October deadlines added

Festival of Three Continents (France) 10/1/13
The FESTIVAL DES 3 CONTINENTS is an international film festival devoted to the public presentation of feature films (dramatics and documentaries) directed by filmmakers from Africa, Black and Latin America and Asia. DVD submission.

International Association of Women in Radio and Television Awards (Oslo, Norway) 10/4/13
The IAWRT Documentary Awards celebrate outstanding documentaries made by women and are open to all female producers, directors and journalists working with radio, television, web and film documentaries anywhere in the world. Documentaries must be about women who are making a difference, on their own lives or on the lives of other women.  DVD submission.

Angers Film Festival 10/16/13
The selection is open to first and second feature films, first short films and student films produced in Europe in 2012 or 2013. DVD submission.

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