Deadlines approaching next week

Indianer Inuit: Das Nordamerika Film Festival (Germany) 09/30/15
The following films can be submitted to the festival (no form necessary): feature films, live short subjects, documentary films (long and short), music videos, animated films. Please send a link to your screener (vimeo/youtube) or a DVD and two stills accompanied by information on the film.

ZZUB Fest (United Kingdom) 10/01/15
ZZUB Fest is for fans of pulp, trash, sci-fi, cult, horror, gore and B-Movies, etc, whether you enjoy watching or making your own movies. We particularly encourage new, hobbyist and amateur film makers to submit their short films, so that they get the opportunity to have their first film premiered at ZZUB Fest, with an active emphasis on low to zero budget films that have not received any kind of official funding. So if you think your short film has a snowball in Hell’s chance of being screened, please submit it to ZZUB Fest, as long as it’s within one of our 7 genres. DVD only.

DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival (Finland) 10/01/15
The festival is non-competitive. Please note that the festival mainly screens feature length documentaries. Online submission.

FIFO- Oceanian International Documentary Film Festival (French Polynesia) 10/01/15
The documentaries must have been produced post- 1st January 2013; the film length should be between 15 and 90 minutes for the ‘competition’ category. The documentaries must cover topics exploring Oceania and the Pacific islands in all its forms: social; economic; ethnological; wildlife… For the short films: directors of short films are also invited to register their works. Fiction films may last up to 30 min. All themes are accepted provided that the director is Oceanian. Online submission.

Hrizantema – Horror & Fantasy Film Festival (Serbia) 10/05/15
Horror & fantasy film festival “Hrizantema“ (chrysanthemum) proved without a doubt the significance of small, independent festivals of specific genres. Even though it is underestimated, the horror and fantasy film genre has existed from the very beginnings of cinema. From Méliès and the German expressionists to the greatest of directors such as Herzog, Kubrick, Cronenberg or Coppola. Online/email submission.

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