ONE SHOT International Short Film Festival

Categories: 1. One minute one shot: The film presented must be one minute long (60sec. without titles). The work must be shot in one frame. Shots cannot be cut, combined or mixed into one. Multiplication in animation (multi shots) is not against the rules as it is a production technique. However direct editing /cuts in different scenes/ shots (close up – middle, etc) are not allowed. The titles must be 10 seconds long and must be placed at the beginning of the one minute film. Besides original language, English subtitles are required. The author is free to express his/her ideas and views in any form and genre. 2. Short Films: Up to 30 minutes. Without any limitations in form and genre. 3. Film without borders The only “space” of the festival, where full length, experimental or “OTHER” films are shown. The space for films, which are out of selection, but are worth to be screened and discussed. 4. Special program: Individuals, production companies, festivals etc. are welcomed to present their films/projects. Submit online or by post.

Recent updates

Cologne OFF 4/30/14
Wanted: single channel videos by film and videomakers from all countries on the globe. “Theme”: “TOTAL ART”. The festival is looking for innovative and experimental approaches in dealing with content and technology.  Submit using downloadable links.

Monterrey International Film Festival (Mexico) 5/2/14
Local, national and international films. Any subject. Shorts max. 29 minutes. Full-length films over 60 minutes. Medium-length films will not be accepted in any category. DVD or online submission.

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For Festivals or other Screening Venues, If you have a festival or screening opportunity (it must have no entry or submission fee) that you wish to post on this blog, please use the submission page to send me your information.

Recently added

The following festivals were recently added to the listings (by month). Please let them know that you heard about the festival on Many festivals have reported an increase of quality submissions and have seen a growth in their festivals.

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Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival Film Program 4/1/14
An annual six-day camping, music and cultural festival held on 650 acres of remote northern woodlands, near Hart, Michigan. One of the many cultural components is a film program that runs for 4 days and 3 nights during the festival week. The film program showcases feature length and short films directed by women/for women/about women. Our night program is shown on a large outdoor screen under the stars while our daytime program is hosted in a large tent. We program for our adult and teen audience. Films must be directed by women. Preference is given to material completed in the past year, though older material will still be considered. Feature length and short films; documentary, narrative, experimental and animation are considered. DVD submission or link to download, Vimeo or Youtube. FilmFreeway.

Reel Asian Film Festival (Canada) 4/30/14 * Note: early deadline has no submission fee
A showcase dedicated to contemporary Asian cinema and media arts from Asia, North America and all over the world. We invite you to submit new independent films and videos of all genres by and/or about East, South and Southeast Asians. We welcome films and videos of all genres, including but not limited to: narrative, documentary, short, animation, experimental, etc. DVD submission or link to online screener.

International Short Film Festival of Bueu (Spain) 5/3/14
Festival is open to all short films shot since 1/1/2011, from anywhere in the world. All kind of short films can participate in the festival, irrespective of genres (except documentaries). Works will not be more than 30 minutes long. Those short films whose language is different of Spanish or Galicien must be subtitled in one of them or in English.Participants can present the number of works that they want. DVD submission or link to file download. (No youtube or vimeo)

This is England, English Short Film Festival 5/4/14
The festival aims at making the French public discover new talents in English film-making, helping to facilitate the diffusion and promotion of their films. The programme of the Rouen English Short-fim Festival : THIS IS ENGLAND consists of :fiction shorts competing for the best fiction short film award, animated shorts competing for the best animation short film award, documentary shorts competing for the best documentary short film award. DVD submission, link to Vimeo or FTP transfer of film to website.

International Comic Video Festival 6/15/14
The International Comic Video Festival is therefore the first and only International Festival dedicated exclusively to the short films of comedy. The Festival is divided into six sections: Short-Com, Candid Camera, Free, Gag, Viral Marketing, Viral. Submit through wetransfer or send film by email.

More festival updates

Stop Motion Mexico 6/15/14
The aim  is to promote the creation of stop motion animated films. Animation professionals, filmmakers, visual artists, students and the general public may participate. Each participant may send a maximum of three short films. Categories: commercial, independent, professional and student. max. 30 min. Submit through moviebeta or DVD by post.

Moab International Film Festival (Moab, Utah) 8/01/14
WAB. Moab International Film Festival is a non-profit organization dedicated to showcasing independent films of the highest quality from around the world. Categories: Experimental Film: Non-conventional ideas in film. Musically Inclined: Stories about music and musicians or music videos. Documentary: Documenting life on earth.Environmental Landscapes: What is in the world around you? Narratives and stories. Fiction or non. Comedy: Humor in any form. Outdoor Action: Stories from the outdoors.

