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Athens International Film Festival (Greece) 7/13/14
Attracting young audiences, exceeding 50.000 people, AIFF is a great way to get your film noticed. To submit your film, fill in the application for and send it off along with a screener. AIFF is seeking features, documentaries, short films.

3D Wire Animation Market (Segovia, Spain) 07/15/14
The international animation market is open to all the directors, producers and distributors of animation short films from any country (maximum length: 30 minutes). You can submit your short film through Shortfilmdepot, filling in own entry form, or sending the short film through a download site

Cinema Vérité (Tehran, Iran) 7/15/14* according to fb, is extended to end of july
The festival tries to express the relationship between reality and truth though documentary films. DVD entry.

Tokyo International Film Festival 7/15/14
TIFF continues to aim to extend our love for the limitless and profound magic of cinema to the viewers, with no career or genre restrictions. Must be feature films (including animation) running over 60 minutes. Entry form asks for a link to the website for the film. Submission appears to be DVD.



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