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Hi all,
The following were submissions to my blog. If you run a film festival or other venue, you are welcome to send an email and request a post, or use the submission form on my blog. Email is noentryfeefestivals(at) Please give me a little advance notice if possible.

best of luck,

ShowUp Film Fest on Reddit 10/02/15
ShowUp is sponsoring a Reddit film fest with actual cash prizes! is the new online network for up-and-coming artists, and all winners are automatically invited to exhibit their work on the site as it launches October 5th, though not required to do so. The categories are broad to encourage participation and get lots of variety for voters to choose from.

norwichundergroundfilmclubbs 10/11/15
Our next event will take place in our home of the Bicycle Shop, which is celebrating it’s 6th Birthday on the 18th of this October! Congratulations! We will be based downstairs in the Handle Bar and have a live DJ set either side of the showcase to mark this momentous occasion. The theme of the evening is: Coming of Age. This means we are looking for adult content, strictly over 18 stuff. This could include naughty films, films with swearing, angst ridden themes and themes of sexuality, exploring the darker side of life, loss of innocence, louche, metamorphosis and ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! As per usual all films need to be under 25 mins in length and contain all original material unless permission granted. Submit form by email and send link.

MONSTRA Lisbon Animated Film Festival 10/31/2015
The Lisbon Animated Festival | MONSTRA was born in 2000 in order to celebrate the artistic transversality , to meet people of different arts, new artistic looks forward , using as a basis the most multidisciplinary language we know, the Animated Film .Online.

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