Caminhos Film Festival

Hi all-
I just received a request to post this. For those of you new to the noentryfeefestivals blog, (or the noentryfeefests fb and/or twitter), I send out email blasts to subscribers when I post to my blog. These are also posted on the front page of the blog,  and repeated on fb and twitter. The updates are also added to the links which are organized by deadline month, (unless they are ongoing.)

Caminhos Film Festival *8/11/16 Free Early Bird entries until this date
Caminhos Film Festival has a general purpose to enhance access to Portuguese film culture, promoting their dissemination, the elements for the comparison and understanding. Caminhos Film Festival consists of two competitive sections, namely the selection Caminhos (Portuguese) and the selection Essays. international films are restricted to student films on the international essays selection and chinese film production for a 10 year non-competitive freeway platform.

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