films must not exceed 30 minutes. All submissions must be made by students. If a film was made by a student enrolled within the last year, it may also be submitted.

Reel Asian Film Festival (Canada) 4/16/17* Note: early deadline has no submission fee
A showcase dedicated to contemporary Asian cinema and media arts from Asia, North America and all over the world. We invite you to submit new independent films and videos of all genres by and/or about East, South and Southeast Asians. We welcome films and videos of all genres, including but not limited to: narrative, documentary, short, animation, experimental, etc.

Kalamazoo Bicycle Film Festival (Michigan) 04/17/17
The festival is a celebration of bicycles and the culture that surrounds them. The films feature a wide spectrum of experiences, stories and images of bicycling. Some will make you laugh. Some will make you think. The common theme is that they are all for, about or inspired by bicycles.

New Zealand International Film Festival 04/21/17
The deadline for New Zealand, Australian and Pacific Islands submissions NZIFF presents a non-competitive, invited season of new films in a wide variety of styles and genres. To demonstrate the development of the art and contribute to a knowledge of new styles and trends in filmmaking. International competition.

Curtas International Film festival (Portugal) international ddl: 05/22/17
Free category: Take One (school films, until 30 minutes, by Portuguese film students, national or in film schools abroad). *note: other categories charge a fee for submissions.

Croatian One Minute Film Festival 5/31/17
We hope you are seriously thinking and preparing your one-minute films for our festival and also can’t wait to see you here in Pozega in May.

TIFF (Albania) 08/03/2017 *Note: no entry fees for films in the Albanian Language
This year’s competition features three distinct sections:. Feature Film Competition. Short Film Competition. In Albanian Film Competition All the daily programs of the TIFF festival combine features and short films in all formats and genres: fiction, documentary, animation and experimental.  Open to any filmmaker from around the world, TIFF showcases new cinematic work by established directors with international reputations as well as work by talented students and young artists.

Ouf Of Focus Music + Video Festival ongoing
You can submit your music video or short film to our annual music video festival any time. To submit, just send a link, private link, or file to outoffocustv@gmail.com and let us know you’re submitting to our music video festival. Submissions are free. Due to the many submissions we receive we cannot guarantee a response, but if you are selected we will get in touch.

NZIFF, last day to submit- international category

New Zealand International Film Festival 03/31/17 (international)
NZIFF presents a non-competitive, invited season of new films in a wide variety of styles and genres. To demonstrate the development of the art and contribute to a knowledge of new styles and trends in filmmaking. New Zealand’s best.To submit online please download the pdf of our entry form. Complete it and save it. Please rename the saved file using the name of your film. Then email it to submissions at nziff.co.nz with the name of your film in the subject line. You should include a press kit with a brief synopsis or description of your film and the key credits for your film. Please do not include any large files with your emailed submission or it will not be accepted.

Some April, and June additions

Hi all,
The first update in my list it due tomorrow. A festival in Paris, for the magical, imaginary, experimental, etc. So, a heads up on that one. Otherwise, there is a bit of time on the others that I have added.
Best of luck,

Festival du Film Merveilleux et Imaginaire (Paris, France) 04/01/17
The festival is dedicated to films whose themes are magic, the imaginary, the marvelous, the astonishing, the supernatural, the occult, the strange, experimental cinema, the esoteric, the fantastic, science fiction and myths and legends and poetry, manga, comics, video games..

Jerusalem International Film Festival 04/10/17
Submitted films must not have been shown or released anywhere in any form (including festival screenings, DVD release, or television or internet broadcast) more than twelve months prior to the starting date of the 34th Jerusalem Film Festival (July 13, 2017).
The submitted film has never been shown in Israel and in case of selection the screening at the Jerusalem Film Festival will mark its Israeli premiere. The festival does not accept submissions of short and medium-length films (up to 60 minutes). In addition, any film that is solely promotional, educational, or scientific in nature is not eligible for selection by the festival.

One Shot International Short Film Festival (Armenia) 4/10/17
*Only one minute competition is free. The film presented must be one minute long,10sec. titles +60sec.film. The work must be shot in one frame. Shots cannot be cut, combined or mixed into one (chroma key is not allowed). Multiplication in animation is not against the rules as it is a production technique. However direct editing, cuts in different scenes (close up- middle, etc) are not allowed. The titles must be 10 seconds long and must be placed at the beginning of one minute film. Besides original language, English subtitles are required. The author is free to express his/her ideas and views in any form and genre.

Supertoon International Animation Festival (Croatia) 04/15/17
Supertoon International Animation Festival is a specialized international competition festival for short animated films which will be held in Šibenik, Croatia, from 28st July to 2nd August 2013. Three competition categories: Short Animated Films-Short-format, non-commissioned animated films or videos. Films for Children and Youth- Animated works produced and distributed specifically for children and youth audiences. When a serial is the case, only one episode is eligible. Animated Music Videos-Official music videos, commissioned animated videos made specifically to promote music pieces.

