Upcoming deadlines

Hi all-
Continuing the updates for spring and summer deadlines.
A reminder that if you run a festival,

I am happy to announce it on my site if at least some of the categories are free to enter. You can use the submit a festival form or email me: noentryfeefestivals at yahoo dot com

best of luck,

Vancouver Queer Film Festival 3/31/17
The Vancouver Queer Film Festival is now accepting film submissions for our 29th Festival, August 10-20, 2017. We’re looking for work from artists like you. We want films that confront stereotypes, push boundaries, arouse and tantalize, and above all, highlight the tremendous diversity of queer + trans* stories. Films must be from 2015 onwards. You may resubmit works that were submitted previously as long as its completion date is 2015 or newer.

Golden Beggar Award 3/31/17
International Festival of Local Televisions. We encourage you to enter your films/programmes into competition for the Golden Beggar Award in one of the three competition sections – Local Televisions, Production Companies, Young Authors.  We expect entries that reflect the lives and fates of people living where you live. We also welcome works that uncover serious problems of present-day society, such as refugees, terrorism, corruption, blackmail, minority and cross-border problems and the fate of children.

Lubin Film Festival 4/14/17
We accept short films (max. 30 minutes long) of all genres: feature films, documentaries, and animations, as well as full-length films (min. 60 minutes long) – only features. We accept films from all over the world produced after January 1st 2015.

Golden Apricot 4/15/17
GOLDEN APRICOT 14th Yerevan International Film Festival is scheduled for July 9 to 16, 2017. The festival theme is Crossroads of Cultures and Civilizations. The theme is anchored in the idea of a global human landscape in the process of transformation and the challenges such transformations pose to human beings. We welcome films representing diverse ethnic groups, religions, and nations that depict the human experience, daily lives of people, both ordinary and extraordinary, their troubles and joys, as they try to find meaning in a changing world, struggling to redefine themselves in a world that recognizes fewer and fewer boundaries.

Figari Film Fest 4/15/17 *free only for music videos
Born in 2011 Figari Film Fest is a movie Festival devoted to young and independent cinema, to short films and to young directors’ debuts. Over the years it became a lead event for international cinema. Our Festival, besides promoting international cinema, focuses on developing Sardinian film business and on giving value to the island’s great heritage: its environment, its history, its culture.

Filmambiente 5/15/17
The 7th Filmambiente will take place in Rio de Janeiro, August, 10th to 16th, 2017, and Brasília, in March,15-21st, 2018 at the same time as the World Water Forum 2018. Applications are open for documentaries, fictional, experimental and animations short and feature films on environmental issues, with an emphasis on WATER ISSUES.




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