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Minute Festival (Brazil) 3/31/17 online submission
Free Theme, Animation. One Minute Festival was created in 1991 and has inspired the breeding of over 50 “one minute festivals” all around the world. Since 2007, the Festival has become permanent and online. The Festival lanches themes and monthly rewards the best works. All the vídeos are evaluated by a team of curators. The trusteeship’s grade is expressed through the number of little clocks and the public`s grade is shown by the number of stars. One Minute Festival also could be called Ideas’s Festival, once idea is the most relevant criterion used in the vídeos evaluation.

Fonlad (Portugal) 3/31/17
The Festival is open to all national and international artists working at the level of digital arts and new technologies;

Jewish Film Festival Berlin 3/31/17
The Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Brandenburg has been the largest forum for Jewish and Israeli cinema in Germany for more than two decades, making it the oldest and most important cultural event of its kind and a vital part of the diverse Jewish life of Berlin and Brandenburg.

Rush Process Festival of Handcrafted Animation 4/14/17*free submission deadline
Rush Process celebrates DIY, handcrafted animation as a vehicle for self-expression. Rush Process is the only full-scale animation festival in the state of Texas, and the only animation festival in the US explicitly dedicated to handcrafted animation, a materials-focused practice at the intersection of DIY, auteur-driven cinema and analog animation art. Rush Process aims to screen visually and emotionally stunning, non-digital animation touching a wide variety of genres (narrative, documentary, essay) and techniques (stop motion, ink & paint on paper, charcoal, chalkboard films, paper cut-out & multiplane, paint- and sand-on-glass, analog rotoscoping, direct animation on celluloid). A parallel goal of the festival is to provide our audiences with the opportunity to create animation themselves, via popup animation stations, workshops and collaborative, time-based production challenges.

Uppsala International Short Film Festival 5/31/17
We are now accepting submissions for the International Competition and the Children’s Film Festival at the 36th. Short films of all genres with a running time of no more than 40 minutes are accepted for consideration. To be entered, films must have the production year 2016 or 2017.

Giffoni Film Festival (Italy) 5/31/17
For over 47 years the Festival has acted as a sounding board for cinema production destined for children and young people. It represents the ideal place for vivacious confrontation between filmmakers, producers and distributors and also provides a bridge between the sector’s production universe and its target audience. The Festival also aims to promote the knowledge and circulation of products of high artistic value, capable of contributing to the formation and cultural growth of a mature critical conscience in young people.

Josiah Media Festival 6/01/17
The Josiah Media Festival is open to any filmmaker 21 years old or younger from anywhere in the world. However, filmmakers over 21 can also enter their film(s): any film(s) made while the filmmaker was 21 or younger is still eligible for competition and prizes!

Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Budapest, Hungary) 6/10/17
Verzio aims to promote open society, democratic values, rule-of-law, freedom of expression, political and cultural pluralism as well as to expose abuse and human rights violations throughout the world by presenting quality, creative documentaries. For the last 13 years Verzio grew dynamically, has screened more than 700 documentaries attracting altogether over 80,000 visitors. Three categories: International Panorama, Student Film Competition and Hungarian Panorama. International Panorama is a selection of powerful and creative documentaries on human rights and social issues. ZOOM IN Student Film Competition is a selection of the best recent student/diploma films addressing human rights issues. Hungarian Panorama is a selection of best recent human rights documentaries produced in Hungary.

LINOLEUM International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival 6/11/17
LINOLEUM festival aims to support animation artists and to promote animation worldwide. The objective of the Festival is to encourage and celebrate creativity among animators and media artists; popularize contemporary animation and media art in Ukraine. Festival accepts animation shorts of any genre and technique under 30 min. 2017 Festival’s theme is HEROES AND VILLAINS. To submit a film please follow

AninetFest  6/15/17
An international competition and online platform that serves to support the animated short films and their creators. At the same time it serves to the promotion, propagation, retrieval and watching possibilities of the best animated short films from around the world. It should also be a place where community of creative people that producing these films meet. On the other hand, then the place for people who enjoy watching of these films and that are fans of this kind of art. Student films only.


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