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Hi all-
Looks like spring might finally be here, where I live, anyway. I should be spring cleaning, but instead I am going through lists, a spring cleaning of sorts.
as always- best of luck,

EXiS Experimental Film And Video Festival (Seoul) 4/02/17
Annual international experimental film and video festival is waiting for your innovative film and videos! EXiS is the biggest premier showcase of experimental media works in Asia.

NBC’s Annual Short Cuts Festival 5/15/17
individuals of diverse groups apply, minority, lgbt, etc: comedy, drama, horror, sci fi genres

La Jolla Fashion Film Festival (La Jolla, CA) 5/29/2017
La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival is the first international fashion film festival founded in North America. The Cannes of the fashion film world. World’s largest gathering of fashion filmmakers.

Sedicicorto International Film Festival Forti (Forli, Italy) 5/31/17
The Film Festival is divided into 5 competitive sections and accepts submissions of any short film produced after 01-01-2015. The maximum running time allowed is 40 minutes (including credits)

Princeton Student Film and Video Festival: 06/01/17
The Princeton Student Film & Video Festival is in its 10th consecutive year, and it is sponsored by the Princeton Public Library. The mission of the festival is to encourage and support the work of youth filmmakers in a range of genres and styles, with the opportunity and a venue for the filmmakers to show their work to a broad audience. The festival is open to high school and college students and home-schooled, unschooled or not in school youth ages 14-25 from Princeton and all points beyond, both near and far.

Klik Animation Festival (Amsterdam) 6/01/17
KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival is six days jam-packed with animation awesomeness. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re an animation fanboy/girl, animation professional, student, or designer. Brace yourself for a dazzling showcase of the world’s best animated shorts and features, matched with fine presentations, workshops and zany parties. Immerse yourself in absolute animation frenzy and take part in this warm celebration of all that is animation.

(FICMA) The International Environmental Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain) 6/16/17
FICMA is the longest running environmental film festival in the world. It is the only environmental film festival to hold competitions which do not accept productions that are more than a year old. DVD or moviebeta upload.

No Gloss Film Festival (Leeds) 06/30/17* submissions not currently open, but check back
No/Gloss Film Festival is Leeds’ first ever DIY indie film festival celebrating do-it-yourself unconventional cinema and low / no budget films from independent local and international film-makers. youtube or vimeo preferred.

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