More updates

Festival International de Films de Femmes 11/30/15
Films directed or co-directed by women filmmakers

Backup festival (Germany) 12/01/15
students or alumni from art, media or design schools

Holland Animation Film Festival (Netherlands), 12/1/2015
The Holland Animation Film Festival organizes the following competitions. The competitions for features, shorts, European student films and Dutch films Digital file and DVD.

Roanne animation short film festival (Roanne, France) 12/1/15
Cine-court anime. The main goal of the Festival is to promote the national and international animation films in short format and to allow all the directors and the producers of short films to participate wherever they come from. PAL DVD by mail.

Jalari in corto  (Italy) 12/5/15
Jalari in Corto is an international short film festival which is held in Parco Jalari in BarcellonaPozzo di Gotto in Sicily. The festival has been held since 2004, in order to promote and raise awareness of the artistic expression of cinema and has gathered a lot of attention amongst the cinematic community. DVD Submission

Reel Shorts Film Festival (Alberta, Canada) 12/14/2015
The Reel Shorts Film Festival celebrates short films and the filmmakers who make them by screening gems of storytelling brilliance from around the world, across Canada, and here in the Peace Region. Submit online through short film central, send link to password protected Vimeo file.

Cinema Du Reel (Paris) 12/15/2015
International Festival of Documentary Films. Cinéma du Réel gives priority to cinematographic writing and approaches, in a broad understanding of documentary that can sometimes challenge the traditional borders of the genre, whatever the subject, length, format or form. Nonetheless we strongly insist that the Festival is not seeking news reports, current affairs programs, promotional or corporate films. Films completed after November 15th. Submit by mail or link such as vimeo.

Academia Film Olomouc 12/18/15
AFO is currently one of the most important European festivals in the area of popular science film. It aims to present science as an attractive, dynamic and diverse sector through films charting natural, humanities and social science disciplines. Each year, hundreds of documentary films and television programs enroll in the competition sections of the festival. Online form/DVD submission.

Go Short – International Short Film Festival (Nijmegen) 12/21/15
The European Competition will consist of shorts that have been made in (geographical) Europe from all genres. The films are eligible for the Go Short Award for Best European Short in the four different categories. The Dutch Competition is a selection of films made in the Netherlands, from which the best film will be awarded with the Go Short Award for Best Dutch Short. From these two competitions a selection of films will be made which will form the Youth Competition, and which are eligible for the Go Short Youth Award.Online form/DVD submission.

Anifilm (Třeboň, Czech Republic) 1/15/16
International Festival of Animated Films. ANIFILM competition sections categories are: International Competition of Feature Films; a/ Films for Grown-Ups, b/ Films for Children; International Competition of Short Films; Czech-Slovak Student Competition. Register your film through online form.

TAAFI Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (Canada) 1/31/16
TAAFI is accepting shorts and feature-length animated film submissions of all genres and techniques into the competition

Uranium film festival (Rio de Janeiro) ongoing
The festival welcomes any film with nuclear, uranium, radioactive or atomic background: Movie, Documentary, Animation, Music Clip, Experimental, Fiction and Non-Fiction, Shorts and Features. Films about nuclear desasters like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl or Fukushima; films about nuclear scientists like Marie Curie, Enrico Fermi, Otto Hahn or Albert Einstein; movies like the legendary “The China Syndrome”: all are welcomed. DVD or online link for submission.

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