more august updates

transmediale (Berlin, Germany) 8/10/14
transmediale 2015 will take place at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. The programme will feature a diversity of different types of work in a thematic exhibition as well as film and video screenings, workshops, performances, and a conference programme. transmediale is always interested in works exploring our complex relation to technology, be it through new or old media. Online submission.

The Wanderlust Festival 8/15/14
If you have a film that celebrates the great spirit of travel, Wanderlust, through its story, characters or locations; then submit your film to us and this festival will give it a platform to be screened. You might stand a chance to win a special recognition or award too! Submit link to film. Online submission.

International Mental Health Film Festival (Portugal) 8/15/14
The FICSAM is a film festival that is focused on mental health. In addition to different cinematographic works, new filmmakers and create new audiences, the FICSAM aims to contribute to sensitize the general public on issues related to the mental health of individuals, combat stigma and discrimination associated with this type of problem and contribute to promoting the human rights of people with mental illness. Online submission.

Making Waves (UK) 8/15/14
Making Waves aims to discover, support and exhibit pioneering work by international talent and local independent film-makers, whilst showcasing the best of our city, Portsmouth in Hampshire, England. Online submission.

Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival 8/18/14
First year. To showcase short films from or featuring feminist-identified and women-identified filmmakers. Feminist-identified and women-identified filmmakers. Professionals, amateurs, students and community members locally, nationally and internationally are all welcome to submit. Vimeo or Youtube, DVD.

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