‘Do it In Ten’ – Show Me The Animation’s monthly animation challenge

Do It In Ten
Hi all,
If you are looking for something to do in the last couple days of August, think about creating a do it in ten 10 second animation on the theme of “Late”. And if you don’t make this month’s challenge, check back for the September theme. ;)

best of luck

‘Do it In Ten’ is Show Me The Animation’s monthly animation challenge. The challenge is simple, we give you a theme and all you have to do is respond to that theme within a ten second animation.

We showcase every entry upon the Show Me The Animation website, in our App, and at our Animation nights. At the end of each month we then select a monthly winner who is put forward into a Best of challenge at the end of the year and be in with the chance of winning an animation goodie bag. 2014’s goodie bag consisted of The Art of Short Films (Paperback), Pixar Short Film Collection 1 & 2 (DVD) and The Boxtrolls (DVD).

Think you can ‘Do it In Ten?’. Take a look at the current challenge.

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