Fancine 7/1/16
The Fantastic Film Festival of the University of Málaga, also known as Fancine Málaga, has been celebrated annually since 1990 in the city of Málaga (Spain), and it focuses on the fantastic, science-fiction and horror movie genres. It is celebrated in the month of November. film freeway.

Fancine Spot/Teaser Contest 7/1/16
The University of Málaga, through the Vice-Rectorate of Culture, opens this contest regulated by the following terms and conditions: 1. Goal: production of a spot/teaser that will be promoted as advertising campaign of 26th edition of Fancine – Fantastic Film Festival of the University of Malaga.2. Participants: artists from all over the world can apply for this contest, submitting a maximum of two films. The work must be an original and unpublished creation and must not have won any contest before. For the purposes of registration, only the data of a single creator per work is taken into account. Film freeway.

Regiofun(Poland) 7/8/16
As every year, two festival competitions will be taking place: full length films competition, as well as medium length and short films competition. In both these categories the prizes are in the amount of 10.000 Euros. From this day on, these film productions are welcomed that were made before 31 December 2013, using either regional or local financial support.

Iranian Film Festival (San Francisco, CA) 7/15/16
Showcase for the independent feature and short films made by or about the Iranians from around the world. DVD submission. The films should be related to Iran by any filmmaker from any country, or made by any Iranian filmmaker on any subject. There is NO restriction in topics or length. The festival is open to all genres: fiction, documentary, short, animation, music video.

Temps D’Images Film Award for Films on Art 07/15/16
Films on Art and Artists are always transdisciplinary creations, in the sense that the film maker must confront his own work with that of the artist whom he wants to portray. It is important to understand that our festival generally doesn’t present commissioned films who don’t exceed a mere didactic documentation of an artistic topic. From traditional documentaries to essaistic films, observation films to a historical research, with experimental approach to the topic in question – the festival selects films which clearly state the individual artistic solution of the filmmaker towards his theme. http://kdiaf.tnua.edu.tw/en/news/sQiDiNtaKe

Kuandu International Animation Festival (KDIAF) 7/15/16
The sixth annual KuanDu International Animation Festival (KDIAF) are calling for entries. The three titles include, Best International Short Film, Best International Student Short Film, and Best Taiwanese Short Film. In addition, our fellow judges would also like to select a few honorable mentions to certify and encourage those passionate artists and students of their effort.

Janela Internacional do Cinema do Recife 7/20/16
Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife aims to screen and discuss foreign and Brazilian films.

Duhok International Film Festival (Duhok, Kurdistan) 7/20/16
Two categories: WORLD CINEMA and KURDISH CINEMA. Feature films: narrative fiction features from around the world with a minimum length of 60 minutes. Documentaries: documentary films from around the world with a minimum length of 60 minutes. Short Films: the short film with a maximum length of 30 minutes can be narrative fiction or documentary.(Kurdish includes films from Kurdistan (Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria) with a minimum length of 60 minutes.

International Animation Festival Anima-São (Rio de Janeiro) 7/31/16
The Festival aims to bring the general public shows of significant national and international production  in animation film.

Tuzla Film Festival 8/1/16
Festival accepts applications of directors with residence or origin from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia, as well as the application of the foreign directors who deal with themes related to these countries. This program includes four following categories: feature, short, documentary or animated.

Tuzla Film Festival “Shoot with anything” 8/1/16
Program “Shoot with anything” is aimed at spreading the art of film in this region. Festival accepts applications of directors with residence or origin from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia, as well as the application of the foreign directors who deal with themes related to these countries. Participants to participate in this category may send their works with maximum duration of 15 minutes.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival (Norway) 09/01/2016
Fredrikstad Animation Festival (FAF) is organized by Norsk Animasjonsforum. The object of the festival is to promote screening of animation and increase the awareness of animated expressions in the Nordic-Baltic countries. Fredrikstad Animation Festival is a Cartoon d´Or partner festival, and is obliged to nominate a film to the Cartoon d´Or Award. DVD or online.

Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media (Germany) 09/01/2016
The Stuttgarter Filmwinter – Festival for Expanded Media seeks for current positions in the fields of short and experimental films, installations, network culture, audiovisual performances and vj-sets. The festival offers a platform for film and media art as well as media discourse. We are looking forward to inspiring meetings, intensive exchange and a decent schnaps at our anniversary.

Animac (Spain) 10/31/2016
Animac is an International Animation Film Exhibition organized and produced by the Lleida City Council (Ajuntament de Lleida). Every single national or international producers or directors can participate in Animac.Each participant may submit as many films as desired, but they must fulfill the registration requirements. There is no length or production year of the film restriction.

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