Tirana Film Festival (Albania) 08/23/2014
click on submit button. The TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (TIFF) is the first and only international cinema festival of its kind in Albania. Created in 2003, this extraordinary cultural event takes place under the auspices of the Albanian National Center for Cinematography (QKK).
This year’s competition features distinct sections. 1. Feature Film Competition, 2. Short Film Competition, 3. DIGIART, Television Short Film Competition, 4. Albanian Short Film Competition

New updates

As I go through the lists to update festivals, I am finding festivals that now charge a small fee. If you notice a fee that I missed, please let me know.

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Stockholm International Film Festival (Sweden) 6/20/14* postmark
The purpose of the Stockholm International Film Festival is to broaden the forum for innovative quality films in Scandinavia beyond what is currently available through commercial outlets and traditional film institutions. The festival also features retrospectives of, and tributes to, influential filmmakers and film personalities in order to highlight contemporary issues. Submit by post.

Ekotopfilm 06/30/14
International Festival of Sustainable Development Films The program structure and its content focus on all fields of economic, industrial and human activities stressing the need for sustainable development to be a continuous process. The festival program is first and foremost educational in nature. DVD Submission.

NorthernWave Festival 07/1/14 *will open for entries in the beginning of may
The most alternative film and music event of the year. International short films, music videos, parties, concerts, lectures and even a fish course competition. All taking place in a small fishing village called Grundarfjörður in Snæfellsnes. The festival will only accept film digitally, with a link or by receiving an uploaded copy of the film on the festival server.

Visible Verse Festival- Video Poems  (Vancouver, Canada): 07/01/14
VVF seeks videopoems with a 12 minutes maximum duration. Submit work by emailing URL of uploaded video.

Schlingel International Film Festival for children and young audience 07/01/14
SCHLINGEL is an independent film festival with international competitions and various additional events. It takes place annually. We conceive ourselves as a platform for international children´s and youth films in Germany.

Giant Incandescent Resonating Animation Festival (CANADA) 07/15/14
Can Submit online at festival website

Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 07/28/14
Films and videos should be of interest to lesbians, gay men, intersexuals, bisexuals and/or transgendered people. We are seeking narrative, documentary, experimental and animated films and videos (both features and shorts), in 35mm, 16mm, Digital Beta, Beta SP, DVD, BluRay formats.Submit DVD by post.

Balkanima 7/30/14
The festival has three competition programs: short animated film (25 min max); student animated film (film school work or a diploma work); film school or workshop (program of films). Animated films of European production which are not longer than 25 minutes, made by frame by frame technique, computer animation and combination of live footage and animation (where complete part of live footage doesn’t exceed 50% of complete film length) are eligible for festival screening. DVD Submission, Pal video forrmat.

Horror Quest (Atlanta, Georgia) 08/02/14
HorrorQuest accepts all kinds of submission, not just, “Horror”. We are a Horror/Genre festival and you may submit any of the following types of films.Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Dark Comedy, Dark Drama, or Animation of any kind. Submit entry form with DVD.

International Short Film Festival Landau – La.Meko (Germany) 08/15/14
maximum 30 minutes, all genres and formats. DVD submission.

Petaluma International Film Festival (California) 08/15/14
Feature length and shorts

Signes de Nuit (Paris) 08/31/14
« Signes de Nuit » is an independent, international festival of short, experimental and documentary films, organized by the Association SIGNES DE NUIT in Paris. The International Festival SIGNES DE NUIT based in Paris is made up of films, which reflects new views, original imagery and critical approach to the crucial points of the modern human existence. It is a place for cinema that expands its own boundaries, that is astonishing, different, potentially free from the pressure of tradition, ready to give itself to the unpredictable experimentation. documentary, fiction, experimental. no animation.

Winnipeg Underground Film Festival

The Winnipeg Underground Film Festival 3/31/14
An annual showcase for contemporary experimental film + video, presented by Open City Cinema in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. WUFF is seeking new and engaging moving-image works that deviate from traditional cinematic forms, whatever that means. Stronger consideration will be given to works under 25 minutes, and to those completed in 2012 or later, but exceptions may be made in both cases. In addition to this general call for entry, WUFF is also looking for films and videos shorter than 90 seconds in length for a special program focusing on ultra-short shorts. If you have a piece that fits this criteria, we want to see it. Link to online preview.