Some more updates

Uppsala International Short Film Festival (Sweden) 05/31/2014
click button for english. Founded in 1982, Uppsala International Short Film Festival has since become Sweden’s premier arena for short film, having attained both national recognition of the Swedish Film Institute and genuine international renown. In addition, the festival is the most important international cultural event in Uppsala. Every year the festival shows more than 300 short films in five different sections exploring the diversity and richness of the short film – from new film to retrospective programmes, from fiction film, documentaries and experimental film to animations. Upload at short film depot site.

Ars Independent International Film Festival (Poland) 6/30/14
Ars Independent is the space devoted to dialogue between filmmakers and the audience, created with belief that cinema as a medium can influence reality. We are crossing geographical, social and political borders in order to disclose unknown cinema and discover both The Other and ourselves. Independent Feature Films and Short Animations. Submit DVD and entry from by mail.

Croq Anime (Paris) 7/12/14
Festival of Animated film. Croq’Anime is an open space for new and experienced animators (all techniques). min. duration: 1 minute, max. 15 minutes. A short film can be achieved by one or more persons. One to three (maximum) short films can be presented. Self-taught, students, freelance, profesionals and amateurs. Submit by post or online.

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