Upcoming festival deadlines

Claremont 5 Second Film Festival 4/15/13
note: There is no submission fee for student filmmakers and filmmakers in the Inland Empire. Recognizing that the short film is not, in itself, a product to produce great financial rewards, the Claremont 5 Second Film Festival honors and celebrates the short format as a creative entity in its own right. We strive to create an atmosphere to encourage interaction with filmmakers and their audience in order to enhance the artistic experience of both. DVD Submission. 5 second competition, also shorts up to 15 minutes. 4/15 deadline is from Facebook.

International Youth Silent Film Festival 4/15/13
Must use one of the soundtracks provided. May be live action or animation.

Toyama International Film Festival (Japan) 5/10/13
Submission by email. See categories.

Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 5/31/13
It is the mission of the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival to set an internationally recognized standard of excellence in film, video, and television production for children. The “Young Filmmaker” categories are for films produced by youth ages 18 & younger. Films considered for this category must be conceived and produced by children or youth with minimal adult input. (An adult supervisor is allowed if part of a group project.) There is no entry fee for Young Filmmakers. DVD or Youtube.

Gangrene Film Festival- 5 Second Film Festival 7/31/13
There will be NO ENTRY FEE for 5-second film submissions. You may submit a 5-second film even if you plan to enter other work into the festival; dual entries will not penalized in any way. We expect to play 10 to 20 5-second films in one swoop, so if your 5-second film is funny, you have a good chance of getting it into the show.

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