Indie gogo campaign for Loop de Loop

Loop de Loop Indie gogo
Based in Australia, this group provides an animation venue with a website and blog dedicated to a short form of animation: the animated loop.

Loop de loop supports animators by holding bi-monthly challenges with screenings in several locations. If you aren’t familiar, check them out and think about making a small contribution (or large if you are so inclined) so that they can keep doing what they are doing.

We are all in this together,


One thought on “Indie gogo campaign for Loop de Loop

  1. Tracy

    I’m not squire sure how to thank you, literally I mean. Should I comment? At any rate, thank you for doing this. I submit often – not quite sure if I’ve scored in any of them yet…

    But I truly appreciate it, and I spread the word to others.

    Cheers, Marta

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