Student Academy awards 06/01/17
The Student Academy Awards (SAA) recognizes and honors student filmmakers who demonstrate excellence in the creation of motion pictures. By awarding these outstanding achievements, the Academy strives to support and inspire emerging filmmakers and to foster growth and education in the art and science of motion pictures.

Recently Added

Minute Festival (Brazil) 3/31/17 online submission
Free Theme, Animation. One Minute Festival was created in 1991 and has inspired the breeding of over 50 “one minute festivals” all around the world. Since 2007, the Festival has become permanent and online. The Festival lanches themes and monthly rewards the best works. All the vídeos are evaluated by a team of curators. The trusteeship’s grade is expressed through the number of little clocks and the public`s grade is shown by the number of stars. One Minute Festival also could be called Ideas’s Festival, once idea is the most relevant criterion used in the vídeos evaluation.

Fonlad (Portugal) 3/31/17
The Festival is open to all national and international artists working at the level of digital arts and new technologies;

Jewish Film Festival Berlin 3/31/17
The Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Brandenburg has been the largest forum for Jewish and Israeli cinema in Germany for more than two decades, making it the oldest and most important cultural event of its kind and a vital part of the diverse Jewish life of Berlin and Brandenburg.

Rush Process Festival of Handcrafted Animation 4/14/17*free submission deadline
Rush Process celebrates DIY, handcrafted animation as a vehicle for self-expression. Rush Process is the only full-scale animation festival in the state of Texas, and the only animation festival in the US explicitly dedicated to handcrafted animation, a materials-focused practice at the intersection of DIY, auteur-driven cinema and analog animation art. Rush Process aims to screen visually and emotionally stunning, non-digital animation touching a wide variety of genres (narrative, documentary, essay) and techniques (stop motion, ink & paint on paper, charcoal, chalkboard films, paper cut-out & multiplane, paint- and sand-on-glass, analog rotoscoping, direct animation on celluloid). A parallel goal of the festival is to provide our audiences with the opportunity to create animation themselves, via popup animation stations, workshops and collaborative, time-based production challenges.

Uppsala International Short Film Festival 5/31/17
We are now accepting submissions for the International Competition and the Children’s Film Festival at the 36th. Short films of all genres with a running time of no more than 40 minutes are accepted for consideration. To be entered, films must have the production year 2016 or 2017.

Giffoni Film Festival (Italy) 5/31/17
For over 47 years the Festival has acted as a sounding board for cinema production destined for children and young people. It represents the ideal place for vivacious confrontation between filmmakers, producers and distributors and also provides a bridge between the sector’s production universe and its target audience. The Festival also aims to promote the knowledge and circulation of products of high artistic value, capable of contributing to the formation and cultural growth of a mature critical conscience in young people.

Josiah Media Festival 6/01/17
The Josiah Media Festival is open to any filmmaker 21 years old or younger from anywhere in the world. However, filmmakers over 21 can also enter their film(s): any film(s) made while the filmmaker was 21 or younger is still eligible for competition and prizes!

Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Budapest, Hungary) 6/10/17
Verzio aims to promote open society, democratic values, rule-of-law, freedom of expression, political and cultural pluralism as well as to expose abuse and human rights violations throughout the world by presenting quality, creative documentaries. For the last 13 years Verzio grew dynamically, has screened more than 700 documentaries attracting altogether over 80,000 visitors. Three categories: International Panorama, Student Film Competition and Hungarian Panorama. International Panorama is a selection of powerful and creative documentaries on human rights and social issues. ZOOM IN Student Film Competition is a selection of the best recent student/diploma films addressing human rights issues. Hungarian Panorama is a selection of best recent human rights documentaries produced in Hungary.

LINOLEUM International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival 6/11/17
LINOLEUM festival aims to support animation artists and to promote animation worldwide. The objective of the Festival is to encourage and celebrate creativity among animators and media artists; popularize contemporary animation and media art in Ukraine. Festival accepts animation shorts of any genre and technique under 30 min. 2017 Festival’s theme is HEROES AND VILLAINS. To submit a film please follow https://filmfreeway.com/festival/LinoleumFestival

AninetFest  6/15/17
An international competition and online platform that serves to support the animated short films and their creators. At the same time it serves to the promotion, propagation, retrieval and watching possibilities of the best animated short films from around the world. It should also be a place where community of creative people that producing these films meet. On the other hand, then the place for people who enjoy watching of these films and that are fans of this kind of art. Student films only.


