Festival deadlines coming up soon

Inferno Pizzeria llc Short Film Festival (Slippery Rock, PA) 09/26/14
All genres. Anyone can enter. Films 3-8 minutes long. Submit by mail.

Trieste Science+Fiction (Italy) 09/26/14
Trieste Science+Fiction – Trieste International Science-Fiction Festival – is a multidisciplinary event devoted to exploring the realms of the “fantastic” genre, the use of new technologies and experimental languages in film, television and visual arts.
The main purpose of Trieste Science+Fiction is to represent and promote, in Italy and its neighbouring countries, “fantastic” productions from all over the world, focusing particularly on science- fiction and fantasy cinematographic and audio-visual works. Submit DVD.

Dieciminuti Film Festival, Ceccano, Italy 09/30/14
Festival, created in 2005 by IndieGesta , was able to quickly become one of the events dedicated to short films most important in Italy. The main aim of the Festival is to present short movies, animated movies and social spots. Submit DVD or online through: Movibeta, Festhome, Uptofest, or Click for Festival platforms.

Stilless, & the Moving Image, Wellington, New Zealand 09/30/14
Create a short film between 30 seconds and two minutes long on the topic of ‘stillness’.

ZZUB Fest, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom 09/30/14
Shorts between 3-10 minutes, genres: pulp, trash, cult, sci-fi, horror, gore and B-Movie. You can enter a film, a pop video, an advert, a trailer, animation – anything new and original within the genres. ZZUB expects all film makers to use their own integrity in using non-copyright material in their films and will accept no responsibility for non-compliant filmmakers. DVD submissions.

Trieste film festival, Trieste, Italy 09/30/14
International Features, Documentaries and Shorts.

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