Jaxon Film Festival: Public Access Short Film Showcase (Michigan) ongoing
If you’re looking for a great opportunity to get your work out onto the airwaves, this is it. If you have a narrative short–regardless of genre– or animated short, a music video, or experimental film, we’d love to see it.Features, Shorts, Documentaries. Public Access Television show with ongoing review of films. If interested, please send submissions (in the form of links) to ASAP. The show will be ongoing so feel free to submit your films going forward. (ongoing)
A platform where people could upload their reels to show off and to get in contact with people looking to hire people in the post production scene. You can create and manage your own personal profile, containing your showreels, CV, biography and other usefull information about yourself. Vimeo Links. (Because we are still in development stage we are allowing people to upload their CV and reels at no cost. This is subject to change in the future.)

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