Recent additions

Pixelatl 6/26/16
Theme: That which unites us. All animated shorts in any technique are eligible, national and internation- al, as long as they were produced between January 1, 2014 and June 25, 2016, and is about the theme of contest: Social gaps and how to overcome them.

Spectrum Film and Television Festival 6/30/16
We are currently seeking feature film, short film, TV and web series submissions for Spectrum, a new digital distribution website we are building where people can buy, watch and stream independent film and television content with their friends. Our goal is to create an artist-friendly service where visionary creators can sell their unique stories to consumers around the world. The Spectrum Film & Television Festival is an online festival that will coincide with the launch of our website. We hope you’ll be able to join us in the creation of this exciting new platform!

Comedy Cluj 7/1/16
We accept feature films, independent or associated with a film school. The section where the film will be added, in case of selection, will be decided by the artistic department of the festival. Only films that have a hint of humor will be accepted, regardless of their main genre. For short films, submissions will be made exclusively via FilmFreeway. Feature films by email or mail submission.

2 thoughts on “Recent additions

    1. In each of the lists, both those in the main site and in the monthly lists, text with the festival name is clickable. When you get to each festival page, you should see the submission information. It is different for each festival. Some festivals have a submission form on their site to fill in the blanks. You usually need your film to be uploaded to Vimeo or youtube so that you have a link to the film. It is also a good idea to have stills from the film, pictures of the director, a bio of the director, a synopsis of the film all ready to go so that you can easily fill out the entry form. If you are organized, you can apply pretty quickly. best of luck, tracy

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