Terre di Cinema – International Meetings on Cinematography

Terre di Cinema – International Meetings on Cinematography 4/15/14 *deadline for Cinecampus
Is the only Italian Festival specifically dedicated to the visual aspect of film narration and the diffusion of image culture. The Festival is offering the audience the possibility of an in-depth analysis of themes related to the art and technique of cinematographic art, which are the main parts of filmmaking. Its unique and original formula is based on a qualified, international partnership which allows a direct participation of experts in the field, starting from European cinematographers to whom we dedicate the main showcase of the Festival. The partnership is enriched by the participation of students from numerous European and International film schools in a residential CineCampus. All participants take an active part in a wide range of initiatives – master class, technical workshops, Q&As, realization of a series of short films – which complete the cultural program of the festival. Terre di Cinema is proud to collaborate with leading world brands, producing equipment for cinematographers. In this sense, the Festival distinguishes itself as a center of technological innovation and as a professional update available for a skilled audience and for students attending the CineCampus. The Festival’s European and International aspects are substantiated by the programming which contains the mostly European, non national films and, in particular, by the main section – the New Cinematographers Award – which is dedicated to young and rising cinematography talents in European panorama. Moreover, special attention is given to works from European countries with a low audiovisual capacity, with a themed section called Focus On – reserved for young authors. The Fifteen days of the Festival are the crucial moment of a decentralized national and international strategy which will evolve during the year with lateral events aimed at young audiences and organized with a collaboration of partners operating in the fields of traditional and modern media with the scope of obtaining the maximum diffusion of the Festival’s cultural approach. Contact to participate.

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