Some April, and June additions

Hi all,
The first update in my list it due tomorrow. A festival in Paris, for the magical, imaginary, experimental, etc. So, a heads up on that one. Otherwise, there is a bit of time on the others that I have added.
Best of luck,

Festival du Film Merveilleux et Imaginaire (Paris, France) 04/01/17
The festival is dedicated to films whose themes are magic, the imaginary, the marvelous, the astonishing, the supernatural, the occult, the strange, experimental cinema, the esoteric, the fantastic, science fiction and myths and legends and poetry, manga, comics, video games..

Jerusalem International Film Festival 04/10/17
Submitted films must not have been shown or released anywhere in any form (including festival screenings, DVD release, or television or internet broadcast) more than twelve months prior to the starting date of the 34th Jerusalem Film Festival (July 13, 2017).
The submitted film has never been shown in Israel and in case of selection the screening at the Jerusalem Film Festival will mark its Israeli premiere. The festival does not accept submissions of short and medium-length films (up to 60 minutes). In addition, any film that is solely promotional, educational, or scientific in nature is not eligible for selection by the festival.

One Shot International Short Film Festival (Armenia) 4/10/17
*Only one minute competition is free. The film presented must be one minute long,10sec. titles The work must be shot in one frame. Shots cannot be cut, combined or mixed into one (chroma key is not allowed). Multiplication in animation is not against the rules as it is a production technique. However direct editing, cuts in different scenes (close up- middle, etc) are not allowed. The titles must be 10 seconds long and must be placed at the beginning of one minute film. Besides original language, English subtitles are required. The author is free to express his/her ideas and views in any form and genre.

Supertoon International Animation Festival (Croatia) 04/15/17
Supertoon International Animation Festival is a specialized international competition festival for short animated films which will be held in Šibenik, Croatia, from 28st July to 2nd August 2013. Three competition categories: Short Animated Films-Short-format, non-commissioned animated films or videos. Films for Children and Youth- Animated works produced and distributed specifically for children and youth audiences. When a serial is the case, only one episode is eligible. Animated Music Videos-Official music videos, commissioned animated videos made specifically to promote music pieces.

Student Academy awards 06/01/17
The Student Academy Awards (SAA) recognizes and honors student filmmakers who demonstrate excellence in the creation of motion pictures. By awarding these outstanding achievements, the Academy strives to support and inspire emerging filmmakers and to foster growth and education in the art and science of motion pictures.

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