Deadlines approaching soon

Gijon International Film Festival 9/20/14
Aims to present the newest trends of young cinema worldwide. Films made by or for young people but, above all, films that reflect creativity, independence and innovation. DVD free to submit.

Listapad Film Festival 9/22/14
Movie studios, TV companies, distribution companies, independent producers and others may participate in the Festival. DVD.

Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival 9/23/14
We evaluate features, animations, documentaries, etc. belonging to horror, sci-fi, thriller, fantasy, fantastic genre in its broadest sense, related to the “nightmare” topic. Online Entry Form.

Little México Film Festival (Chicago) 09/30/14
It’s fairly simple.  LiMe Film Fest has two main components.  The first is an ongoing film festival where your 45 minute (or less) short film may be selected for screening at various venues.  The second part is a student competition where the winning 5-minute short films based on this year’s topic, gentrification, will be chosen and highlighted.

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