end of july deadlines

Festival international du cinema francophone en Acadie (Canada) 7/25/14
Present French-language films from all over the world, be they shorts, animations or experimental and media arts as well as feature-length movies.

Zimbabwe International Film Festival (Zimbabwe) 7/31/14
The 2014 edition of ZIFF will present Awards for film competitions in three categories: Feature Films, Short Films, and Documentary Films. Online link or DVD.

Tofuzi (Georgia) 7/31/14
An international animated film festival, “TOFUZI” is the festival open to each and every film maker, director, producer and spectator from all over the world, to visit and present their works. The Festival aims to encourage the exchange of creative experience, search of new ideas, styles and technologies as well as to support integration of Georgian animation into the global cinema process. Submit link to file in dropbox or DVD.

Life Sciences Film Festival 7/31/14
The goal of LSFF is to present and to award the latest films from the area of natural and especially agricultural sciences and technology and at the same time to present the possibilities of their application in education and to further enhance the good reputation of CULS. DVD submissions.


2 thoughts on “end of july deadlines

  1. hello
    Thank you
    I want to say you that
    After nominee The Illusion ( Short animation produced by Mohammad Reza Hanafi ) for the best animation in The Phoenix Film Festival 2014 ( USA), now this animation nominee in Short Sharp Film Festival (Australia) .
    (Short Sharp Film Festival/ 8 Annual August 16, 2014 to August 16, 2014)

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