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The following festivals were submitted by, and are posted on the Click for Festivals Website. They are no fee festivals, but there are fees to use the Click for Festivals submission site.

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Nasicae Short Movie Festival 9/30/14
The authors will be requested to focus their works on one main subject, sport, and all related issues, such as love, hard work, sacrifice, determination, discipline, friendship, doping, race, disability, injury, teamwork, victory, fellowship, etc. expressed through the sections established in the call, including documentaries, dramas and docudramas. Competition entries will go from 5 to 30 minutes. SPORTmovie: Works must have the sport as a subject or any subject related to it. ShortOFF: The Festival, however, is willing to reward even the shorts off the festival subject, that will be admitted to compete for the Best Short off award. ShortYOUNG: Will accept short films about childhood and youth to the BEST SHORT / medium length (about childhood) MENTIONS OF HONOR (plaque) We accept short films with subtitles in English, French and Italian. Should send the selected version with subtitles in ITALIAN. Submit online.

Certamen de Video Joven de Irun 10/10/2014
Open to filmmakers of any nationality born between 1979 and 1996, with works produced after July 1, 2013. Each filmmaker may submit up to 2 short. Applies only to short fiction contest, which may be submitted in any language, with a maximum of 20 minutes each.+ Short films: The theme will be free, treated from the particular look of the author (experimental, short, video, video art …). This section is open to filmmakers of any nationality born between 1997 and 2000. Each contestant may submit one work, which may be submitted in any language, not to exceed 3 minutes long, with no need to include credits. The short may be made with: video camera, photo, mobile, webcam, etc … Bidasoa region: Only for filmmakers of the region. Spanish subtitles are mandatory. Submit online Click for Festivals.

The festival accepts international entries. Short film length: From 7 to 30 minutes. If language is different to Spanish work must have Spanish subtitles. Year of production: From 2004 till date. Contest categories: Animation, Documentary, Fiction. Submit online through Click for Festivals.
Works (features and short film) produced any year and any language are accepted. Submit online.

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