Upcoming deadlines

Hi all-
Continuing the updates for spring and summer deadlines.
A reminder that if you run a festival,

I am happy to announce it on my site if at least some of the categories are free to enter. You can use the submit a festival form or email me: noentryfeefestivals at yahoo dot com

best of luck,

Vancouver Queer Film Festival 3/31/17
The Vancouver Queer Film Festival is now accepting film submissions for our 29th Festival, August 10-20, 2017. We’re looking for work from artists like you. We want films that confront stereotypes, push boundaries, arouse and tantalize, and above all, highlight the tremendous diversity of queer + trans* stories. Films must be from 2015 onwards. You may resubmit works that were submitted previously as long as its completion date is 2015 or newer.

Golden Beggar Award 3/31/17
International Festival of Local Televisions. We encourage you to enter your films/programmes into competition for the Golden Beggar Award in one of the three competition sections – Local Televisions, Production Companies, Young Authors.  We expect entries that reflect the lives and fates of people living where you live. We also welcome works that uncover serious problems of present-day society, such as refugees, terrorism, corruption, blackmail, minority and cross-border problems and the fate of children.

Lubin Film Festival 4/14/17
We accept short films (max. 30 minutes long) of all genres: feature films, documentaries, and animations, as well as full-length films (min. 60 minutes long) – only features. We accept films from all over the world produced after January 1st 2015.

Golden Apricot 4/15/17
GOLDEN APRICOT 14th Yerevan International Film Festival is scheduled for July 9 to 16, 2017. The festival theme is Crossroads of Cultures and Civilizations. The theme is anchored in the idea of a global human landscape in the process of transformation and the challenges such transformations pose to human beings. We welcome films representing diverse ethnic groups, religions, and nations that depict the human experience, daily lives of people, both ordinary and extraordinary, their troubles and joys, as they try to find meaning in a changing world, struggling to redefine themselves in a world that recognizes fewer and fewer boundaries.

Figari Film Fest 4/15/17 *free only for music videos
Born in 2011 Figari Film Fest is a movie Festival devoted to young and independent cinema, to short films and to young directors’ debuts. Over the years it became a lead event for international cinema. Our Festival, besides promoting international cinema, focuses on developing Sardinian film business and on giving value to the island’s great heritage: its environment, its history, its culture.

Filmambiente 5/15/17
The 7th Filmambiente will take place in Rio de Janeiro, August, 10th to 16th, 2017, and Brasília, in March,15-21st, 2018 at the same time as the World Water Forum 2018. Applications are open for documentaries, fictional, experimental and animations short and feature films on environmental issues, with an emphasis on WATER ISSUES.




More updates

Hi all-
Looks like spring might finally be here, where I live, anyway. I should be spring cleaning, but instead I am going through lists, a spring cleaning of sorts.
as always- best of luck,

EXiS Experimental Film And Video Festival (Seoul) 4/02/17
Annual international experimental film and video festival is waiting for your innovative film and videos! EXiS is the biggest premier showcase of experimental media works in Asia.

NBC’s Annual Short Cuts Festival 5/15/17
individuals of diverse groups apply, minority, lgbt, etc: comedy, drama, horror, sci fi genres

La Jolla Fashion Film Festival (La Jolla, CA) 5/29/2017
La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival is the first international fashion film festival founded in North America. The Cannes of the fashion film world. World’s largest gathering of fashion filmmakers.

Sedicicorto International Film Festival Forti (Forli, Italy) 5/31/17
The Film Festival is divided into 5 competitive sections and accepts submissions of any short film produced after 01-01-2015. The maximum running time allowed is 40 minutes (including credits)

Princeton Student Film and Video Festival: 06/01/17
The Princeton Student Film & Video Festival is in its 10th consecutive year, and it is sponsored by the Princeton Public Library. The mission of the festival is to encourage and support the work of youth filmmakers in a range of genres and styles, with the opportunity and a venue for the filmmakers to show their work to a broad audience. The festival is open to high school and college students and home-schooled, unschooled or not in school youth ages 14-25 from Princeton and all points beyond, both near and far.

Klik Animation Festival (Amsterdam) 6/01/17
KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival is six days jam-packed with animation awesomeness. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re an animation fanboy/girl, animation professional, student, or designer. Brace yourself for a dazzling showcase of the world’s best animated shorts and features, matched with fine presentations, workshops and zany parties. Immerse yourself in absolute animation frenzy and take part in this warm celebration of all that is animation.

(FICMA) The International Environmental Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain) 6/16/17
FICMA is the longest running environmental film festival in the world. It is the only environmental film festival to hold competitions which do not accept productions that are more than a year old. DVD or moviebeta upload.

No Gloss Film Festival (Leeds) 06/30/17* submissions not currently open, but check back
No/Gloss Film Festival is Leeds’ first ever DIY indie film festival celebrating do-it-yourself unconventional cinema and low / no budget films from independent local and international film-makers. youtube or vimeo preferred.

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