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New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 06/30/16
Is intended to provide opportunities for animators to gain global popularity through an Animated Short Film Competition and to create a new forum for international exchanges via the culture of animation. Part of the festival’s appeal is its outstanding location in an airport with a massive flow of tourists and one of the world’s few airport movie theaters. *

Life Sciences Film Festival 6/30/16
The festival is open to films on the topic of life sciences, especially those related to agriculture, food, natural resources, forests, water, environmental protection, health, economy or sustainable development. We are interested in fundamental research as well as the latest finding in applied areas, inspiration in nature, understanding of the development of life forms, as well as new solutions for implementation.

Carbonia Film Festival 6/30/16
Competition “CARBONIA 16” (Feature Films – Fiction), Competition “Doc in Factory” (Feature Films – Documentries), Competition “Short Fuses” (Short films, Documentaries, Animation)

Festival Cinema Libre (Hamburg) 6/30/16
It’s a festival that wishes to show films from out of the main industry. Free of copyrights / free forms / free speech.It’s a place where we can share, resist, participate at the idea that cinema is not only what they want us to believe.No restrictions about length, genre, date, format (we will screen in digital and analogue S8 and 16mm).Films must be ‘libre’: shareable anywhere and anytime! Some films that we will receive will be screened through the 3 days of the festival, and all submitted films will be available for watching and downloading.Date and place: August 26-28, 2016 in Hamburg, Germany.More infos about the spirit of the festival (in english, french, german, italian, spanish) : HERE

Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival 7/1/16
Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival  is about bringing together poetry and the visual arts at the intersection of film.** Anyone can make a video of a poet reading a poem, but that’s not what Rabbit Heart is all about. What we’re looking for is what can be done visually with a poem, without showing performance.*** The poem can be the soundtrack, and the springboard for what happens visually – show, don’t tell is the rule.

Fan Boy Film Festival 7/1/16
There are 3 main film categories.Feature Films, Short Films (less than 50 minutes run-time), Smart Device Film (film created on Smart Phone or Tablet)

Brno 7/30/16
The competition is open to short (1-30 min) films that have not been produced commercially or for commercial use. The competition is open to amateurs, independent filmmakers, and film school students. Advertising or promotional shorts will NOT be accepted for competition. In the case of any dispute, the decision of the selection committee will be final.

Roselle Park Loves Shorts! Film Festival 8/15/16
Is looking for future Academy Award winning film directors by giving aspiring film makers their break. We will showcase their work before a live audience, which will provide feedback and the opportunity to have audience reaction. The film festival takes place in the center of Roselle Park, New Jersey. Roselle Park Loves Shorts! welcomes the breakout artist as well as the seasoned professional to screen their best, edgy, thought provoking, colorful and inspiring work of art. Special emphasis is placed on newcomers in the field of film and the teenage filmmaker looking for an arena in which to showcase their art.





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