Hi all,
I retweeted the Hakker Short Film Festival on twitter, but wanted to mention it here. It is due in a couple days and requires dvd submission, but it is in nyc, and sounds like fun. I have also included a couple festivals that were sent to me recently. If you run a film festival, don’t hesitate to fill out the submission form. It might take me a couple days, but I will post it, especially with a friendly reminder.
best of luck,

Hakker Short Film Festival 8/31/15
Hakker Short Film Festival is pleased to invite filmmakers to submit short films for screening at this year’s festival, which will be held September 20th, 2015 at The Half Pint in New York City from 2:00pm – 6:00pm. Any genre. Limit of 18 minutes, 18 seconds. DVD submission. (2 copies)

Caminhos Film Festival 9/11/15* free if received by early bird ddl
Caminhos Film Festival is not just about the presentation of works by established authors. There is another component in this festival which makes it unique in the country: the highlighting of filmmakers who has just began their careers, on the “Essays Selection”. On this International Essays Selection, we aim to promote filmmakers, and their schools, from all over the world and establish a comparative point-of-view with Portuguese Academic Film Production. The best projects will be selected and presented to a dedicated jury, which then award the prize for best international essay. Online submission.

Monsoon Asia Film Festival 10/02/15
Festival will first take place in Taoyuan on 21-29 , 2015. Share your short film with our local audiences! Screenings will take place at official festival venues, including, but not limited to: Taoyuan city. Possible themes include, but not limited to: Migrant workers in Taiwan, storytelling of children with foreign parents; interracial relationship in Taiwan; transnational culture and identity; multicultural imaginations in Taiwan. Online submission.

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